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  1. quad121

    Running an e39 M5 using e10

    Hi all, could anyone assure me that it is safe to run a e39 m5 on the petrol containing e10 petrol? regards, paul
  2. quad121

    E39 M5 Front Coil Springs

    Good afternoon to you all. I’m located in the U.k. and looking for someone who sells Coil Springs for the M5, as my drivers side one has snapped, whilst parked overnight? much appreciate any advice
  3. quad121

    Price please for fuel pump relay?

    Hi could you let me know if there is stock of this item or is it on back order. And how long will it take to reach me?
  4. Good morning. Please could you give me a price for the following part number: 13531404089
  5. Good morning. Please could you give me a price for the following part number: 13531404089
  6. Good morning please could you give me a price for the following part: 61357892976
  7. Hi all I'm looking to purchase a press to replace my front bearings but unsure to what rating I should be looking at? 10 ton, 12 ton? Regards Paul
  8. quad121

    Clutch Switch woes

    Hi thank you for your reply. I've found that the cruise control wasn't working due to a faulty button on the steering wheel. It looks like this car has only this first switch not the one which fits on the side of the master cylinder
  9. quad121

    Clutch Switch woes

    The other day I noticed that my cruise control wasn't working it lights the icon on the instrument cluster but won't engage. I've looked down at the pedals to check clutch switch and found that it was broken the plunger part had snapped off I've managed to repair the switch but the cruise control still not activating. I had a fault which I had posted where the on coasting in gear the car wouldn't turn the injectors off but after repairing the switch this has seemed to have fixed this error but not the cruise control. On the first picture ( isn't actual pic of the switch) shows the type of switch I have and on real oem it shows that I suppose to have the second switch which isn't there. I understand that the first switch was stopped in09/2001 and my car was registered 10/2001 so obviously there could be a overlap. Does the 2nd pic switch replace the 1st pic switch after 09/2001 or am I suppose to have both switches?
  10. quad121

    E39 M5 Running Rich

    Would a faulty throttle position sensor cause this problem
  11. quad121

    E39 M5 Running Rich

    Hi billy thanks for the post. The pre lambda's where change a few months back
  12. quad121

    CPS Purchase

    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread just thought would ask if anyone has bought any parts cps' etc from a place called 'Worldcarparts_uk'?
  13. quad121

    E39 M5 Running Rich

    Here is a video showing Analogue 1 & 2 readings :- http://youtu.be/pAs5DN-1gSU http://youtu.be/PPYb4rV5duQ
  14. quad121

    E39 M5 Running Rich

    Hi Jamie Thanks for your reply. I tried unplugging the MAF's and it seem to slow the response from the engine and when lifting off the throttle it almost stalls. As to the FPR would this not also effect the engine on tick over as well? As when coasting in gear?
  15. quad121

    E39 M5 Running Rich

    Also under the plenum what do you think needs replaced. As far as I know the hoses etc have never been changed. I don't want to remove the plenum then find that any rubber parts etc. fall to bits and not being able to use the car as its in constant use