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  1. Alps

    Another wee delivery for the 535 :D

    any guidance on how to carry out the gearknob swap Gaz-man?
  2. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201306027076826/sort/pricedesc/usedcars/model/alpina/make/bmw/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/quicksearch/true/postcode/nw101pf/radius/1500/page/6?logcode=p
  3. Alps

    Crazed plastic in lights

    had anyone used the wet & sand paper available from Halfords? just had a look on their website and they only seem to have Halfords branded paper which seems to have recieved negative feedback.....anyone know where I can get my hands on 3M wet & sand paper (apart from ordering online)?
  4. Thanks Andy. Will be sure to buy new sensors for the brake pads. I see you have your own body shop? my front bumper could do with a re-spray and maybe even the bonnet due to stone chips, are able to give me an approximate price to how much this would cost? It's carbon black and a M-Sport bumper.
  5. Morning All, My 2005 E60 525d pre-lci recently passed the 100k miles mark and as my annual service is due to be carried out at the end of this month, I was wondering if anyone is able to advise or suggest on any other bits that need to be changed? I planning on having the following done: Air Filter Oil Filter + Oil Change Fuel Filter Microfilters Oil/Engine breather Main & EGR thermostats - I am suffering from poor MPG....I do a 30mile roundtrip everyday to work and back and out of that 28 miles is motorway miles and I am averaging 25-26mpg. A full tank of diesel only returns approx. 370miles. Front brake pads (as I-drive is indicating that they will need to be replaced in a 1000 miles) I-drive is also telling me that my brake fluid needs to be changed? is this a big job? I had new discs and pads put on 2 years ago when I purchased the car. Is there anything else I should consider doing? Glow plugs? Gearbox oil? Any help/input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alps
  6. Morning All, My 2005 E60 525d seems to have encountered a problem with the gear box, today morning upon starting the car and attempting to put the car in 'D' (Drive), the gear level would not move. I cannot get the car out of 'P'. Tried pressing the brakes several times and can confirm that the break light switch is working. I had my neighbour, who is a mechanic take a quick look at it and he seems to think that it could either be the ignition barrell or a solenoid which can be accessed by removing the gear leaver surrounding. Has anyone encountered a problem like this or can anyone shed any light on where the problem may lie? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Cheers.
  7. Alps


    I will be there....E60 M-Sport
  8. Alps

    Transmission Failure

    Thanks for your help guys. I'm going to drop test the battery tonight and will keep you guys updated with my findings. It's also scheduled to go into the stealership on saturday for a diagnostic check.....I have a friend of a friend who happens to work their so should be able to get a detailed report.
  9. Alps

    Transmission Failure

    Won't risk it in that case. Will have to borrow Daddy's pathetic e90 318d tomorrow.
  10. Alps

    Transmission Failure

    Will run it past my mechanic, see if he can clarify that the battery is ok or not. Do you reckon it's safe to drive the car? I do around 40 miles a day all of which are motorway miles....don't want to cause any damage to the car. Appreciate all your help Alpinaman! Cheers!
  11. Alps

    Transmission Failure

    Alpinaman, is there anyway of checking that the battery is OK? Also, why was it that the car refused to start for approx. 20 mins? and then decided to start all of a sudden?
  12. Alps

    Transmission Failure

    Superdave, I've got no idea when the battery was last changed. I only bought the car this year May. It's a 2005 model, so i'm guessing it's never been done. Do you think this is the fault?
  13. Alps

    Transmission Failure

    Thanks Justin, I will check the spare wheel well tomorrow.
  14. Hoping someone can help with this...... I've got a e60 525d M-sport 2005 model. Yesterday, I drove back from Watford to Wembley with no problems what so ever, picked up the Mrs from the station, put the car into 'D' and as I did this, I got a transmission fault reported on the i-drive along with a ABS or DSC error (can't remember). The i-drive message was something like 'Transmission fault, gear may have been selected without using brake, some transmission options may not be available, please take to nearest stealership' I switched the car off, tried to restart it and the car wouldn't start, dashboard started acting weirdly, trip computer was displaying -6400000 and all sorts along with a RED cog which I believe is for the transmission fault. I left the car off for around 20 mins, started it up and all errors had cleared, I just had to set the date and time and everything seemed ok. Has anyone come across this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Alpesh