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  1. M5 HOH

    Newbie Scotland

    Looks scarily like my 2000 530d Touring I recently got Welcome to the club. This is a great place for 5 series owners, that much I can promise you.
  2. Hello All, I've not been active on here for a while. I put the E39 M5 off the road for a while. 19MPG was getting tough to live with as my commute increased and I got some points. During that time I ended up in a Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi. But I eventually found my way back into a 5. Managed to get my hands on a 2000 Aspen Silver 530d Touring Automatic. So much better thant he Mondeo despite being many years older. The previous owner had just serviced it not long before I bought it and it shows - the auto 'box is silky smooth. I plan on running the 530D for a year or two. The M5 will get put back on the road this summer with some luck if time and resources allow. I do want to freshen up the oil burner though with regards to its looks. It came with some 18" M Paras so now I need M Sport front and rear bumpers, angel eyes,get the windows tinted and ditch the cloth interior for some manual sport leather seats. If anyone is selling any of the above items please drop me a PM - always on the look out. I will need to get a picture of the car uploaded. Its not too bad for an old 2000 bus!
  3. M5 HOH

    just for CalypsoE34

    You see a tidy E34 like that and it makes you want one instantly. Very nice!
  4. The door clunk is no longer a sign of quality. The design of car doors have changed dramatically. They are a a rigid light weight frame with very good side impact protection that are then skinned with a very thin and light panel. The same goes for the rest of the car.... you can lean on the side of a new car and it will indent a bit (pops back into shape) while something like the E34 and E39 are solid. I guess what I am saying is the external panels play less of a role in the structural integrity of the shell in newer designs.
  5. M5 HOH

    e39 M5 air filter upgrade

    Are any of you guys with CAI kits moved the intake temp sensors? Supposedly the stock position for the intake temp sensor and the sensor itself suffers from heat soak (not the proper term in this case but you get the idea) from the engine and thus sends a warmer reading to the DME than it should. M5board discussion http://www.m5board.c...ss-stories.html CA Kit http://www.ca-int.co...hp?prod_id=2825 EDIT: Forgot to say, there are a couple of guides on copying the Aktive kit with the various BMW part numbers. The thing that can cost you a lot is the ducting depending how you want to do it if memory serves. Obviously, buying brand new BMW bits is costly too but someone wanting to copy the kit on a tight budget would likely source secondhand parts.
  6. M5 HOH

    Which BMW is the nicest so far?

    I had to go with your blue E34 as I loved the looks of that car the most out of all your 5 series you've listed here. After that its the Alpina Rep then the E39 and the M5 Rep last.
  7. M5 HOH

    E39 M5 - opinions on this car

    Asking price really isnt an issue though... walk in with cash in hand and fire a price at him that you want to pay. Funny how many people will drop their asking price dramatically when they know you mean business. The car is only worth what someone is willing to pay and as we've all said, unless this car is damn tidy then 8.5k is too much.
  8. M5 HOH

    E39 M5 - opinions on this car

    I payed 8.5k for my very clean car almost two years ago will roughly 15k less miles on the clock, My car has a FSH but the last 3 are indy garages rather than BMW and the previous owner had a massive stack of paper history outlining all the parts and a lot of the work that has gone into the car. So, for someone to ask 8.5k for a 115k car today... it has got to be tight. If that is your budget, you could spend 6.5k for a decent example and a further 2k sorting it out. Personally, I wouldn't buy an old M5 from a dealer/trader. Much better to find a private seller who loves their car and can prove it. The dealers know fuck all about these cars.
  9. M5 HOH

    Strange question

    Just paint your bloody calipers black... thats what any reasonable person would do.
  10. M5 HOH

    My M5 for sale in 12months time

    Andy has always declared his love of the M5... I wouldn't be too surprised if he gets an F10 M5 by saving up the pennies for a year
  11. M5 HOH

    M5 to 530 - and i'm happy about it!

    Someone is clearly forgetting the 3.2 and 3.3 Alpina B10 if you're looking at excluding V8 cars. That aside, I can see the appeal of a 530i - nicely balanced, silky smooth I6 engine and enough grunt to have a bit of fun without losing your licence too easily. However, still not a cheap car to run properly.
  12. M5 HOH

    Get in there Andy Murray!

    Guys... stop getting bent out of shape. I'd imagine kos's language is a product of the constant badgering you guys are giving him. However, are we all forgetting that Djokovic wasn't always awesome? There was a time when he was classed as 4th best and often said not to have the skills to dominate... whoever said that got it dead wrong didn't they? All four of the top players can beat eachother, simple as that. However, Murray is the least reliable of those 4 in his performances. That simple fact is why there are doubters out there. I doubt the following is correct but I've always felt this about these four tennis players: Federer - natual ability and grace Nadal - machine like and powerful Djokovic - a true grafter Murray - the resourceful scrambler
  13. M5 HOH

    Are the e39's liveable with as a daily

    I've used my every day for nearly 2 years. It drinks a lot of fuel (aver 18 to 22 between fill ups) but it is so nice to drive. Comfortable and has enough pace to easily shake off any smaller sports cars. They like to chew through thermostats... seems to be a party trick - I've had 3 'stats since owning the car and reading up on m5 forum confirms they go often. Brakes are costly and it will chew up soft sticky rear tyres as well. At around 90k onwards the suspension will start to need attention but a lot of it is shared with the 535i and 540i so don't cost the world to replace. MAFs and various other engine management sensors need attention as well. VANOS oil seals can go as well but don't cost too much to fix. The E39 M5's VANOS system is meant to be rather more robust than the likes of the E46 M3 where you hear all manner of horror stories. Oh and lastly, things like rear view and wing mirrors (the housing and just the glass) are all costly as well to replace. The plus side is, most of these M5s are well spec'ed and can be had for very little money if you are willing to fork out more on repairs. Easier to find a high spec M5 than a 530i with all the toys. Summary, it will cost you more than most cars to run but then again it is better than most mundane cars. Also, it is such an easy car to drive unlike a lot of high performance cars which are horrible to live with for daily use. The above was just some random thoughts on ownership... loads more that could be said.
  14. M5 HOH

    E36 328i Sport..

    A 328i Sport with an auto 'box isn't going to be a classic. An admired car in years to come, sure, but not sought after. You want a 328i Sport with the manual box and an lsd. Good luck finding a decent one By the way, I do love and appreciate the E36... but it just isn't one of BMWs better models. It was good in its time but it wasn't the icon the E30 was for example. Mind you, while the E30 M3 is always touted as the be all of 3 series I would think it was fairer to say that the E36 M3 established BMW's reputation to a much wider audience - the sheer number of E36 M3s sold alone go to some length to backing that statement.
  15. M5 HOH

    Any Scientologists in the house?

    Sadly, I don't see how its any less bullshit than any other religion. Well, apart from the fact most traditional religions try and teach you to love your fellow man (until someone gets a hold of the book and rewrites it to suit their own agenda) while Scientology only asks for money money and more money to earn your salvation... mind you... so do churches come to think of it. But I wouldn't stop or want to prevent someone practising a religion - if it fills a void in their life or gives them some sort of comfort then all the better.