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  1. gbrownings

    Viewed E39M5 - some advice please

    Vin spec says: 0490 Lackierung Sonderlackierung "black sapphire-metallic", wie Schl.Nr. 475.... so, yes, I am sure!
  2. gbrownings

    Viewed E39M5 - some advice please

    My M5 is "black Sapphire-metallic" which was, I believe, only available from the BMW Individual range so is relatively rare. Mine is also 2002 (around 90k miles) but with none of the issues you detail - especially all that rust. I agree with a previous poster that the car you are interested in appears to have been very unloved with a lot of potentially expensive issues to resolve. Having said that, there are not too many of these around with such a low mileage so maybe, for the right price, it is worth a serious look. But whatever you think it might cost to fix - double it!
  3. done https://www.facebook.com/ExposingTheFacesOfHorror/photos/a.672801012810658.1073741828.671975826226510/912642158826541/?type=3
  4. Just noticed that my M-Mobility kit has a use before 2006 sticker on it so I guess I will need to get it replaced. But, looking at various forums not many seem to think it is any use. So, what do people here do? Keep a spare in the boot or take a chance? If the former, what is the smallest wheel that would fit front and back in an emergency? cheers
  5. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201508196191074
  6. gbrownings

    Do you carry a spare tyre or rely on M-Mobility kit?

    Interesting. Thanks. I have not had a blow out in my 9 years of ownership but discovering the out-of-date kit made me want to look at options. Think I will get the M-Mobility kit updated and get tyre weld. I would only consider carrying a spare on a long journey which is also when I would most want the boot space for luggage etc. I have BMW insured emergency cover so I guess would rely on that in extremis. I still have the original first aid kit which I imagine is also way out of date!!
  7. gbrownings

    Pixel repair

    This today. Ditto comments and thanks to skeggy.
  8. gbrownings

    Anyone running m5 over the winter?

    Used mine all four seasons every year since 2006.
  9. gbrownings

    Pixel repair

    Hi, thanks for doing all this. Appreciated. Probably being a bit thick here but how would I send a deposit to your email address? And, I am still hoping someone can advise me about how easy or not it is to remove the instrument panel.
  10. gbrownings

    Pixel repair

    How easy is it to remove and replace whatever needs removing and replacing to get this done? - on a scale of 1 - 10 (for someone who is not normally doing this sort of thing and has no special tools)
  11. gbrownings

    Pixel repair

    1. Skeggy 2. AngryDog 3. AngryDog's mate 4 Gbrownings 5
  12. gbrownings

    Pixel repair

    My preference would be to take the car to Southampton (?) and have the guy do the whole thing while I wait. If that is an option and forms part of this arrangement, I am in.
  13. gbrownings

    Pixel repair

    mine too.
  14. gbrownings

    E39 m5 mafs

    Obtained mine from the MAF shop in Germany about a year ago. All good and paid about €180 for a pair (Bosche). https://www.maf-shop.com/
  15. gbrownings

    Xenon headlight lens foggy

    Did mine today with the 3M3 kit. The off-side light was for some reason particularly bad. Took a couple of hours and not perfect but very happy with the result.... BEFORE AFTER
  16. gbrownings

    new mwmber looking for m5 info e39

    Loads of stuff on the forum about what to look out for.... Here's one I found..... http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/106781-pistonheads-e39-m5-buying-guide/?hl=+buying%20+guide
  17. gbrownings

    Zero tolerance to speeding?

    I think you have somehow stumbled across a very old DM story - probably circa 2001.
  18. gbrownings

    Rich_D's Carbon Black M5

    Great looking car. Must be one of the best out there....
  19. sorry if this should be in another section? But, any thoughts about a solution to the deteriorating condition of my headlights? I have tried a variety of YourTube suggested solutions including toothpaste, brillo pads, wax etc but they just seem to have made the problem worse. Lenses are now pretty cloudy and oxidised. Before I bite the bullet and look for new headamps, any thoughts? Or if not where I might get some replacements headlights (other than main dealer) at a reasonable price. thanks as ever.....
  20. gbrownings

    Headlights glass/plastic deteriorated

    Thanks for this. Ordered some 3M today so hopefully it will do the trick.
  21. Hi guys, As per title, the mirror no longer dims. No sign of any failure on the mirror itself (discolouration, bubbling etc) which I have read is a common indicator that something is amiss. I have opened the back bit and wires seem in place and shone a torch at the mirror while blocking out the sensor but no dimming. Anything else I can do/check before biting the bullet and forking out for a new one? Fuses etc? thanks in advance
  22. gbrownings

    auto dim rear view mirror not dimming

    Thanks for the reply. I was hoping it might be a simple thing like a fuse! Looks like mirrorjohn offers the most cost-effective solution.
  23. gbrownings

    Analogue TV Conversion?

    I hardly ever use them - it feels really quite peculiar but I imagine there are people who enjoy it!

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