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  1. gbrownings

    E39 M5 Mysterious Clicking Noise

    Had a couple of similar noises - one turned out to be a broken support bracket for the exhaust/catalytic converter (original fear was it was the converter itself) and the other time it was an anti-roll bar link.
  2. gbrownings

    auxiliary (serpentine) tension belt - advice please

    Thanks. Will mention this to the garage. It sounds a bit like an alternator whine or turbo whistle noise (which it obviously isn't!)
  3. gbrownings

    auxiliary (serpentine) tension belt - advice please

    Thanks. I took it to the garage as the car has developed a bit of a high pitched whine which increases as the revs go up. It's not 100 per cent definite the tensioner is the cause as the noise is quite hard to locate but as it has done 100k miles, it seems a good place to start and reasonably cheap for elimination purposes.
  4. gbrownings

    auxiliary (serpentine) tension belt - advice please

    Thanks very much. Very helpful. I think I will get get the belt and take a view once the garage are able to examine the condition of the pulleys etc. They seemed to think there was some sort of 'kit' I could buy that came with all the necessary bits but I haven't been able to find anything online.
  5. Hi, apparently the above needs replacing and it is my call if I want the various associated parts (tensioner/adjusting pulley) replaced as well. Makes it a much more expensive job and no evidence that this is critical. Any views on whether I should replace the lot? It is the belt that connects to the AC. I am going to buy the parts. Am correct that is is OeM 11287833266 https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR---E39-BMW-M5&diagId=11_2656#11281407520. grateful for any advice.
  6. Nice car but is was it that good as an investment? Mine cost someone £72,000 when they bought it new from Park Lane BMW in 2002. If they had stored it for 16 years and was now sold for it for around £120k, it would not have been that good a return on the outlay (if that was the sole purpose of acquiring it in the first place).
  7. Brilliant, and amusing, write up! Wouldn't try this myself in a million years, but a really enjoyable read. The engineering of these cars never fails to impress. Thanks.
  8. gbrownings

    New wheels finally on.

    Lovely looking car. Wheel colour suits it.
  9. gbrownings

    Never expected to see this.....!

    Agreed. I used drive quite a lot in France (wine tasting/buying). Showing my age here but at the time had a Renault Turbo 21 (great car for its day). The only problem I found was if you were doing 80mph you soon had some idiot up your bumper flashing their lights! Fortunately the Renault was very capable of leaving them trailing if I wanted. Just like the M5.
  10. gbrownings

    Never expected to see this.....!

    That's quite a journey in one day. I think my longest was Ivybridge in Devon to North Berwick in Scotland which is around 500 miles. The rarely-used seat massage option was utilised!
  11. gbrownings

    Never expected to see this.....!

    - wow. I hope you have/had the comfort seat option!
  12. gbrownings

    Never expected to see this.....!

    Thanks. I am impressed by the mileage. How many of those did you do? I will be pushing up daisies long before mine reaches that number, given the number of miles I drive a year! When I don't drive it for three or four days, I think: "Sell it". And then I go for a drive and think: "Keep it". Procrastination is the thief of time.....
  13. gbrownings

    Never expected to see this.....!

  14. gbrownings

    Never expected to see this.....!

    Thanks, James.