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  1. plenty

    Cost to repair jacking points

    Thanks all for feedback. It's an M5, so certainly worth doing.
  2. Time to sort my jacking points. All four need new metal welded in. I’ve been quoted £1.6k-£2k by my usual bodyshop located just outside the M25. Keen for any feedback as to if that’s a reasonable price.
  3. plenty

    Remove/change Short Shift Kit

    Royal Purple gearbox oil lightens the shift noticeably and may be worth trying before you change the shifter.
  4. plenty

    Shiny wheels! And a question.

    Finish Kare fk1000p is outstanding for wheels - high temperature resistance and great longevity. Two coats will see you through for six months at least.
  5. plenty

    The M5 has gone........

    Mine's been one of the most reliable cars I've owned. Then again, I prefer cars 15+ years old and I don't mind spending a few bob as it's all part of the hobby.
  6. plenty

    Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta

    I got just under 10k for my rear set of Sessantas. I'm currently about halfway through a set of Goodyear Asymmetric 2s at 5k miles, so perhaps it's me
  7. plenty

    Brake fluid

    Without fail. The fluid in my M5 is now more than three years old and feels very bit as good as new although I'll change it anyway. Euro Car Parts / Car Parts 4 Less are the best place to buy.
  8. plenty

    8k E39 M5?

    These cars are 10+ years old. I don't believe there is an E39 out there that wouldn't benefit from money spent on it. The extra 2k to buy a newer car could very quickly become 4k as you discover all the things that need doing.
  9. plenty

    Inspection2 Dealer special offer - worthwhile?

    FWIW I would value a respected indy's stamp much higher than a BMW dealer's. Others might feel differently.
  10. plenty

    Anyone's M5 that doesn't use oil?

    I find it depends on whether or not you use revs. If I stay below 4.5k then no oil is used, but if exploring the upper range then my car likes a drink. I've just returned from a spirited tour through the Alps where I topped up ~2 litres in 2,700 miles. For the record my car is a pre-facelift but a March '00 build with the newer rings.
  11. plenty

    advantages of post facelift M5s ?

    That's a reason to own a pre-facelift then - I have no time for auto lights, auto wipers, audible seat-belt reminders and all of the various "labour saving" devices that numb modern cars. IMO the E39 all the technology one needs (although I don't care for the Sport button) and one of the reasons why an E60 lacks appeal IMO is the iDrive and electronically adjustable suspension.
  12. plenty

    Muffler delete

    I suspect rates in London/SE may be higher.
  13. plenty

    Need some help on an E39 M5 valuation

    Sure, but as the buyer today this point can be used to drive a hard bargain.