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  1. You're welcome Alastair and thanks for the pleasant dealings. Tool is back in and available.
  2. Still here and still going strong. Added a link to the instructions for using the tool (PDF on Laser's website). Cheers, Rob
  3. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Hi Ger yeah it has lockable drops at each end. It's this one from GEG: https://geg.co/product/platinum-mobile-scissor-lift/ Not too much happened with the car in 2020. Covid, WFH, tucked in the garage and other cars meant a quiet year for this M5. I changed the number plate for a stick on from proplate (I much prefer the looks of the e39 without a plate. A stick-on for my 5-digit M5xxx plate is as close as I can legally get to none). I don't have a plinth since it was broken-off in the beast from the east in early 2018 by a massive lump of frozen snow/stalagmite. Btw, these cheap little smart chargers from Aldi are a godsend for e39s that are left to rest for long spells at time. They're ~£12 and a rebranded Medion (a german electronics company owned by Lenovo). Better than any CTek I've had. HNY all. Cheers, Rob
  4. ttrw2

    Approved Used e39 M5

    'BMW Approved Used' from Sytner: https://www.sytner.co.uk/car-search/12161329-1447140-bmw-m5-5.0-v8 53k miles @ £29k
  5. Looks very well made that. GLTWS
  6. ttrw2

    Ball joint splitters

    Sorry if late to the party, the Franklin TA331 has done me well over the years on my e39s. I turned-down a little brass tophat to sit over the thread of the ball joint to prevent any slippage too: Happy to lend this out if anyone needs it. Cheers, Rob
  7. ttrw2

    Rear sill welding

    ^as above. I had to drop the fuel tanks on mine, which means exhaust off, prop out, and whilst your there may as well drop the subframe and do the brake lines too.
  8. Hi mate, shouldn’t be a problem - could you PM me your postcode and we’ll take it from there! Cheers, Rob
  9. Not a big job Alastair, once up on ramps with wheels off it's less than an hours work - not hard at all just methodical. To replace the bushes you need to put the car on a lift/axle stands so you can get underneath, then it's a simple case of loosening the 4 bolts off that go through each bush, and then working on *one bush at a time* with the tool to pull out the old bush then push in the new one. You don't need to drop the whole subframe or disconnect anything else if you just work on one bush at a time. Freezing the bushes overnight and/or putting a bit of lube on as they go in makes them a doddle. There are a few bits of 'trim' to unscrew such as the metal bars that run under the fuel tanks but they're just 2x13mm bolts iirc. This thread is good as the pictures show how easy the access is once underneath: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2161472-E39-Sedan-Rear-Subframe-Bushing-Replacement-DIY They use a weird tool that needs lots of space around it - he Laser one doesn't. As for symptoms, the saloon hides knackered subframe bushes much better than the Touring. In the Touring you know when they're gone as the back is 'crashy' both in noise and ride/handling. In the saloon it just doesn't feel quite right - the back doesn't feel vague, but doesn't feel super planted. It's not super noisy, but then it doesn't feel ultra refined either. Visually if there's any sign of cracking/delamination on the bushes then they're done. I'd suggest unless ridden on glass smooth motorways all it's life then any car is ready for fresh bushes by 200k. I used Lemforder bushes on both my Touring and M5, but it looks like Meyle are just as good.
  10. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    8 months since last update, whoops - blame covid! The M5 has been tucked-up in a garage since February, when I was fortunate enough to buy a house with a double garage large enough for it and all my crap. Since the lockdown I've been working from home so not needed to the use of a car regularly but last weekend I got her out, washed and took for a spin. Forgot just how special they are tbh. During the lockdown I'd done a few jobs on the M5, mainly finishing the new headlights. I searched high and low for new, good quality lenses but couldn't find any so reverted to reconditioning the lenses I had by sanding down, lacquering then polishing the lacquer to a crystal clear finish: And finally a few weeks ago I bought one of these scissor lifts. The garage is big enough (once I've tidied it) to have the M5 up on the lift and work around it, lots more tinkering ahead:
  11. Yes, Touring bushes are much larger so tool is different. @GaryN rents the tool for Tourings I believe
  12. ttrw2

    Caffeine and Machine meet last year

    I believe it’s a whatsapp based group
  13. ttrw2

    BMW E39 M5

    This has potential: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-M5-Silverstone-Blue-Chromeline-V-Reg-Late-1999/193530935187 Current seller overdoes the description a bit, but It hasn't got to 180k miles by accident - if it's life with the previous owners can be verified then could be a cracker.
  14. Imgur has been fine for the past couple of years too
  15. ttrw2

    Body repairs in Witney , West Oxon

    I use a guy near Hook Norton, he does full-on restorations mainly - welding, fabricating and spraying. He resprayed my M5 last year for me. Sounds like you're keen to stay local to Witney and with a larger bodyshop but if you want his contact details PM me.