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  1. ttrw2

    E39 M5

    Go on then
  2. ttrw2

    Marbling Noise Under Load

    Sound like keys being jangled? That was the centre prop bearing on my old M5.
  3. ttrw2

    Winter Vehicle Storage.

    Relative humidity is your worst enemy when it comes to storing cars in the winter months. If you can't keep it somewhere warm then you have to remove the moisture from the air with a dehumidifier - inflatable car bubble in your unit sounds like a winner to me. The other unit with cars coming/going will be just as damp as the new cars arriving will bring moisture in. A good 'eyeball' test of whether the storage place is warm/dry enough is when you open the unit door/let in cooler air does water condense on surfaces inside the unit? If so it's relative humidity is too high and when fresh, cool air is introduced it's goes past dewpoint (sounds like what you found under your covers last winter).
  4. ttrw2

    Multimeter recommendations

    Had a cheap Clarke/Machine Mart one for years, treated like shit and it’s been faultless. Light, lots of functions, easy to use, accurate compared to a friend’s Fluke. Get one with auto-off function - nothing worse than finding you left it on and needs a new battery before you can use it
  5. ttrw2

    E39 Touring Subframe Bushes

    If for the e39, then Lemforder are OE and I got mine back in the day from Eurocarparts for about £60ea IIRC. However just seen they're now £100 odd, so I'd be going for the Meyle HD's which are £130 for 4 here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Set-4-MEYLE-HD-BMW-E39-Tourer-Rear-Axle-Subframe-Bushes-33-311-094-036/647377367
  6. ttrw2

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Enjoyed logging-in and reading this thread up until yesterday Too many Friday night beers, people? Unsubscribed.
  7. ttrw2

    E39 Touring Subframe Bushes

    Anyone got the tool to do a Saloon, please?
  8. ttrw2

    E39 M5 rust saga begins

    Nearly three years on, how's the rustproofing holding up?
  9. IIRC the ZT260 was developed post-BMW - chassis work was farmed-out to Prodrive, all that was left in the piggybank for the engine was this V8 from Ford. The 45/ZS was an evolution of the 90s Rover 200/400, majority of dev done pre-BMW
  10. ttrw2

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Awesome work!
  11. ttrw2

    Andy's E39 M5

    Can’t go wrong with that setup. Look forward to seeing your progress
  12. ttrw2

    Andy's E39 M5

    Looks very clean - nowt wrong with that mileage if it’s been serviced regularly. What suspension does it have on?
  13. ttrw2

    E39 M57 Auxiliary Belts

    Long belt is 202110515 Short belt is 202110565 (ECP part numbers) Used to change them every year/15k miles on my 530d and sad enough to remember numbers
  14. ttrw2

    Line of duty

    Haha saw that....66 plate on a prefacelift X5
  15. ttrw2

    Had augument with supermarket bollard

    Get a magnet and hold it up to the labels to see if ally or steel?