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  1. ttrw2

    E39 M5 Chain tensioner

    Drop Phil an email at partscheltenham@cotswoldgroup.com
  2. ttrw2

    BMW Parts

    Amen brother. Part prices have been on the up for a couple of years now. I guess as stocks deplete, they put the prices up.
  3. Alternatively get a multimeter that will measure current, pop in series with battery supply or earth lead and disconnect fuses one at a time until current drops. I had a 300mA (0.3amp) drain on the battery that turned out to be a bad LED in the interior lighting circuit (fuse 2 or 4).
  4. Lovely car, not a fan of those panoramic roofs though
  5. ttrw2

    Sump oil drain pans recommendations

    +1 for this, then an old 20L swimming pool chemicals container to decant in to - drained a couple of times a year with a trip to the local tip.
  6. ttrw2

    540i sport touring lpg m5 diff

    Lovely looking 540i M Sport
  7. *Apologies not a 5-series BMW - but just in case anyone on here maybe interested* I'm selling my 197 track day car as it's not getting used anymore. I bought the car in early 2017 as a standard road car and used as a track-only car since. Interior - Interior stripped - carpets and doorcards left in - Sparco Pro2000 buckets with harnesses Engine - Cup car manifold (hollow precat) - KTR-Pro resonated exhaust with standard cat on - A cheap foam air-filter - Had a cambelt, phaser pulley and water pump when I got it Brakes - Recent new brake discs/rear wheel bearings (no track days/less than 30 miles) - Front pads are Ferodo DS1.11 (2 track days), rear pads are new standard Pagids Suspension - H&R springs on cup dampers Wheels/tyres - New Federal 595 RS-R track day tyres (no track days/less than 30 miles on) Other - 101k miles - No MOT since summer '17 (only thing that would stop it going through is airbag lights as seats have been removed. Adding resistors will sort this) Location - North Oxfordshire, between Banbury and Chipping Norton. A great, little, fun track day car in good condition - shame to sell but doesn't get the use anymore and don't have the storage to keep. Priced to sell. PM me if you'd like to discuss. Cheers, Rob
  8. ttrw2

    WANTED - BM54 amp

    Looks like mine has given up the ghost. Anyone got a good working one, or even better, one that's already been repaired/upgraded? Thought I'd ask first before sending mine off to carphonics. Cheers, Rob
  9. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Unseasonably good weather at the moment and a free weekend resulted in a last minute dash to Ludlow for the Food Festival. Was nice to just chuck all the camping stuff in the M5 and cruise there and back again in e39 effortlessness. The quality of the finish of the paint sees me looking back time and again - feels like having a new car. Now the mornings are getting darker/chillier I've contemplated clearing space in the garage to go away at night on the shittier winter days. But nah, she'll be staying out and getting used all year round. Cheers
  10. ttrw2

    Fan clutch

    Yes, fan and clutch assy removed from nose of water pump pulley - no problems whatsoever with engine cooling (provided your aux fan is working fine)
  11. ttrw2

    Fan clutch

    It's a braver man than me who sticks something in to a moving fan! Have you considered removing it altogether? I removed it on both my M5s, as long as your electric auxillary/pusher fan is good it doesn't have a problem staying cool in our climate (even in last years hot summer). Cheers, Rob
  12. ttrw2

    Fed up with rubbish roads

    The website linked above by Andrew and FixMyStreet aren't just for Potholes, you can report anything from graffiti to abandoned cars or overgrown verges blocking views at junctions. They at the very least give you the opportunity to make your Local Authority aware, and for their response to be tracked. I'm with you on this - the road's have become an appalling state in the UK. But you can't expect your Local Authority to act on something if they don't know about it. Agree on dropping a wheel size for taller/more comfy tyres btw. Considering fitting a set of 17" Style 66's to the M5 to enjoy it more.
  13. ttrw2

    Fed up with rubbish roads

    I think all the UK roads have deteriorated notably over the past 10 years - has gone hand-in-hand with austerity/funds for repairs being cut. In Oxfordshire they have a FixMyStreet website where you can report potholes, defects, etc and they usually repair relatively promptly. Not sure if they have the same where you are, but it only takes 30 secs to fill-in.
  14. ttrw2

    WANTED - Knackered e39 Facelift Headlight

    Sorted by the chap above
  15. ttrw2

    Fan clutch

    If there's little noticeable difference turning the fan by hand when engine is hot and cold it's usually done. Depending where you are in Oxfordshire I have a know good one you're welcome to try.