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  1. ttrw2

    If the E39 hadn't been invented

    No e39 would've meant no e39 M5, which would have been a crying shame as they were and still are one of the best performance all rounders IMO. And for me would've probably meant an E55 or XJR....
  2. ttrw2

    E39 15mm Hubcentric Spacers and Set of Bolts

    I have these spacers on the front of my M5 - been on there a couple of years and a great bit of kit. GLWTS.
  3. As above, only difference is the shutter ‘inside’ the projector. This provides the cutoff at the top of the beam pattern such that on RHD cars it kicks up to the near side and vice versa for LHD. When you operate the lever in RHD headlights, for driving in Europe, a second shutter drops down that removes the kick up to the LHS. Have a read of this, where it’s called a “cut off shield” https://www.theretrofitsource.com/blog/headlight-tech-hid-projectors/ You can switch over the shutters as outlined by @Keliuss above
  4. I don't think it's a bad idea - the pre-facelift xenons are better headlights than facelift xenons. I had much fun trying to work out why my facelift Touring's headlights were not as my old M5's pre-facelift lights. After stripping I found the pre-facelifts have a larger, better quality Hella projector in. You need to change some wires over to make the pre-facelifts work in a facelift - I did this by making an adaptor loom from a mixture of pre and post facelift lights.
  5. Full BMW respray under warranty at 14 years old? Nonsense. "Beautifully presented in concourse condition....in every way near showroom condition". Broken undertrays/smashed wheelarch liners were a dealerfit option then? It's a low mileage e39 in an Individual colour that's had a polish. Nowt more.
  6. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Couple of months on from MOT and couple of thousand miles on/she's back in to the daily routine. Still keeping on top of the gleam (OK, yes it's the first time she's been clean in a month)
  7. ttrw2

    WANTED - BM54 amp

    Bumperoo - anyone pls?
  8. There's a fuse in the boot for the rear demister too (at least, on the saloon there is). Fuse 66. May be worth checking the other fuses in there too (CD changer, nav, radio, etc) in the search for the remaining ~0.4A drain.
  9. ttrw2

    The cheap E60 winter car.

    Looks much tidier now than any winter hack I've run Any rust on the E60? From what I've seen they are lot more robust to it than e39s.
  10. Good news that you've located 0.7A of the 1.2A drain and that it's not the new FSU or the aux fan. I'd resist simply throwing more parts at this stage and try to determine why the heater valves are sinking that much current when they're off (strip and inspect electrical side of them). If you have no appetite for this then replace as Dan suggests, but you may find it is the HVAC panel (the controller) sending the current there rather than the heater valves demanding it and you need to repair/replace HVAC panel next. i.e. it becomes a process of elimination via part substitution instead of getting to the root cause. Still ~0.4A drain from somewhere yet to be determined - this is enough to drain a fully charged battery below a cold start threshold in 10days or so. Did you try the rear screen demister?
  11. This document gives an overview of the IKHA system and all it interacts with Based on this I'd check what happens when you remove fuses that control the supply to the aux fan (fuse 75 on flying lead up behind glovebox) and the rear screen demister (fuse 20). I would then also consider disconnecting the FSU (footwell) and the heater control valves (engine bay). Do all the above with the HVAC panel connected, in a methodical manner as you've done before, looking for the reduction in current drain. If these make no difference then it would be on to the other items the IKHA/HVAC system influences (but are harder to get to). *Note it does say in that doc that the IKHA/HVAC panel must be coded to the car if replaced.
  12. Agreed, but IHKA calculates a/c pressure or measures evaporator temperature and sends a signal to the DDE/DME engine ecu to activate the aux fan (to cool condenser with aux fan when A/C is running). So there is a potential cross over here. Unplugging these things with HVAC panel still connected would rule them out.
  13. Good detective work narrowing it down to the HVAC system. I wouldn't have thought the HVAC panel itself is consuming the 1A of power (could be wrong), I'd be tempted to start disconnecting things beyond the HVAC panel/that the HVAC panel controls to see if the current drain drops. Looking at that IKHA wiring diagram I'd start with the usual things - aux cooling fan, heater valves, FSU/hedgehog and rear screen demister. It's worth repeating the experiment a couple of times/in a different order - I mistakenly thought the drain I had was on another circuit because the car 'woke up' halfway through testing the different circuits for a current drain.
  14. ttrw2

    E39 M5 Chain tensioner

    Drop Phil an email at partscheltenham@cotswoldgroup.com