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  1. ttrw2

    E60 M5 subframe bushes on 535d

    According to realoem the subframe bushes are specific for M5 and M6s: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partxref?id=NB92-EUR-06-2006-E60-BMW-M5&diagId=33_1268&q=33312282727 No mention of sizes.
  2. ttrw2

    E39 530 Touring - new wheels

    Style 66 get my vote, as per Dan’s 2nd pic. When I ran 18” M5 and 18” Rondells on my Touring (275 tears) I noticed a 3-4mpg increase in fuel consumption.
  3. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    I changed other things at the same time so impossible to tell. However, I have noticed less axle tramp when pulling out of junctions quickly which can be attributed to the subframe bushes. Yes can change in-situ, you have to drop the frame by 1-2" to get the top of the tool in. Perhaps not easy to make out but shiny black thing in this pic is the top part of the tool, lower matt black the main part. I bought the Laser 4780 tool to do it as comparing images this seemed the closest to OEM BMW tool: https://www.lasertools.co.uk/product/4780 I'm happy to lend it out if anyone else wants to do the job. Cheers, Rob
  4. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Front pair were cracked/torn and well past best, rears didn't look too far behind. I always thought it was just the Tourings subframe bushes that went and saloon's were OK, but seen a few Saloons on here that needed replacing recently.
  5. ttrw2

    Best injectors cleaner

    Hydra Blast from these chaps in MK: https://www.hydra-fueladditives.com/diesel-power-blast-injector-cleaner.html
  6. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    65degC and 30mins @duncan-uk
  7. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    I think only the very last of the e39 headlights Dunc. These opened up fine after a light baking. This weekend I removed the below bracket. Anyone who knows e39 M5 will know what it is, and what it means.... Intake cam sensor on bank 2. This is a royal arsehole of a job; unless you're a surgeon who does regular keyhole work. The above bracket supports the main loom that runs across the back of the engine, in doing so it blocks access to the cam position sensor so has to come off. There is naff all room to work due to heater pipes, fuel supply lines to fuel rails, etc etc. Plus it's all down the back of the engine so you have to work with mirror/torch and feel your way around. Symptons were the occasional EML light on and loss of torque. A reset on the go with the Ultragauge cleared it for a few more drives. Hooking up INPA when the fault was active confirmed the culprit: I have massive hands so removed the plenum cover for a bit of extra room. Wanted to do this anyway to have a visual check of how much oil was in there, the engine's done 171k miles so any blowby would be obvious. All looked well: Took 2-3hrs to do the job start to finish. Onwards and upwards!
  8. ttrw2

    Suspect scammer new member Deon20

    dulebaroys has sent me a message:
  9. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Headlight projector upgrade In 2014 I bought some aftermarket bi-xenon projector units to upgrade the headlights on the M5 as I've always thought the facelift xenon headlights in the e39 to be cack - my previous M5's pre-facelift lights were much better (larger, better quality reflector bowls behind the projector lense). Back then the only decent quality aftermarket RHD projectors available on the market were Morimoto FXR-3.0 from retrofitsource in the USA, which I duly bought, then in true style have sat on the shelf since: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/complete-retrofit-kits/projectors/bi-xenon-morimoto-fx-r-3-0.html Added bonus of these units is they have a 12v switched solenoid that operates the shutter to switch from dipped to high-beam, i.e. they're "bi-xenon". Last week I finally got round to fitting them to a spare pair of headlights I bought recently to complete the project. I stripped these down to the headlamp chassis (bake lenses off, remove angel eyes, remove vanity shroud, pop height adjusters off), then removed the standard OE projector and binned them off: The Morimoto projectors have a different hole spacing arrangement so to fit them to the e39 headlamp chassis I made-up some cardboard templates and transferred this shape on to some 3mm carbon flatstock: (4 adaptors needed - upper and lower for each side) Then fitted the new projectors using M4 and M5 nuts and bolts I had lying around: And et voila! - the largest, best quality aftermarket projector I could find, assembled on to a e39 facelift light chassis. Headlights will go back together once some new lenses turn up next week, at which point I will report back with results.
  10. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Thanks Ger, yeah filter's not that old. Replaced fuel pump today and all is fixed/normal service is resumed. Went for a Pierburg as that's what came out. Part supplied in a sealed Pierburg box is branded 'Ti Automotive'. Will replace the fuel filter shortly to mitigate any dirt that may have got in whilst changing pump. Cheers, Rob
  11. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Thanks chaps. Picked-up a new relay over weekend but this hasn't solved problem. Check all wiring and connections to fuel pump, looks like that's gone so ordered a replacement. Watch this space!
  12. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Xmas 2019 Trip back to the 'shire to see the parents for Christmas, and the annual opportunity to use my Dad's workshop/lift. Looking back at the car's use, she's back in to the everyday slug and my commute these days is a series of Oxfordshire B-roads. These are narrow, wrecked, unlit, unmarked and used by lots of agricultural vehicles. Fantastic in the summer, but this time of year caked in mud, crap and quite often have to take to a verge to let someone past or you have no choice in avoiding the pothole you see at the last moment. Coupled with this, my girlfriend drives the car too and she has no mechanical sympathy whatsoever. So I decided to return to standard suspension and rideheight all round - i.e. as it came from the factory. These are not cheap, particularly when you add up the cost of all the paraphernalia required like top mounts, rubber buffers, etc etc so I went for OE shocks from BMW and Meyle/Lemforder/Febi-Bilstein elsewhere. Assembling them took a morning, mainly because of the internal rebound spring in the Sachs shocks that means in its resting state the damper shaft is retracted, so you have to compress the main spring a lot further with spring compressors to get the top mount on. All four built-up: Then up on the ramps ready for the attack! Looking back this is becoming a familiar picture for this car over the years on this thread... The wheelarch of a well-used car this time of year. The coilovers come up really well with a scrub, been very impressed with the build quality of them. New OE strut back on. Also decided to replace the subframe bushes as these are original and 172k miles old. To do so I bought the proper tool as I couldn't find anywhere that rents-out the Saloon tool and the cheapy eBay offerings didn't look manly enough to me. Eat, sleep, e39, repeat - then back down, test drive and a wash of top and bottom and ready for the trip home on Boxing Day. Returning to new OEM suspension from coilovers brought with it a small reduction in noise, increased isolation from sudden bumps but no real change to the car's handling TBH - I always thought the BC's had good damping qualities and I'd chosen the 8k/6k springs to be as close to standard as possible. The main improvement will come on the B-roads I think, where coilovers are too compromised to work well. 180+ miles later and not far from home, she conked-out and I freewheeled to a halt in a handy industrial estate entrance to find the fuel pump relay had given up. Stripping down the relay showed an electronic circuitboard, not something to I could fix at the roadside so a tow was in order. The first time she's let me down in 7-8yrs!
  13. ttrw2

    EGR valve

    To gut it would require a mill, bore out the insides and then cap the supply. As you say - cheaper and easier to fit a bypass.
  14. ttrw2

    EGR valve

    Worth popping on an 'egr delete' pipe if you're so inclined - the standard EGR valve is a pintle type, so lots of blockage to incoming airflow - particularly when crusted-up with EGR.
  15. ttrw2

    WANTED - BM54 amp

    Tell me more please Sir.