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  1. ttrw2

    Had augument with supermarket bollard

    Get a magnet and hold it up to the labels to see if ally or steel?
  2. ttrw2

    e39 M5 Gearbox - Do I need detents?

    If the gearchange is already heavy, have you got a short shift on it already? As above, M5 syncros are slow when oil is cold, an oil change won't hurt/does make a small improvement Replacing detent springs improves any vagueness in the shift pattern IME, if you know where all seven gears are and can find them easy enough, plus the stick self-centres OK, then no need to change.
  3. ttrw2

    E39 parts

    Not rubberized from memory, plus a quick google suggests just coated black to match arch liners: Will let you know
  4. ttrw2

    E39 parts

    Aha thanks, found them Screw 07147129161 Body nut 07129904217
  5. ttrw2

    E39 parts

    What is the part number for these if you don't mind me asking, please? Cheers, Rob
  6. ttrw2

    Battery dead

    I was getting this last year, eventually killing a battery altogether. Multimeter showed one drain was coming from a bad interior LED light, then one night walked past car to hear aux pusher fan running slowly (car hadn't been used for a few days). I now pull the large red fuse 75 if I park the car up for more than a few days (e.g. airport car park etcs)
  7. ttrw2

    EGR bits for E39 530d Manual

    Mine smelt after fitting an ecotune decat, EGR delete didn't make a difference.
  8. ttrw2

    Leather cleaning

    Bar of pears soap to clean (froth it up in a damp cloth) - honestly, works wonders. Then Gliptone to Condition/leave a nice smell.
  9. ttrw2

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Thanks Grieg! Had a couple of hours to myself today, gave her a wash and replaced the windscreen pipes - they'd become brittel with age and didn't survive when the bonnet came off for respraying. Just waiting on a replacement grille to come through then she's all back together/complete. The old washer pipework:
  10. These cars are becoming bargains. Why did you sell?
  11. ttrw2

    5w40 ll04 castrol

    No, will be fine. Great idea buying in bulk
  12. ttrw2

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    This thread is great Andy, came across it when searching for something else. Top work!
  13. ttrw2

    E39 M5 rust repairs

    Looks great Ben, can't beat the feeling of knowing all is sorted. Don't worry about new paint on the sills, they look better dirty!
  14. ttrw2

    The Chancellor (E39 530i Sport Touring)

    Looks lovely. More pics!
  15. ttrw2

    Snow foam recommendations

    This https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/super-snow-foam-5-litre