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  1. 3 hours ago, DennisCooper said:

    Hi Russ,


    Long time no see/meet mate! Hope things are well and I'm sure we'll catch up soon at a show/meetup soon!


    For me, I regard wheels as a safety related item so I'd never run counterfeit/low quality ones. When it comes to the factories making such wheels, some make better quality ones and others' make ones not much stronger than chocolate. The trouble is you can't tell them apart as there's no identifying markings as to which sweatshop made them. I know and talk to Mark and the rest of the staff relatively often at BM Autosport and via his contacts and sales channel, has got a handle on 'better' quality replica's that come out of the far east somewhere. However, just like the M Parallel 19's which haven't had a new batch made for perhaps 4+ years now, maybe the 'better' quality LM lookalikes aren't being made anymore?..  time will tell to see if any new batches from his sales channel come through again in the future. The M Parallel 19" reps were also extremely popular perhaps more so than the LM lookalikes, It's not so much a question of how quickly they can be made but moreover if the factory owner has either decided to shut up shop, been found out and shut down or has decided to make other products entirely. Some of the factories me and my brother used to import from went down similar routes for similar and other reasons too  - it's quite common actually. 


    My suggestion will always be to run high(er) quality wheels for which there's many fantastic looking choices for the E39. The LM look has been done to death now, but I of course know that many BMW owners love the look. The other seller well known on forums is CM Wheels and they still list LM replica's here




    Offsets aren't so great but easily resolved with some spacers and extended wheel bolts - perhaps 10mm on the front and 7-10mm for the rear depending on how aggressive you wish to go and your current ride height etc. 


    20's on the E39 can work very very well provided you choose carefully and get as strong a wheel as you can. Replica and lower quality wheels run a higher risk of bending/cracking/buckling due to their inherent weakness due to that the smaller and much stiffer tyre sidewalls transmit more of the road forces to the wheels where the energy is absorbed. 


    Genuine LM's are a forged centre disk and strengthened barrel so very very strong and high quality, the £4K per set price you are thinking of is for a brand new set. The last set of genuine LM's I had/sold went for around £2250 and were immaculate as they were unused since a full refinish. I can keep a lookout for a set if you'd like ?!


    Cheers, Dennis!


    PS - I had to link to this pic ;)



    Hi Dennis, Good to hear from you. My reps are being refurbished by Lepsons as we speak. I got a set of CSL reps from CM wheels for my E46 M3 which were pretty good. It was the offset which worried me but you have gave a solution now. 

    I would love to have a set of genuine LM's but the 4k price is simply not justified on UK roads but a used set at around £2000 would be so if you could let me know if you find some (wont hold my breath lol).


    I am having the centres painted in a light anthracite and lips polished but unlaquered. I have even found some new 'bolts' to finish them off.


    Ah that plate always makes me smile. The car now runs an 'M5' plate.

    I hope to catch up with you at some point and keep an eye out for genuine ones. Will post pics when the wheels are done.


  2. 7 hours ago, d_a_n1979 said:

    I think I bought their last set... Remember Claire there telling me something like that when I was speaking to her


    They're popular; but I think it's all down to the makers of them and how fast they can get them produced.


    Why are you after another set if you're having yours refurbed?


    Personally I wouldn't go to 20s; 19s are perfect, as some 18s can be, but 19s seem to get the stance just right on E39s

    Just surprised that they cant be purchased anymore thats all.

  3. I was shocked to be told by BM Autosport this week that they wont be selling the 19" LM reps for months. I am currently having my reps refurbished at Lepsons but longer term what other options are there ? I wont go back to 18's due to the BBK.


    1 - Find some genuine BBS LM's with the correct E39 fitment. This is almost impossible and even if I did find some we are looking at £1000 a corner I guess.

    2 - Try a different style. Trouble is the LM's are bloody perfect. Maybe CSL reps but are they available in the E39 fitment.

    3 - Go to 20's with the LM reps but how will they affect the handling and ride. Never seen a pic of 20" LM's on an E39.

  4. On 15/11/2017 at 9:42 PM, RichardP said:

    The most likely cause is the KCA-420i to iPod cable.  however, if you have another iPod it's worth trying it as the dock connector on them sometimes fails.


    If you need a cable I do have a few, but try another iPod if possible first.

    Hi Richard

    I am unable to locate another iPod so can I send you my set up for you to check ? I think there is an update available for mine anyway ?

    I am of course happy to pay you plus i will cover return postage. Please pm your details mate.

  5. I have Been periodically losing the Intravee connection and now it is completely missing - no charging of the iPod or anything.

    Am I right in thinking it’s the main connecting lead between the 2 units that’s most likely faulty and if so where can I get a replacement ?