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  1. M5 Russ

    Innovadrive NXG-39 / OEM look Double DIN Fascia

    This looks pretty impressive Dennis. I will wait to see how it works with a DSP equipped car before I commit. Very interested if I can keep my original speakers etc.
  2. M5 Russ

    BBS LM Wheel Refurb Advice

    I recently had my BBL Rep refurbished at Lepsons with custom anthracite centres and diamond cut lips.
  3. M5 Russ

    Buying an e39 M5.

    I have had my M5 for 10 years and she is now on 155k so around 50k miles since I purchased her. I still love it to bit and I just dont see me ever selling.
  4. M5 Russ

    Intraveee to KCA lead faulty ?

    I have Been periodically losing the Intravee connection and now it is completely missing - no charging of the iPod or anything. Am I right in thinking it’s the main connecting lead between the 2 units that’s most likely faulty and if so where can I get a replacement ?
  5. M5 Russ

    E39 M5 Rear Brake Discs

    Is that correct ? I thought the E39 had a different centre bore size ?
  6. Decided to take advantage of the Evolves half price offer and buy the last piece of my M5 tuning jigsaw - the MAF less intake system. Just gotta work out how to fit them ! https://www.evolveautomotive.com/evolve-carbon-mafless-intake-bmw-5-series-e39-m5.html
  7. I was shocked to be told by BM Autosport this week that they wont be selling the 19" LM reps for months. I am currently having my reps refurbished at Lepsons but longer term what other options are there ? I wont go back to 18's due to the BBK. 1 - Find some genuine BBS LM's with the correct E39 fitment. This is almost impossible and even if I did find some we are looking at £1000 a corner I guess. 2 - Try a different style. Trouble is the LM's are bloody perfect. Maybe CSL reps but are they available in the E39 fitment. 3 - Go to 20's with the LM reps but how will they affect the handling and ride. Never seen a pic of 20" LM's on an E39.
  8. M5 Russ

    Aegean Blue E39 M5 - For sale at a dealer

    It’s a lovely car but just too much money with 91k.
  9. M5 Russ


    I have replied Dennis
  10. M5 Russ

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    I love this thread
  11. M5 Russ


    Hi Dennis, Good to hear from you. My reps are being refurbished by Lepsons as we speak. I got a set of CSL reps from CM wheels for my E46 M3 which were pretty good. It was the offset which worried me but you have gave a solution now. I would love to have a set of genuine LM's but the 4k price is simply not justified on UK roads but a used set at around £2000 would be so if you could let me know if you find some (wont hold my breath lol). I am having the centres painted in a light anthracite and lips polished but unlaquered. I have even found some new 'bolts' to finish them off. Ah that plate always makes me smile. The car now runs an 'M5' plate. I hope to catch up with you at some point and keep an eye out for genuine ones. Will post pics when the wheels are done.
  12. M5 Russ


    Just surprised that they cant be purchased anymore thats all.
  13. Hi guys, I just wondered if this is still usable with my E39 M5 ? I dont have any software disc (long since lost) and I run a MacBook Pro. Russ
  14. M5 Russ

    BMW E39 M5 Rod Bearing & Chain Guides

    I had my rod bearings changed at around 125k as part of my Evolve tuning and they were well worn. The vanos is still silent even at 150k so I doubt I will mess with it.
  15. M5 Russ

    Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    Just got a quote for my M5 - £582. Thats fully comp, me being in my 40's, decent post code, all mods declared, only 3 years NCB after Admiral mixed up my NCB and I lost 10 years , oh and 9 bloody points for speeding ! Quite happy with that !
  16. M5 Russ

    Dakar Yellow RHD E39 M5 - For Sale on Ebay

    Never seen a yellow E39 M5 before. I should not like it but I do !
  17. M5 Russ

    Intraveee to KCA lead faulty ?

    Have you still got your M5 btw ? EDIT - read your sig lol
  18. M5 Russ

    Intraveee to KCA lead faulty ?

    Hi Richard I am unable to locate another iPod so can I send you my set up for you to check ? I think there is an update available for mine anyway ? I am of course happy to pay you plus i will cover return postage. Please pm your details mate.
  19. M5 Russ

    Intraveee to KCA lead faulty ?

    Ok Richard will do and report back.
  20. M5 Russ


    From the album: My M5

  21. M5 Russ

    My M5

    Some pics of the M5
  22. M5 Russ


    From the album: My M5

  23. M5 Russ

    E39 M5 Market Activity

    My Evolve tuned E39 M5 is currently still sleeping so I am driving my E46 M3 vert but even though I love the M3, its the M5 I always wanna jump back in. Cant see me ever selling it.
  24. M5 Russ

    How-To video guides - I've started doing them!

    I use these off eBay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290753883334?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  25. M5 Russ

    How-To video guides - I've started doing them!

    Not been here for a while but what a great thread. Is there any advantage in doing the electric fan conversion ?