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  1. M5 Russ


    Not any. They are a bit battered especially the fronts but balanced no problem. I had a good look at the wheels whilst they were off the car and saw no signs of cracking. Edit. thanks for the link Dennis. Thats a great site and it confirms that all changes are well within tolerances.
  2. M5 Russ


    Yes they are - I would not use any others to be honest. They have lasted 4 years but after numerous kerbings and various, I have decided to renew them rather than refurb them. At £500 a set it just aint worth messing about.
  3. M5 Russ

    Looking for an E39 M5, do I consider this one?

    Having the wrong and / or mismatched tyres on any performance car is a big no no for me. Add in the lack of fuel and i would walked at that point too. I dont think car is bad though - far from it. Certainly nothing that a pair of matching part worns and 10 quids worth of fuel wont help together with 20 quid valet and polish from your local east european car wash centre. Add a quickly re written advert and the car should fly out no probs. the problem is most buyer know these cars so you have get them looking right. PS the nat nav does NOT make the interior dated
  4. M5 Russ

    Alpha n remap for £270

    Evolve spent 1000's in both time and money developing their alpha n conversion which is why i used them. I would not risk anything else. Mines been converted a few years now and its never missed a beat (i think m5 was one of the first in uk to be converted).
  5. M5 Russ


    Hi Dennis. I will be getting a new set of LM reps the same staggered size as i already have. I am only changing the width so going from 275 to 285 and 245 to 255. I was just thinking more of the fronts fouling the arch but after the success of the rears i think the fronts will be fine. My car is not ubber lowered really. The tyre guy thinks there will be no problem so will hopefully find out next month.
  6. M5 Russ

    E39 M5 Fuel Filter replacement - wow

    I dont think its that hard a job but mine was done by the garage.
  7. M5 Russ

    E39 M5 Fuel Filter replacement - wow

    My car is on 138k so I am amazed it has never been changed.mI cannot believe how different it is.
  8. M5 Russ

    The M5 has gone........

    I wont be selling mine !
  9. M5 Russ

    What spark plugs from my E39 M5 with headers

    I know I could just phone Evolve but I though being a member on an active BMW forum, I thought I would ask here to see what others have done. I effect I am just trying to keep life in the forum
  10. What would you guys recommend ? I was thinking its between NGK laser platinum or iridium but what are best ?
  11. M5 Russ

    What spark plugs from my E39 M5 with headers

    And there's me thinking this is a BMW forum where people share knowledge and experience
  12. I am a huge Star Trek fan, I am currently up to series 4 of Voyager on Netflix after completing Next Gen then its DS9 or Enterprise. I have never seen any of these before so to watch them in order is superb. (ps you have to hack Netflix to get them as they are not available to UK subscribers. Not sure about these new ones though.
  13. M5 Russ

    strut base for e39 m5

    Probably no difference in handling at all but boy do they look good (especially the Dinan one !)
  14. M5 Russ

    What spark plugs from my E39 M5 with headers

    Are we talking the standard BMW recommended NGK plugs or do they have to be hotter or colder than the standard ones ?
  15. Despite all my mods, Evolve headers and exhaust, Bilstein PSS9 etc, my best mod is the Dinan strut brace due to the looks and rarity as there are only a couple in the UK.
  16. M5 Russ

    Cheap facelift E39 M5

    Whats wrong with the blue leather - I love mine lol
  17. M5 Russ

    strut base for e39 m5

    I run a Dinan strut brace - nice but expensive
  18. M5 Russ

    Slimmbones finned diffuser

    Mines going for paint later this year and this seems just the ticket.
  19. M5 Russ

    Blue E39 M5 Gillingham Kent

    I have been to the bridge meet but I am Maidstone based. Not even sure where Oxford Road is in Gillingham though !
  20. M5 Russ

    number plate light

    Very common fault on the E39 but quite easily repairable.
  21. M5 Russ

    E39 ///M5 Fog lights replacement

    I want to go hid on the fogs so they match the headlight. Good write up though.
  22. M5 Russ

    Unfunny funny people...

    James Corden - not in least bit funny. Over the years I have seen live shows from Mike Read, Jimmy Jones, Chubby Brown, Bernard Manning and Jimmy Carr amongst others and all were superb. The early Chubby Brown show I saw (from inside the helmet in Blackpool) should of had a health warning as I spent 90 minutes pissing myself laughing and felt ill after and could hardly walk and had a very sore throat ! Just watched Ben Elton Live 97 and its still one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Also check out Live 93 too. I also love Rhod Gilbert and of course Billy Connolly.
  23. M5 Russ

    Hi - New E60 M5 Owner

    Stunning colour - lovely car.