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  1. chopp

    E39 M5

    Cheers boys!! dunno what to do now!!? I love car don't know if I should store or drive her!!? Too busy working and enjoying me old rangey! car livin under blankets an car cover?? Under car porch!
  2. chopp

    Chester area meetup?

    Looks like small table required then !! Don't care I've prob put invite on wrong page but hey ho! Any body fancy chimneys hotel on a 41 hooton? It's comfy place top beer!! an food!?
  3. chopp

    E39 M5

    Long haired one in doors telling me same thing!! Kids saying same!! just seems shame keeping beast under car cover an not getting used much!! ?? Glad you all like her ohh decisions/decisions!! Thanks all for feedback!
  4. chopp

    E39 M5

    Cheers m8 weird this! As u get older u can afford more toys! I'm in fortunate/unfortunate position of havin 3 motors!! Long story! All old cars I've got ml merc daughter driving at min!. Gonna buy off me?? Old Rangel l322 which is daily runner had 6 months! Love it!! An my babe M5 which is livin under car cover not getting used! Should I keep an hope prices go up!?
  5. Just thinking another borin bank holiday doin normal shit!! Any Chester/Wirral members fancy few scoops show nice cars for couple hours thinking 1ish till 3 maybe? Just chilled few hours!!?? Burgers etc!? Anyone interested?? Or pubs fancied!!??
  6. chopp

    Chester area meetup?

    Yeah man lets do it!
  7. chopp

    E39 M5

    Cheers John pics don't do it justice it's show standard!! Love it still just shame it not doin it!! Needs drivin!
  8. chopp

    E39 M5

    Hi All, As I'm reaching retirement age next year I think it's time to put my pride and joy up for sale. I'm lucky enough to be on my third M5 So have some idea what I'm talking about. Quick history - bought from another forum member in 2016. The work he did was monumental and is listed below. Since I have had the car all I have done is improved minor details, its in tiptop condition as you can see from the photos which are recent. All under side of car looks as clean as the top as the mechanics always mention when it goes for its MOT it's spot on. Service history is good but previous owner did own service for 5 years so isn't stamped but mileage didn't reach service interval timer. I have owned for around 3 years just had more detailing done again on car - wheels, interior, paint work etc. It’s a 2002 'facelift' in Lightwater Blue metallic. Apparently, this a rare colour for this year of manufacture. It has all the usual spec but has factory DSP pro stereo, split rear seats, and rear window power blind inc manual side rear blinds. Work completed by previous owner; Input shaft seal was changed and whilst the prop was out a prop-shaft centre bearing was installed along with various exhaust brackets that had rusted through Changed the thermostat, plugs, air filters, pollen filters. Coil pack covers polished and resprayed in high temperature paint Plenum removed and cleaned Cleaned PF housing New filter installed New hoses and separator valves installed Cleaned trumpets New power steering pipe New front and rear callipers Front disks shot blasted and skimmed Braided brake lines from Goodridge Genuine BMW Rocker Cover Gaskets and Seals - both banks, Oil Recover Solenoid seals - both sides, Sump Gasket and all new bolts New rear panel External trim replaced with new Interior trim polished Cam chain tensioner Exhaust support and the bracket support arms sent off for cleaning and powder coating New silencers installed The rear discs were removed, all cleaned up and new brake shoes were installed. Top Strut Mount bearings Struts Springs Thrust Arms Centre Tie Rod Tie Rod ends Stabiliser Arms Anti-roll bar bushes Anti-roll bar bush brackets All bolts and nuts were also replaced with brand new genuine BMW parts. Replaced all the suspension components Wheel bearings New disks and pads Upgraded to white LED angel eyes 92,000 miles on clock. I'm asking £18,000 to forum members only as I want her to go to an enthusiast like me. Cheers, Chopp
  9. chopp


    Cheers bro so I'm doomed by smart techno!??
  10. chopp

    Chester area meetup?

    Ahh I'd have come!! Bugger!
  11. chopp


    Hi all I've just had aircon gassed up and all is well! my prob is aircon works fine till car cools to 16 degrees then shuts it self down! No amount of fiddling sorts it manual not much help either!! Surely I should be able to cool car to my liking!!
  12. chopp

    2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    Can't understand all flak you've had to take bud! If people don't understand what enthusiast car owners all about! They best goin on eBay / auto trader and be totally in dark about motor they buyin! I'd buy of this site first and pay few bob more knowing car is up to scratch and not bag of shit!! good luck mate jus don't get some people!! But hey I'm just enthusiast!!
  13. chopp

    2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    It's a enthusiast looked after car!! That is the difference!! Good luck with sale mate hope it gets good buyer I think it's top car but hey what do I know!
  14. chopp

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted 2 pdc sensors front and rear drivers side! MR BMW said both bumpers need to be taken off! They dont!!! Just pop plastic trim and press in! Why do dealers do this!!
  15. chopp

    2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    Car is a credit to owners! seriously looked after and loved oooohhhh somebody going to get top motor here! Sure it will go soon good luck ps that photo is mega!