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  1. Hi all, This is most relevant to E61's with a panoramic sunroof owing to the larger surface of area and water ingress but can affect all E60/1's. The matter hs been discussed before and a few memebers here have had issues owing to the winter months. The Problem i Drive / PDC issues or total failure Smell of burning Obvious water in boot / wheel well. The Cause As water runs from the roof of the car it runs through water channels on the top edges of the roof. Also, sun roofs are not water tight. They allow some water in when closed which finds its way to the channels and run to outlets behind each of the 4 wheels. It is this that causes the issue. The drainage tubes at the front are simply unifrom hoses, a bit like a garden hose. Therefore, if any dirt/grit is washed into the tubes it tends to wash straight out and onto the floor. Blockage of these 2 front tubes are rare. The hoses at the rear have a design fault. The ends, where the water should pour from, are pinched. On the end of the hose they have an attachment that easily clogs, causes a back log of water that, in heavy rain finds its way into your boot, wetting the carpet and slowly filling the spare wheel well, right at the bottom like a sinking ship. I have no idea why they designed them this way. In this void, right at the bottom are important i Drive and PDC modules. When wet these electrically fry themselves and require significant work to replace, along with their wiring loom, recoding etc and can cost over 1k to repair. Parked, facing uphill during a heavy rainfall would be your worst scenario. The Solution This is to simply remove the attachment on the end of the 2 back hoses so, like the front tubes you have a a uniform tube, just like the front ones that hopefully will not clog. Some people remove the back bumper to gain access but that is too labourious and isn't necessary. I prefer the following. Open the boot and open the cubby hole on the left. Pull back the cloth and find this tube. When you have, now this is very technical.... Yank it skyward. It will resist but it will come. Once it comes up you may hear the attachment on the end fall off and into your bumber void. Good riddance. With the tube now out, blow up it hard and you will hear it crackle and clear. If you're lucky you may get a mouthful of claggy water. Then, simply poke it back down where it came from. On the off side, the proceedure is the same except you need to remove 3x (8mm IIRC) nuts that hold the fuses in place. ...and this is the little tinker that costs people all this money, the threaded end is what is in the end of your tubes and for no plausable reason whatsoever it is crimped at the end. I do urge all to inspect their wheel wells asap, especially being mid winter. The clogging effect is accumalative and potentially ruining. Since doing this to my car 2 months ago everything has remained bone dry. I was getting trickles of water in there after a few weeks of not checking. Regards all, Neil.D
  2. Neil.D

    E60 535d brake squeak

    The wear sensor doesn't start once the pads are nearing replacement. They have a gradual The wear sensor doesn't start once the pads are low, they give a gradual idea on condition. The wear sensor is likely to be in contact with the disc causing the squeal.
  3. Neil.D

    E60 535d brake squeak

    Mine periodically do this. It's the wear sensor, after a while they wear down further and the noise is gone. I know what you mean by very loud screeching. A few high speed stops may do the necessary as suggested.
  4. Neil.D

    Metallic noise... What's wrong?

    Try it on a desktop. I've got the sound to work but not the playback on it. If it's a real clink clink then mine was the propshaft. I've had it on an E36 M3 and a E39 M5. There was wear in the splines of the propshaft causing a bit of play. The prop never failed but just made that annoying noise whenever parking or manoeuvring. I didn't get chance to sort it on the M3 as I wrote that off on the nurburgring - whoops - but did have the prop replaced on the M5 which removed the problem.
  5. Neil.D

    Metallic noise... What's wrong?

    I found my old video on photobucket. hopefully it works, does it sound like this?
  6. Neil.D

    Metallic noise... What's wrong?

    Does it only do it as the slack is taken up - as it were?
  7. Neil.D

    Alarm keeps going off.....ahhh!

    On the E39 with random alarm going off the first port of call is the bonnet sensor. Cost me a tenner and I'm sure the E60 one is just as cheap.
  8. Neil.D

    There are start buttons and start buttons!

    If the E60 had keyless start I would definitely be forgetting the key. I nearly do when I have my works Disco 4. Just another thing to check when I leave the house.
  9. Neil.D

    I like these rims on the e60

    Oh no, not for me.
  10. Yeah that's what he did with me. I had mine mapped with a friend and his 530d was smoking more so he made a call, asked them to wind the fuel in a bit and 30mims later uploaded the tweaked map and less smoke. I guess that's the beauty of emaps or similar rather than a tuning box.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. So what's a 'half map' ? LOL. Do you mean the maps uploaded then the levels checked by Simon whilst out on a drive?
  12. Hi Lee LSD is a good shout and I have considered it. Getting power down after trying to nip out at junctions can be a bit frustrating. If you post the same question up on BmwLand there are a couple of guys that run 535d with LSD.
  13. Neil.D

    Coolant temperature too high? 535d E61 2005

    Ah. I'd swop it out. It's clearly not right. I've seen 103C before after a back road blast but it quickly came back down to normal temps on a BMW stat. You are however likely to be the one and only person to complain of high temps!
  14. Neil.D

    This would explain it

    Blobby is that the module from the wheel well? If so it may have got damp or something at some point then.
  15. Neil.D

    Thoughts on this 550?

    That 550i in SE has a strange appeal. Big power and very subtle. Id prob have an LSD fitted and have a very nice Q car. Agree though, rather lacking in kit.
  16. Neil.D


    I have found that the cabin filters can cause condensation as leaves and clag build up and they retain moisture. The time you mention is at the limit of that id expect from the filters but you could get the hover out, clean the filters and clean out the drain holes either sides of them. From there, read the two topics at the top of the page regarding moisture and water problems.
  17. Neil.D

    Engine temp not showing

    straight from BMW sees the best results for the longest.
  18. Neil.D

    How to adjust the EGR valve with DIS

    Good information thanks Blood. Do excuse my amateur knowledge base...but In theory this will hopefully keep the manifold etc a little cleaner? Is EGR used at all rev ranges or just lower ones when performance is not an issue? I'll change my settings too. Ideally give the manifold etc a clean out and turn it off!
  19. I tried to do my thermostat a few years back and found it the most horrific job ever attempted. Those tubes would not sit water tight even after about 50 attempts. I gave up in the end and had it towed to my mech. To do it right first time - I salute you.
  20. Neil.D

    Almost forgot my MOT

    Pay, I forgot about my wife's MOT for 6 Months! She couldn't believe it when I said it was that long out of date! Only told her after mind. Did they do a smoke test? The lady that did mine revved it to the red line (which is 4k in neutral I think) then did an emissions test. Wonder what yours were with no DPF? Do u have the print out?
  21. Neil.D

    link to error free e60 rear numberplate LED's?Q

    Poor quality photos but you hopefully get the idea. Brightness is pretty much spot on.
  22. Neil.D

    link to error free e60 rear numberplate LED's?Q

    Some pics of mine...
  23. Neil.D

    link to error free e60 rear numberplate LED's?Q

    Had my bulbs delivered within 2 days. One of the bulbs didn't work so another sent out by the seller without quibble. Lighting wise, they look very stock, not Too bright - longevity will be the elephant in the room for £4!
  24. Neil.D

    link to error free e60 rear numberplate LED's?Q

    You've convinced me, option 1 it is. Ordered and will update.
  25. Neil.D

    link to error free e60 rear numberplate LED's?Q

    Friends, does anyone have any current recommendations for these? Just looking to try and freshen up the back of the car a little Many thanks. Neil.D