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  1. Neil.D

    E60 535d brake squeak

    The wear sensor doesn't start once the pads are nearing replacement. They have a gradual The wear sensor doesn't start once the pads are low, they give a gradual idea on condition. The wear sensor is likely to be in contact with the disc causing the squeal.
  2. Neil.D

    E60 535d brake squeak

    Mine periodically do this. It's the wear sensor, after a while they wear down further and the noise is gone. I know what you mean by very loud screeching. A few high speed stops may do the necessary as suggested.
  3. Neil.D

    Metallic noise... What's wrong?

    Try it on a desktop. I've got the sound to work but not the playback on it. If it's a real clink clink then mine was the propshaft. I've had it on an E36 M3 and a E39 M5. There was wear in the splines of the propshaft causing a bit of play. The prop never failed but just made that annoying noise whenever parking or manoeuvring. I didn't get chance to sort it on the M3 as I wrote that off on the nurburgring - whoops - but did have the prop replaced on the M5 which removed the problem.
  4. Neil.D

    Metallic noise... What's wrong?

    I found my old video on photobucket. hopefully it works, does it sound like this?
  5. Neil.D

    Metallic noise... What's wrong?

    Does it only do it as the slack is taken up - as it were?
  6. Neil.D

    Alarm keeps going off.....ahhh!

    On the E39 with random alarm going off the first port of call is the bonnet sensor. Cost me a tenner and I'm sure the E60 one is just as cheap.
  7. Neil.D

    There are start buttons and start buttons!

    If the E60 had keyless start I would definitely be forgetting the key. I nearly do when I have my works Disco 4. Just another thing to check when I leave the house.
  8. Neil.D

    I like these rims on the e60

    Oh no, not for me.
  9. Yeah that's what he did with me. I had mine mapped with a friend and his 530d was smoking more so he made a call, asked them to wind the fuel in a bit and 30mims later uploaded the tweaked map and less smoke. I guess that's the beauty of emaps or similar rather than a tuning box.
  10. I was wondering the same thing. So what's a 'half map' ? LOL. Do you mean the maps uploaded then the levels checked by Simon whilst out on a drive?
  11. Hi Lee LSD is a good shout and I have considered it. Getting power down after trying to nip out at junctions can be a bit frustrating. If you post the same question up on BmwLand there are a couple of guys that run 535d with LSD.
  12. Neil.D

    Coolant temperature too high? 535d E61 2005

    Ah. I'd swop it out. It's clearly not right. I've seen 103C before after a back road blast but it quickly came back down to normal temps on a BMW stat. You are however likely to be the one and only person to complain of high temps!
  13. Neil.D

    This would explain it

    Blobby is that the module from the wheel well? If so it may have got damp or something at some point then.
  14. Neil.D

    Thoughts on this 550?

    That 550i in SE has a strange appeal. Big power and very subtle. Id prob have an LSD fitted and have a very nice Q car. Agree though, rather lacking in kit.
  15. Neil.D


    I have found that the cabin filters can cause condensation as leaves and clag build up and they retain moisture. The time you mention is at the limit of that id expect from the filters but you could get the hover out, clean the filters and clean out the drain holes either sides of them. From there, read the two topics at the top of the page regarding moisture and water problems.