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  1. chris535

    E39 530D Auto To Manual Conversion Info/Price

    I shall join you in considering it .... It's damn near impossible to find a manual E39 in south Australia !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I owned a citroen for 3 years and although nothing major ever went wrong not a month went by without something falling of or breaking had loads of Vauxhall's and they have always been fine. would never have another French car
  3. chris535

    535i Air Flow Meter

    Not sure at the moment I will PM the part number when Mrs gets home with the car
  4. chris535

    535i Air Flow Meter

    Hi All, I'm sure someone posted a link on the board somewhere... but I can't find it Has anybody got any ideas where I can get a new air flow meter its a 99 535i (sport if it makes a difference but doubt it) Cheers Chris
  5. chris535

    ashtray removal ?

    Got mine from BM Mini parts part number 51 16 8159695 it cost 4.61 hope that helps Chris
  6. chris535

    ashtray removal ?

    Another thing to add to the list of BMW quirks....Learning......Slowly
  7. chris535

    ashtray removal ?

    Cheers how anoying that is something so simple
  8. chris535

    ashtray removal ?

    Hi Bit of background I have ordered the little plastic tray to replace the ashtray as I have no use for it, Now........ perhaps I'm being a bit dumb but I cannot see how the Ashtray insert comes out (not the silver bit on the top but the plastic tray thing) surely it should just pop out or am I missing something obvious Any info greatly appreciated Cheers Chris
  9. chris535

    Bmw Part Prices ?? are they having a laugh

    Really I have to be honest apart from the spares they were fine bearing in mind I was only in for an MOT , they provided a courtesy car all day cleaned my car inside and out and filled up both screen wash bottles Quite help full aswell (just tried to rob me on parts)
  10. chris535

    Bmw Part Prices ?? are they having a laugh

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys it is much appreciated as I'm new to BMW ownership, I'm guessing because local BMW are fairly reasonable for MOT / Service work they load up the spare parts prices. lildonut really can't get much better than that cheers Thanks to all that replyed
  11. chris535

    Bmw Part Prices ?? are they having a laugh

    OK thanks for the ideas sorry mods if I put this in the wrong section
  12. Hi, Just a question my car was over at BMW today having MOT and I asked them to quote for some replacement parts, now I've just got home and looked at the quote and ..... the tool kit knob is dead and and it keeps flapping down , they quoted for a tool kit plastic box at £70 ! surely that one bit is available ???? and a set of front mud flaps £188 does that sound about right because it seems a little (or a lot) excessive If you are still with me great !! any ideas where is the best genuine parts at a decent price ?? Thanks in advance Chris
  13. chris535

    Hi I'm New

    So here she is pretty much as it left the factory
  14. chris535

    Hi I'm New

    greetings all , I'm new here.....sure you guessed from my name but I have a E39 535i Sport for about 7Hrs now ! Like it a lot so far Looking forward to learning something about my new car here