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  1. Rays535i

    price please guys

    hi could i get a price for wife's 2010 x1 2.3d kt10wsd front discs and pads rear discs and pads price separate thanks
  2. Rays535i

    Price please

    Hi guys could I get price for rear pads for wife’s x1 2.3d kt10wsd thinks it’s 34216774692 thanks
  3. Rays535i

    price please guys

    for my 2004 z4 ko04ewl 11287636372 belt 11287512762 belt 11120030496 cam cover gasket 11127526447 gasket 11421719855 oil housing gasket prices separate please many thanks Ray
  4. Rays535i

    Price please

    Hi guys could I get prices for parts z4 e85 Separate please thanks Suspension Rear Shim 33526779398 x2 Plate 33526762325 x2 Plate 33526788999 x2 Nut. 33526773882 x2 Front Nut. 31106774714 x2 Collor 31331110196 x2 Washer 31336776760 x2 Upper plate 31331135580 x2 Pad upper. 31331128523 x2 Pad lower. 31331096664 x2 e46 reinforcements plates 51717036781 X2 many thanks Ray
  5. Rays535i

    Price please

    Hi thanks the valve caps are £11 each ???? need 4 and 2 front clips and 2 rear clips
  6. Rays535i

    Price please

    Hi guys price calliper valve cap 34111153198 pad clip front 34111163801 pad clip rear 34211157046 prices separate please thanks happy new year
  7. Rays535i

    Price please guys

    Hi could I get price please 61120394848 Small wire and 2 connections 61318379091 Slip ring 32346785703 Steering wheel trim Prices separate please thank you
  8. Rays535i

    Full brake set price please

    Hi could I get prices for following bit separately please bmw z4 2.2a ko04ewl Front discs front pads front sensor rear discs rear pads rear sensor many thanks Ray
  9. Rays535i

    Price please guys

    Hi could I get prices for following bit separately please 63126928413 light cover r 63126928414 light cover l 63126928410 Clips x2 11611440384 X2 torx bolts 51117165179 front bumper bracket 51117165180 front bumper bracket 64111364257 Spring washer. X10 52107895856 Seat heating pad for M sport seat ( is that for seat and back )
  10. Rays535i

    Price please guys

    Hi guys ordered sticky tape and roof cable pull any chance you could send me the cable ASAP and not wait for the sticky tape to come from Germany Having problems with roof many thanks Ray
  11. Rays535i

    Price please guys

    hi could i just get 51137126925 tape 51137126926 tape 54347123023 release pull does it come with 3 tiny screws that attach to pump? many thanks
  12. Rays535i

    Price please guys

    Please thank you
  13. Rays535i

    Price please guys

    Hi thanks for super quick delivery of last order but I am a donut and forgot these 51137126925 51137126926 left and right rear light little body coloured sticky tape things ! also 54 34 7 123 023 Release pull 61 31 6 940 989cruise switch 54 34 7 122 951 wiring harness to pump 51 71 0 150 780 51 71 0 150 781 aero side skirts price for parts separated please Many thanks
  14. Rays535i

    price please guys

    that's great thx could you please take off rear light and aux cable but add 07149158227 screw 07129904223 body nut 51417053792 drivers side black plug 51418224768 door card clips with rubber washer x10 thanks can i have total inc p&p then i will call to pay cheers Ray
  15. Rays535i

    price please guys

    hi could i get the prices for the following 2004 z4 2.2 ko04ewl rear 3rd light 63256917378 rear light gasket L 63216916503 rear light gasket R 63216916504 maf gasket 13717514878 throttle housing gasket 13547504728 screw plug 511670533123 (black) aux cable 65120153502 gromet. 51221817032 lock rod. 51217028944 could i get prices separate please and thanks for super quick delivery of last order cheers Ray