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  1. Rays535i

    price please

    ok try a15 colour code and what's the grand total ? cheers
  2. Rays535i

    price please

    ok great thanks can i add a cabin air filter maldives blue touch up paint 290 and take off the mats cheers ray
  3. Rays535i

    price please

    hi guys could i get the following prices please 2004 z4 2.2a WBABT12010LR01098 KO04EWL front bonnet badge oil filter with o rings air filter fuel filter spark plugs black foot mats front glazing cover 51 31 7 017 021 black plug 51 16 7 053 123 many thanks could i get prices separate please
  4. Rays535i

    hi guys

    really ? £176 for the foam seat ? i know what foam costs i sell it !!!! that is unbelievable i know you guys don't make the prices but i will give it a miss cheers
  5. Rays535i

    hi guys

    hi could i get a price for seat foam f11 520d dv96810 af62uxg 52 10 9 171 932 thx
  6. Clean it properly for the first time only had it 9 days !!
  7. Rays535i

    Back in a 5

    I’m not selling it Now it sold it 4 years ago
  8. Rays535i

    Back in a 5

    Yes it most certainly is my old e60 545i alpina rep has been on sale on eBay for months
  9. Rays535i

    Back in a 5

    Hi guys just bought a nice 2012 520d f11 m sport with a few nice toys HUD being the best ! And the full black panel instruments top hifi 16 speakers disappointing compared with the logic 7 in my last e60 1 owner 52k miles looking forward to some 5 series fun ( if you can in a 520d )
  10. Rays535i

    Price please

    hi my email raycousins07@aol.com thanks very much really appreciated ray
  11. Rays535i

    Price please

    Hi guys could I get price for a crankshaft sensor for my 97 323i p878tkx thanks also I am sure I bought from you guys around 18 months ago a camshaft sensor (same car) anyway to confirm this ? lost invoice many thanks ray
  12. Rays535i

    parts price please

    Hi no sorry It’s not that as number 2 is available in 3 colours the part I need is metal thanks anyway but I will bond my old broken one on Ray
  13. Rays535i

    parts price please

    bump any joy ??????
  14. Rays535i

    parts price please

    Hi no sorry he is part on headlining Ray
  15. Rays535i

    parts price please

    Hi no sorry its this part