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    E39 535i sport (Breaking) and E39 523i pickup (Soon)
  1. Schwarz

    Wide angle mirrors?

    Yup, my 94 facelift mirrors have a set with heating and blue tint.... (if you are crafty, an e36 one is identical, and you can use a passenger side one too. you just have to extend the wires for heating by about 4 inches!
  2. Where are you located bud? anywhere down south?

  3. Hi there,

    I'm looking for a viscous coupling for my E39 535 Sport. Do you have one?

    Part number for my old one - 11527502804

    If you have one, please let me know the price.


  4. Schwarz

    urgent HELP

    Sorry chap, thats not far south enough for me to bring you a couple of coils to try! Good luck
  5. Schwarz

    urgent HELP

    where down south are you?
  6. Schwarz

    Rear lights only getting 6v?

    Leds run a lower voltage dont they?
  7. Schwarz

    E39 pickup..... No, NOT the ute!

    Jeek, was going to have a non opening tailgate for rigidity, and a roll cage with bulkhead between the load area and the bed. (The cage would be under the body and behind the load liner of the bed so as to be hidden hopefully) Basically, use the rear of the "b" pillar to attach the first hoop of the cage too, then brace back to the suspension turrets under the "sails" and then build a frame round the bed, behind the welded up doors and tie this all in to the front with bars through to the front chassis legs....
  8. Schwarz

    E39 pickup..... No, NOT the ute!

    Stuarts "ute" was the inspiration! It's a fantastic bit of engineering, but I don't have the budget or the knowledge to complete that! On the other hand, I don't want something really ghetto. I want a decent finish! Must get hold of 'Sepia'!!
  9. Schwarz

    E39 pickup..... No, NOT the ute!

    I wish Raymond! The guy has it absolutely spot on tho doesn't he! I have many pics of his touring for inspiration and photo manipulation!
  10. Chaps, bit of a late night drinking session has turned into a bit of a bet from a few friends. I have been challenged to build an e39 pick-up. Now, I've run a few pics past paint to see what I can come up with, and thus in a "special" moment I went and bought a cheap touring from a breakers yard, mot'd it for a year and am currently intent on having a go at creating this:- wordpress image upload And this is the base car. 217k 523i auto. As you can see, it's a LOVELY shade of blue, and about as poverty spec as you can get. Did pass the MOT with just 2 advisories about headlight lenses tho! not bad for something approaching moon miles! image upload Obviously rear doors are going to need to be welded shut, and I'm going to have to figure out some sort of roll cage/support structure as I am cutting the monocoque. I have a few funky ideas for "sails" and the rear bulkhead, but I'd really like to pick anyones brain who has built a kit car or has mechanical engineering knowledge to do with the bracing and supports I'd need. Anyone got any thoughts? (gotta love these drunken 3AM stupid conversations and bets!
  11. I'll use Chrome or Safari for the forum then Thanks chap, wasn't sure what to search for!
  12. Ok, its internet explorer based. Now trying this on Chrome from Google and I can see everything. Hmmmm Mods? any idea of compatibility with IE9?
  13. Hi chaps, Whenever I try and read a thread, I cant see the images or anything. Is this just me? or is it a setting I have cocked up... Running win7 and IE9..... Thanks in advance for help! Louis
  14. Piper, I was lucky with these. A friend had them on a 5 that he recently bought and killed the gearbox on... since then, its been sat idle and waiting for an auto box to be found, so in the meantime, he bought an E36. I had some Ac Schnitzer type II racing splits he was after for the 3, so ended up with cash my way and him with a shiny set of 18's worth about 1k more than his car And as for the want..... They will be for sale sometime soon. I'd like to sell the car and the wheels and start again with a manual Sport 540i/6 To all the other comments, Thank you very much. Have noticed that there is wheel wobble at 45 - 65 mph now, but not under or above. Wheels have all been balanced, are straight and true, so can only put it down to front suspension woes. Thrust arm's complete for me I thinks!
  15. Schwarz

    528i SE - engine tuning and chassis stiffening

    Hiya chap, This wont be a full and conclusive answer but just something to clarify the ideas you already have.... For an M52 to make 245 Bhp, you will have to spend an obscene amount of money. They run 193 Bhp as standard, and with a Manifold conversion from an M50b25, a decent cold air induction kit, a pair of cams, some under drive pulleys and a decent free flowing exhaust, you will be lucky to see 240 Bhp. However.... Just get the manifold, remap, exhaust and induction kit done and you will see a healthy 225 (ish) from the car. While this may not set your world alight on paper, you will think you are driving a different car! Yes, its 'only' 30 Bhp ish up on standard, but the drivability and response with be something else. You will notice that the car is more eager and pulls a lot better all the way through to the redline, and will still return half sensible mileage when not driven "spiritedly" Do it, Don't waste your money on cams, or under drive pulleys, as the minimal gains aren't worth the (realistic) £1000 premium. This will be money better spent elsewhere. Better discs and pads, a cheap (£400) coil over kit, an HID kit (as the night time headlights WILL be awful) and possibly a few other goodies. Spend your money wisely, listen to the hundreds of peiople on here who know what they are talking about, DON'T be afraid to ask, but the most important thing? Do what You want to the car, and enjoy it. P.s it probably weighs a lot more than the evo cab, but when you get it dialled in right, its a much better all round car Good luck with the mods. (Edit - Just realized how with a low post count this must make me sound like a right stuck up know it all ass... I'm not, I just have ten years experience with playing with an E36 328i sport or 4....)