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  1. DickieG

    Advanced Eye 2 Camera

    Could you please quote for an Advanced Eye 2 camera, F11 D350305
  2. DickieG

    New car time - decisions decisions

    Audi, I have a number of 3.0 Tdi’s (A4 + A6 saloons and estates) on my fleet at work, personally I wouldn’t touch one with a barge pole, DSG gearbox is a great big tale of woe and expense, plus some of the design lacks any common sense whatsoever when it comes to maintenance/repair. For example on the A4 if the front sidelights aren’t led and one blows, to replace the bulb you need to remove the headlight whereupon on the underside you’ll see a round shape resembling the usual rubber bung you remove to gain access to the bulb except VAG in their infinite wisdom didn’t cut out the hole,,, leaving that to the owner. Initially when the cars were up to a couple of years old, Audi would sell you a rubber bung to bung up the hole you’ve had to cut out in order to reseal the headlight. However Audi no longer offer the rubber bung so every time a front sidelight bulb blows = complete new headlight unit. In addition what exactly do you get quality wise when you buy an Audi? A Skoda? VW or Seat? Many of the parts are fitted to all of the brands, the A4’s at work were made in the Czech Replublic so badged Audi, made by Skoda! Re the Mercedes CLS, the low rear window means you’ll be struggling to fit a dog any taller than a Dachshund in the boot, my Airedale would be pinned flat on the boot floor in one of those.
  3. Got to say I agree with you, I tried snow foam for a while and found it pretty useless other than taking more time and leaving a mess on the floor. It doesn’t appear to achieve any more than a quick going over with a pressure washer to remove excess dirt/grit etc.
  4. Yes I did, after a week or so of allowing bedding in I noticed that I still needed to apply greater pressure on the pedal to achieve the same degree of retardation as when the previous pads/genuine pads were fitted so I removed them and compared them to the genuine pads and the difference was to be honest quite startling, the aftermarket Textar were like glass on the contact surface compared with the coarse genuine ones which were branded Textar so I presume that compound that BMW use is a different formula to standard Textar branded pads.
  5. Due to personal experience of purchasing Textar pads bought from ECP please don’t assume that the pad material is the same as BMW original/genuine pads manufactured by Textar. The non genuine pad material was clearly made from a different compound and felt like glass compared with the genuine item, the result was that pads weren’t able to generate the same friction in gripping the disc which resulted in much longer stopping distances, needless to say I threw these pads in the bin and bought the genuine article.
  6. DickieG

    Which Alloys

    The tyres that came with this set are 255/40 so slightly wider/taller than standard, as for choice looking on Mytyres they offer 32 varieties.
  7. DickieG

    Which Alloys

    No spacers, they are 1/2” wider and have a different offset (et 32 + 25) compared to 351’s (et 33), they fit fine, no issues with rubbing but they are about as wide as you can go on an F11.
  8. DickieG

    Which Alloys

    I’ve got a set of M5 408M with winter tyres in mine currently.
  9. DickieG

    Grade of Derv - 535d

    Sniffing petrol is not a good idea as the fumes contain carcinogens whereas diesel simply smells unpleasant.
  10. DickieG

    Staggered Wheel Set for F11

    I currently have a staggered set up on mine, 19” 408M wheels (normally fitted to M5’s) which have 25 + 32 offset on 9” wide wheels, they are about as far as you can go for filling the arches. My standard set up was 351M 19” 8.5” wide with 33 offset. I’m not entirely sure on this but check on the wheel bolts for the wheels you’re looking to fit as I believe they changed on F10/11 from earlier cars, the angle of the taper might be different so they may not secure the wheels correctly.
  11. DickieG

    F series Gearbox video made by ZF

    The common issue with auto gearboxes that aren’t serviced is that as the clutches wear, debris is suspended in the fluid which is then captured by the filter that eventually blocks up and in the process starves the pump of fluid = pretty much instant destruction of the box. If you’ve got to 150k without changing fluid the box has done very well, personally I’d get the fluid and filter done ASAP, your Indy may well be running scared of any come back if the box gives up the ghost not long after he’s done the job and prefers not to get involved. I wonder if he’d give you the same answer if your car had only done 80k miles?
  12. DickieG

    F series Gearbox video made by ZF

    Excellent video, clearly describes the problem and solution, I’ve changed the oil in 8 speed ZF gearbox and can confirm its as simple as shown here.
  13. Out of interest, what would you class as “real evidence”?
  14. Yes you can depending upon the location of the puncture in relation to the tyre width, however have you tried getting a run flat repaired? Very few tyre depots will repair them giving all manner of reasons why you must replace the tyre, however provided the tyre hasn’t been driven whilst flat they are just as repairable as any other tyre. Once a run flat has been used in a flat state the tyre walls break up which clearly makes it dangerous to repair.
  15. Interesting point but as a worn tyre can only realistically have 4-5mm more tread then a brand new one it’s difficult to believe that such a small difference will have any real effect on the outcome. If however you’re talking about a tyre on a vehicle of 3.5 ton upwards where a new tyre will have a significant difference in tread depth from a worn one then yes I’d agree with you, especially as I have several of those on the fleet I look after and have removed sizeable screws/bolts from such vehicles.