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  1. Andy Badger

    instrument cluster

    Update - the cluster is now sorted - many thanks to Rob the Viking - for letting me mither him constantly & lending me his spare cluster, Jeek - again for patience & finding me the right cluster & Raymond -for in-advertantly lending me his diagnostic leads. Now that the oscar speech is over, i'll get back to the update... The long & short of it is that the cluster was knackered, it was the wrong one for my car & was itself a replacement. It had been bodged to hide the flickering & erroneous lights on the image of the car with doors, lights, boot/bonnet etc with a piece of card & a rock-off piece of blu tac covering the airbag warning light. So, whoever did this (car & owner known on the forum apparently) thanks for eff all. Hope you end up gargling seagull shite one day - for the dis-honesty!!! Unfortunately, Rob's spare cluster was post the wiring change in 99 so wasnt compatible, in steps Jeek with a matched cluster to the knackered one in my car. Fortunately it works fine & i was able to match the mileage - which Rob informs me, makes me a lucky boy as its a bit of a lick-out to sort. I then have since been to a local (to me) indie called Brabbs Motor Works, where they did a 'check-over' of my car for £45 - an hours labour basically. The owner (name escapes me) & the guys there were very chatty & very keen to learn about the forum. They were very good & answered all of my bone questions. They even re-gassed my aircon for £40 i think. Anyway, here's what they picked up on the inspection: Rear lower ball joints - excessive play front discs & pads 80% worn rear discs pads will need replacing when pads wear out n/s diff output seal leaking slightly diff drain plug leaking rear brake flexi hoses starting to crack power steering leaking from hose to pump (needs a new clip fitting) airbag light on. All in all, not too bad. Ordered the discs, pads, wear sensor & washers for the diff plugs (mechanic said thats what was diffy) for £150 delivered from Cotwswolds - cheaper than i could have ordered from ECP incidentally. I've also had my seat bases re-padded as they were flatter than witches tits by a (local) company called Trimmenduz. He did both seats for £120 & he even dropped the car off when it was finished. He also has promised to drop me off a bottle of leather cleaner conditioner at home too. I think ive found the issue with the airbag. The lead for the seatbelt female adaptor (tensioner is it??) was just cable tied so i think thats the problem with my permanent airbag light. So any ideas on how to do that would be greatly appreciated (not done a forum search yet!) Other than that, nothing else. Thanks for sticking with the post - if youve not fallen asleep! I just want to say that this site is a bloody goldmine of information & assistance of good people - lets keep it up & if anyone wants a spare cluster or to borrow leads etc, please let me return the favour showed to me & i'll help if i can. CHeers Andy
  2. Andy Badger

    My E39 on the cover of Redline magazine

    thats awesome mate. Will get that copy & have a proper sniff lol.
  3. Andy Badger

    Top gear returns!

    Awesome, i love top gear - cant wait for Sunday now!!!
  4. Andy Badger

    instrument cluster

    Cheers for that guys. i do think mine needs replacing at the least - i think the ribbon is faulty as the display of the car flickers & goes totally dim with the OBC display bit. Im not sure if it can be replaced/repaired, but its worth investigating. Rob, i've PM'd you. cheers Andy
  5. Andy Badger

    instrument cluster

    Hi Rob, that would be great as a test to see whether my instrument cluster is knackered & would be much appreciated. As for the software, i have (i think!) INPA & PASoft I now have 2 further questions, how much of a lick out would it be to: 1. Code my VIN onto a different cluster 2. upgrade my current cluster to a high OBC cluster Cheers Andy
  6. Andy Badger

    instrument cluster

    ive managed to clear the airbag light, but im still getting the lights up on the LCM. All the lights, doors & boot warning lights remain on. I wonder if its something to do with the Low OBC flickering before settling on being almost too dim to read (thats the display being dim & not me!). Does the LCM stay on for a certain amount of time before going off? What happens is i have the ignition on, read & clear any faults, then switch off & back on again - the LCM shows all warnings again. Im taking it for a drive tonight & will record any errors that come up after the drive then report back. Cheers Andy
  7. Andy Badger

    instrument cluster

    lots of faults on the instrument cluster, 1 in particular stated a ground fault (assuming a bad earth somewhere), also, the common airbag seat connection fault. In my haste & ignorance i just cleared them as i was just fiddling with the software (felt like a kid in a sweetshop!!!) provided by jimmy - big thanks mate. Anyway, the issues are clear & will see whether they re-occur. Cheers Andy
  8. Andy Badger

    instrument cluster

    lets hope so. Im not going to get bent out of shape until i get the error codes. I'll take it from there & keep mithering you good people for advice!!! Cheers Andy
  9. Andy Badger

    instrument cluster

    There arent any blown lamps - just replaced the rear o/s brake lamp. When i bought the car (oct 10) it had the tape player & mid - both worked fine. I changed them for a double din aftermarked stereo - so i dont know if that will cause an error? Other than that im out of ideas. I am getting Jimmy to sort me out with the software & ive ordered the 20 pin plug from ebay, so hopefully, i'll get a better picture of whats going on. Pretty pee'd off with the previous owner. Apparently he used to frequent this site (unconfirmed), if so - a pretty crap trick to pull on a fellow member. In the grand scheme of things, its not the end of the world, as i mention in previous posts, my main concern is the airbags working correctly in the event of an incident - God forbid as im driving with my family to the Dordogne in July & i'd like some piece of mind before i make that trip... If he hid this, what else is there lurking. Know what i mean?
  10. Andy Badger

    OBC 2 compliant

    cheers Rob -im getting sorted by Jimmy. Just need to source myself an XP laptop... Im a Mac user dual booting windows...so ebay for a cheapo laptop if it doesnt work on mine....
  11. Andy Badger

    instrument cluster

    i agree Rob, all they had to do was tell me. I get all the doors open, front & rear light errors & the airbag light. Couldnt believe it. Anyone in the Wigan/Leigh area have a 20 pin code reader to clear my faults & i can see whats what, or have any suggestions at to what my next move is??? Cheers Andy
  12. Andy Badger

    instrument cluster

    worried as hell now. As in previous post, i received the replacement bulbs from costwolds BMW - which are completely incorrect might i add. I took the cluster apart today & to my dismay i found that there was a piece of cardboard blu-tac'd (other brands are available!) over the image of the car on the instrument panel & a ma-hoosive piece of blu tac covering the airbag light. How worried should i be? I can live with the car image to show blown bulbs etc, but faults on the airbag etc, that something im particularly worried about. Dont want to find theres an error with the airbag by it not going off in a crash!!! Is there anything i can do to investigate??? Help fellas, the shine's starting to slip from my ownership of this truly amazing car. Cheers Andy
  13. Andy Badger

    instrument cluster

    just an update fellas. Spoke to Rudi at pixelfix he tells me that the low obc doesnt really suffer with dead/fading pixels. He thinks it could simply be bulbs that have given up the ghost. Ordered a set of 5 from Cotswolds BMW (£23.50 incl P&P) so they better be good!!! If they turn out to be the 285 lamps then i'll be fizzing as theyre around £1 each... Will let you know how i get on. Thanks for the responses. Andy
  14. Andy Badger

    instrument cluster

    Cheers Rob, I was hoping you'd say it could be a blown bulb at the back of the cluster!!! Oh well, that's wishful thinking! Where's the best place to get it repaired-any ideas? Cheers Andy
  15. Andy Badger

    OBC 2 compliant

    Hi guys, is my 1996 523i SE OBC 2 compliant? im looking at buying a fault code reader, but all the ones i look at state the car must be OBC compliant. Ive done a search & cant seem to find anything. Can anyone help me out? I need to know whether my car is OBC 2 compliant? just re-read the post & it looks like im on the scrounge for a code reader - not the case, just wondering whether the readers im looking at are compatible. Sorry for any confusion!!! cheers Andy