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  1. Jamesthefirst

    The story of E39 M5 AK03 DJJ (so far)

    Id be happy to have the garage(s) never mind the cars!
  2. Jamesthefirst

    Hope for the petrol ICE yet?

    .,I'm just round the corner from you then, next door to the old Kwik fit call centre. If you see a wee white 1 series driving sideways that'll be me
  3. Jamesthefirst

    Hope for the petrol ICE yet?

    I was about to say that's not uddingston, it's tannochside....where I work. And I'm from uddingston:-) Andrew, do you work for the house builder based at TS then?
  4. Jamesthefirst

    M for me

    Now at 8000 miles, ~380bhp, loud m performance exhaust and going like an absolute rocket....never missed a beat yet!
  5. Jamesthefirst

    New owner 3.6 M5

    What colour have you settled on? This is one well looked after motor car
  6. Jamesthefirst

    Sport Displays

    I'm sure the option is under vehicle info or something, it can definitely be changed though, I have it on both mine
  7. Jamesthefirst

    M for me

    Car has now covered approx 1500 miles now and pulling like a train. Still considering one of these piggyback tuning boxes as they seem to offer decent gains and can be removed for dealer visits but the car is wasted on my local roads, there are few places to exploit the power..not a bad complaint really
  8. Jamesthefirst

    Buying a nice E39 - Why so difficult?

    Get an m140, giggle fast and practical
  9. Jamesthefirst

    Post Brexit Result

    Anyone want to buy some raffle tickets? Raising funds for the forthcoming campaign
  10. Jamesthefirst

    Private Plate Transfer at the same time as selling a car

    Put the plate on retention asap, you will have the new v5 back within 3 working days maximum. Last time I had my v5 back next day.
  11. Jamesthefirst

    New owner 3.6 M5

    Cant fault your determination to make the car a1, I dread to think how much money its consuming though
  12. Jamesthefirst

    Telsa Model S 90D

    in reality though you'd soon get fed up with standard of materials/build quality, they are american after all... for instance, the chrome shadowline between rear quarter and rear door isn't properly lined up ( on the one I was in anyway) and the cabin wasn't that special. ah, who am I kidding, that torque would entertain me for ever
  13. Jamesthefirst

    Jb4, tmc etc

    it seems ridiculous to have that amount of power in a wee hatchback....yeah I think I might
  14. Jamesthefirst

    Jb4, tmc etc

    What's the general consensus on these plug in boxes that trick a car into giving more power? In the past I'd never have dreamt of using something like these but it seems good gains are possible ( up to 390hp on the m135) and they can be removed without trace which is handy for retaining a warranty
  15. Jamesthefirst

    Telsa Model S 90D

    Freaky. Just been in a tesla s this weekend then log on here and there's a thread about them. I can confirm they are indeed awesome :-). Although after giving the owner a shot of my m135 he did admit he misses the sound... You would never get tired of the instant, and I mean literally instant torque no matter what speed you're going. Auto pilot is for motorways only really as the car likes two white lines to drive between but would be epic to get you home from the pub