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  1. Justin..

    eBay 20% off till 10pm

    One use only other than that I don't know
  2. Justin..

    eBay 20% off till 10pm

    Code CUK20 have to pay with paypal
  3. Justin..

    X5 19's Tigerclaw Alloys On E39

    As for extra stress on the bearings... The spacers bring the wheels to e39 offset. Also I had mine for 4 years with no issues
  4. Justin..

    X5 19's Tigerclaw Alloys On E39

    I bought 4x 25mm wheel spacers that were meant for an E46 and had them machined to fit the e39 hub. No point just machining the wheels because you still need spacers due to the wrong offset of the X5 wheels
  5. Justin..

    X5 19's Tigerclaw Alloys On E39

    Had 25 mm adapters to change the centre bore
  6. Justin..

    Wheel arch liner help

    Only the bumper parts are different on the front
  7. Justin..

    Computer issues

    Na it does fine for what I want
  8. Justin..

    Computer issues

    Yeah will do. It's started doing it agin but I've got a battery to chuck in now
  9. I had a County Durham 530i. Déjà vu on this btw, Clio sport? Any way no issues mechanically other than age related, thermostat, alternator, bushing etc. It was a basic model though but that was no hardship given the price difference of a non force car IMO.
  10. Justin..

    Computer issues

    Small Update haven't had time to change the battery but it's not doing that in start up anymore. Weird!
  11. Justin..

    Computer issues

    I will have a look at time and get a battery . I've checked the boot and all seems ok. Thanks
  12. Justin..

    Computer issues

    Everytime the pc starts up I get this screen. I press f1 to save but it does it again. Each time I turn it on (except from standby or restart) it comes up Any one know how I can fix it
  13. Indeed I needed a vice also but the second time it was easier to do and just about did it with out taking the prop off the diff end. Had some one stand on the brakes while I undone then centre bolt. Don't forget to mark the shaft so it goes back together the same way round or may vibrate where it's no longer balanced.
  14. Did mine in the 530i with it up on 4 axle stands. Not fun.
  15. Justin..

    Stupid Wife Competition

    My Mrs does the left and right thing with her hands lol