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  1. Lennox


    Cheers bud.
  2. Lennox


    Matey sorry to hear. I'm scared myself. I have a history of chest infections so worried it hits me hard when I (I'm assuming the worst) get it. I've even been CHECKING all my insurances to see what my wife and kids gets if I pop it. Scary times.
  3. Lennox


    Sorry to hear sir. The world is definitely hurting right now.
  4. Lennox


    Soup dragons? Great Band.
  5. Lennox


    I'm hoping China doesn't have other 'approaches' to curbing this pandemic as some stats show a high volume of mobile users dropping off... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-23/china-s-mobile-carriers-lose-15-million-users-as-virus-bites
  6. Lennox


    The attendees dispersed?? They should have been locked in the house fir three weeks.
  7. Lennox


    Looks like you can get Corona Virus on your helmet lads..... [emoji30]
  8. So what's away and what's coming?
  9. Lennox


    BBC News - Coronavirus: Harvey Weinstein tests positive https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52000173 Mixed emotions here, I don't like to hear people being raped / taken advantage of, so am I wrong in saying he does not deserves this and hd should served his time.
  10. Lennox


    I get that this is an additional risk to the elderly and has a scary infection to death rate in the over 70 population with an almost zero risk to the young. However, we need to recognise that in England in current times circa 1400 people a DAY die from a plethora of other conditions. This hopefully will remain a small percentage of that.
  11. Lennox

    Forum Security Certificate Expired?

    Tapatalk works fine
  12. Lennox


    Mates a detailer and he's running an ozone cleaner through his clients cars.
  13. Get out there now, I hear lock downs are coming with the army in support. So if you need to travel, this weeks it I belive
  14. I'm able to work from home and in fact the past week most of my team and colleagues have been and our through put seems to have gone exponential. But instead of 2-3 hours of intense sessions per day when in the office, the whole day's turning into that and it's knackering. Hence I'm now booking time in to get away from my desk. (about to go into the office to get my specialist chair, big monitor and desk riser). And with my kids going to be at home more I need to breaks with them doing stuff, ideas so far: - Build a mud kitchen - Raised beds to grow vegetables - build storage in kids wardrobes - garage clear out and mass eBay listing for a pile of stuff. Any ideas what we can do collectively with a 3 and 5 year old at the house to expand their skills and keep them off the dreaded ipads?
  15. Lennox


    Truckers and other distribution workers are definitely going to be hero's though this. Thank you for your service bud!!! [emoji106]