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  1. Chaz

    730d f01 I year on 20,000 miles

    Useless bump. I'm back in a Beemer since my A8 packed up a few months ago. Bought a 15 plate 730D with numerous toys last weekend. 700 miles or so done, not a bad drive, not as quick as I'd hope but It will do. Still on RFT I believe and I need to replace the windscreen after a stone won the battle earlier this week. I was looking for one with Logic 7 or similar but this spec was good (Heads Up, Comfort etc), and the standard audio is OK. Need a bit more sub bass, so looking at how to do that (if at all).
  2. Chaz

    F10 M5 Discs & Pads

  3. Chaz

    F10 M5 Discs & Pads

    Please keep the pricing 'separate' so that I can see what the pads / discs for front and rear are in case I only opt to do some of it (car not yet bought, looking at costs to sort this).
  4. Chaz

    F10 M5 Discs & Pads

    Hi, 2013 car, Vin ending in dx96071. Price for both sets of pads and discs please. Thanks
  5. Chaz

    The 740d was an amazing car

    BM530, what year was your 740D? Was it pre or post the 2012 facelift? Looking at cars, 730 / 740D at present.
  6. Chaz

    Admin Help

    The issue is that I have an expired invoice against my Gold renewal. When I try and buy a new gold renewal, it tells me that I already have one. I cannot see a way to pay this invoice or remove this product and add a new one. Id like to pay, but I cant. Are you able to remove the expired invoice and allow me to buy a new Gold membership? Thanks
  7. Chaz

    Admin Help

  8. Chaz

    Admin Help

    Hi, trying to get my gold status sorted ..... sent a message yesterday to try resolve. Please help. Thanks
  9. For what its worth, credit cards have a 1.5 to 3% charge, debit not, can wangle a bit there but even buying on credit still means cash to the dealer .... (in a few days). I would think the Thermostat problems are still there ....
  10. Chaz

    Talk to me about F10s Please

    Thanks. The 'specs' are interesting. A 2 tonne car, 0-60 in 5 secs, giving 5000 mpg, probably too good to be true. In terms of the thermostats .... you have some memory
  11. Chaz

    Talk to me about F10s Please

    Thanks. Which used Bxx and which Nxx ?
  12. Chaz

    Talk to me about F10s Please

    Dont mind the interior colour, might be marmite for some.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2010-BMW-5-SERIES-GRAN-TURISMO-3-0-530d-SE-GT-5dr-Auto-/281796412545?hash=item419c600481:g:eEsAAOSwd0BV1fPg Interesting spec too.
  13. Chaz

    Talk to me about F10s Please

    Ye, their website is troublesome. I opened about 30 cars, only 10 worked .... the rest gave the same error.
  14. Chaz

    Talk to me about F10s Please

    Er, 594 miles? Suppose its possible ... http://usedcars.bmw.co.uk/5-Series/3.0TD-530d-M-Sport-GT/Oxford/3179780-605455400-3497216.aspx?srcmdc=se_na_re_
  15. Chaz

    Talk to me about F10s Please

    Thanks both. Looking at only 535D versus including 530D limits what's available. Suspect Id go for a 530D if I can find a lovely spec ...