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  1. Chaz

    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    Thanks Richard, somehow she is now in my drive way. Phone charging, will take some pics later. Many thanks for bearing with me and being an absolute gentleman to deal with. Charl
  2. Chaz

    730d f01 I year on 20,000 miles

    Useless bump. I'm back in a Beemer since my A8 packed up a few months ago. Bought a 15 plate 730D with numerous toys last weekend. 700 miles or so done, not a bad drive, not as quick as I'd hope but It will do. Still on RFT I believe and I need to replace the windscreen after a stone won the battle earlier this week. I was looking for one with Logic 7 or similar but this spec was good (Heads Up, Comfort etc), and the standard audio is OK. Need a bit more sub bass, so looking at how to do that (if at all).
  3. Chaz

    F10 M5 Discs & Pads

  4. Chaz

    F10 M5 Discs & Pads

    Please keep the pricing 'separate' so that I can see what the pads / discs for front and rear are in case I only opt to do some of it (car not yet bought, looking at costs to sort this).
  5. Chaz

    F10 M5 Discs & Pads

    Hi, 2013 car, Vin ending in dx96071. Price for both sets of pads and discs please. Thanks
  6. How harsh is the ride and how noisy for motorway driving?
  7. Chaz

    2008 Audi A8 4.2TDI Facelift - P Ex Considered

    Sadly, mine has failed, major engine failure. Broken inlet valve. Suspected to be related to a service done by Kwik-Fit however that is an ongoing discussion. All Ill say, is avoid Kwik-Fit like the plague. A car that did 25k miles for me in 1 year fails a week after they did a major service.
  8. Chaz

    1999 E39 540iA Touring - Cosmos Black - Stunning

    Is that a subwoofer in the boot? The boot pic shows what looks to be upgraded audio wiring, more details please?
  9. Chaz

    The 740d was an amazing car

    BM530, what year was your 740D? Was it pre or post the 2012 facelift? Looking at cars, 730 / 740D at present.
  10. Chaz

    2008 Audi A8 4.2TDI Facelift - P Ex Considered

    Its related to CO emissions. Nothing else AFAIK.
  11. Chaz

    2008 Audi A8 4.2TDI Facelift - P Ex Considered

    Nice. Im in Court Road, where abouts are you?
  12. Chaz

    2008 Audi A8 4.2TDI Facelift - P Ex Considered

    326 BHP, 35 MPG with a heavy right foot and scares most fast cars. What is there not to love?
  13. Chaz

    2008 Audi A8 4.2TDI Facelift - P Ex Considered

    Thanks. Petrol or Diesel? I agree, keep in mind that Ive owned numerous 5 series beemers (hence being here) including the M5, 535D, 545i, the A8 is a nicer overall car for most of what I need. Ill likely be changing jobs and driving the A8 is central london will not be as good as being on a bike ... so hence why its up for sale.
  14. I bought the A8 to do 120 mile per day round trip and now for sale as my current contract expires soon. I have owned many cars, this has been one of the best. Mileage will increase as I am still currently using the car. The car can be viewed in Ickenham or Newbury (Vodafone HQ) until such time that my contract finishes. The car is the facelift version. These are easily spotted from the non facelift version by the square foglights versus the circular ones. The facelift cars have DAB as standard, LED lights and revised suspension and are considered nicer to drive than pre facelift. The car also has comfort access. My A8 also has two rare options, adaptive cruise (it matches the speed of the car in front of you when using cruise control) and massage seats. The car has FSH until 100K miles and has been serviced independently since. I have recently replaced both front discs and pads in front. These cars are lovely, confortable, fast, quiet and overall a very lovely package. All of this is provided with over 340 BHP and still getting around 35MPG with a heavy right foot. The car also has all the normal standards such as Sat Nav, MMI system with USB input, 4 way climate control etc. I would consider a Part Ex (up or down), but I am fussy. Any interesting, must be fairly powerful, RWD or 4WD preferred. Turbo / Supercharged cars preferred. If you are offering me something cheaper, please highlight how much cash you are willing to add. I don't have the time to chase for information, so will politely ignore any offers without information on a proposed deal. I am also interested in large motorcycles .... let me know if you want to agree a deal. The car is in good overall condition. There is some wear on the driver's seat as well as discolouration of the steering wheel. Both are easily sorted. There are some marks on the body, my price reflects the overall condition and mileage. The left seat has some marks in the leather where it looks like something sharp was in someone's pocket and scratched the leather. The alloys are in good condition with some marks on one of the wheels. The tyres still have good tread on them. The car is currently listed on Ebay for £7250, will accept £6750 from a fellow forum member. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/201592077601? Thanks
  15. Chaz

    SOLD - 550i M Sport Touring

    Friends dont let friends buy Vauxhalls.