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  1. mike77

    DISA valve re-build?

    I did mine years ago with the X8R kit, it was very well made.
  2. mike77


    I've run my aircon non-stop for 10 years and it's only been re-gassed once.
  3. mike77

    Overheating query

    I replaced the thermostat and it was definitely the fault, however my front fan is still not running. under most normal conditions this doesn't matter as I don't really use it for long journeys. I may bite the bullet one day and rip the front end off and put a new fan in, and replace the door and the tyres and do the paintwork and......
  4. mike77

    A HEADS UP ! Alternator air duct mod.

    when i replaced my alternator 6 years ago, mine was the same, however, the ducting cone from the fog light to the main duct was missing! £28 later....
  5. mike77

    Overheating query

    2001 E39 530i 156,000 getting old and rough around the edges! I noticed my temp gauge jump over the 12 o clock position by about 5mm the other day, which is obviously unusual. It was a hot day and I'd travelled around 3 miles to do the shopping and returned within the hour. I was nearly home so no big issue. I've just tested the live engine data with my basic code reader and the bottom hose temp sensor is around 25 degrees C when the coolant is virtually at 100 degrees. The bottom hose feels hardly warm and the top hose hot. Would this indicate a thermostat and/or water pump? I last did them in late 2015 with decent parts from c3bmw. Metal impeller pump etc. I also have issues with the high speed pusher fan not kicking in, although my air con is still working. It's a facelift car, so has the 3 wire fan, which if duff, means a replacement as far as the internet suggests. Coupled with needing rear 265/35/18 and tax at the end of July, I think I'm looking towards £1000 to sort it all. My off side rear door is also dented and needs replacing,as well as rust areas of body work etc. I love the car, that's the issue, had it nearly 10 years, but it's nearly 20 years old. The money isn't an issue though and I can do all the labour myself, I've don't it before. Lol. The reality is, trying to find a decent petrol 3 litre replacement in F10 form is basically £8k plus and it'll be approaching 100k miles and 10 years old. This is basically my car just for popping around town in and is a tool rather than my pride and joy.
  6. mike77

    Tailgating, is it just me?

    The way they see it - They have a 4x4, they're more superior to you in every way and must not have any underlings barring their progress. Best thing to do is slow down to crawling pace and really annoy them. It'll always be their fault if they back end you, regardless.
  7. mike77

    Dewalt Impact Driver - cheap as chips on eBay

    obviously a scam, check the sellers feedback and all the recent ones are from other people with 0, 1, 2 feedback rating. obviously selling the drill to themselves using multiple accounts and leaving themselves feedback to look like a trusted seller.
  8. mike77

    Won’t Start!!

    A couple of years ago I wasn't using my e39 much, well, i only do about 3000 miles a year anyway, usually after around 3 or 4 days of not using it, i'd get this issue. So at that time, i installed a solar panel charger on the back parcel shelf and ran the wires into the boot. Never not started since. It might not be terribly pretty, but I don't care, and i'm never stranded!
  9. I heard on the news yesterday that the price of oil in the USA was actually negative as they can't shift it. The refineries aren't buying it as there's nowhere to put it as very little is selling of course. It did make me wonder, why don't the extraction companies just stop the extraction?!
  10. mike77

    Pattern Splash Guards

    Here is my experience from a few years back. Basically don't bother!
  11. mike77

    Bangernomics - 2002 530i Sport Touring

    I'm in a similar situation to you Makeshiftuk, my e39 is getting old, it would mint up really well, but it'd need some bodywork tidying, rust on sill ends, arches, new boot lid, at least the sills, bonnet and roof all painting, the problem is having some kind of choice if you're looking for a 6 cyl petrol f10/11
  12. mike77

    Bangernomics - 2002 530i Sport Touring

    I've had my 530i E39 Sport since August 2010. Including purchase (£4700), all Tax, all repairs, it's cost £135 a month if I give it away. Nearly £8k in running repairs, half of which was in years 3, 4 and 5.
  13. mike77

    e91 318d reliability and worth

    N47 and long oil service intervals would be my concern.
  14. have you tried additional email addresses to the paypal account? I have one paypal business account, but 3 email addresses on it, one is my personal one for ebay etc, then another 2 for my business payments with my work email/domain name. etc. you could have a@abc.com, b@abc.com, c@abc.com and all use those to log in seperately to the same account. i use my work log in with paypal here mobile payments for my work, you can setup a completely separate business profile on your paypal here account.
  15. mike77

    E39 Monthly cost

    averaging over 9 years, including buying it, all consumables and fixing it (and if i gave it away tomorrow.) £125 a month. not including tax, insurance or petrol. spent over £5.5k in first 5 years on repairs, auto box blew up etc, the following 4 years have been better value at around £2.2k in total.