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  1. mike77

    Garden Room recommendations

    Look at the planning portal site online. Ignore anyone who says "It's a temporary structure if it's wood, build it as big as you like" this is simply not true. If it's within certain distances of your boundary it has to be under a certain size and there's also stipulation of materials etc.
  2. mike77

    RTI GAP insurance

    *** UPDATE *** - I tried directgap again today to arrange cover on our new car, but they said the car would need additional tracking device or more fancy immobiliser etc. all due to increased "car thefts" over lockdown where people are getting cars nicked for payouts on GAP etc. Tried ALA and no issues at all, used MSE25 discount (Thanks Liam2594) and got it for an extremely good price.
  3. mike77

    RTI GAP insurance

    I got a brand new M140i in November 2017, used directgap.co.uk as it was about £300 cheaper than BMW quote for the same cover. They do 3 different levels of cover. Will use them again soon as due to change the car. *** UPDATE *** - I tried directgap again today to arrange cover on our new car, but they said the car would need additional tracking device or immobiliser etc. Tried ALA and no issues at all, used MSE25 discount (Thanks Liam2594) and got it for an extremely good price.
  4. mike77

    Vacuum Hoses

    local motor factors should have some. I picked some up at halfords a few months back as I was renewing a perished one and adding the O2 Pilot mod to my new CCV.
  5. I think the rubbers were rivetted to the old liners. I ground off / drilled them to remove then attached to the new liners with self tapping screws from 'inside' so you can't see any fixtures once they're on the car.
  6. mike77

    Anyone breaking an F10 5 Series?

    There's this one on ebay, don't know if it's what you're after https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-520D-F10-F11-5-SERIES-GENUINE-WINDSCREEN-NOZZLE-WASHER-SYSTEM-7205118/265040337389?hash=item3db5a299ed:g:hw4AAOSwfz9gHQYF
  7. mike77

    Key fob

    On my old E39 I've quite often had to re-code the key to the car when replacing batteries etc. The procedure looks quite simple for your car (F10?) involving holding the key to the steering column. Plenty of videos on you tube.
  8. mike77

    New car cost

    Absolutely, if you've got the cash go for it without a doubt. We only got our M140i on PCP as it was 0% finance no deposit. BMW threw in £2000 deposit. Can be bought outright in November for £16k, which looking at similar cars available, is cheap. it's done 17,000 miles. 67 plate.
  9. mike77

    New car cost

    It's simple, people do whatever they want to do with their money. Watches, Hi-fi, Alexa, Voice controlled door bells, wifi garage doors, apps to plan your tooth brush regime? I can't fathom out why people would want to drink or smoke or buy a massive house when they don't need one. It's all irrelevant nonsense that people seem to think they need. Simply, just let them get one with it! Why worry why they do it?! I have an ancient E39 which I've had for 10 years, it's had loads and loads spent on it and there's always something breaking. I also have a new M140i F20 which is an epic car. Got it on PCP in Nov 2017 as we needed a second car and it was £18 a month more expensive than a 118d. It's £353 a month. Hmmmmm let me think which to have?........ We all have choices, I cannot think why anyone would want to take time to try and work out why people do it!
  10. mike77

    Alternator recommendations

    Are you absolutely sure it's the bearings on the alternator? I was convinced mine was bad years ago and it was actually the pulley/tensioner. When my alternator eventually went in 2015 it was just not charging, bearings were ok. I got a Bosch recon exchanged one at £196 with a years warranty, but still ok now over 5 years later.
  11. mike77

    New car cost

    As above, who pays full price? Nobody at all. I was talking to a sales guy at a BMW dealership when we got our new car Nov 2017 on a fantastic PCP deal. He has a regular retired accountant customer who comes in and buys outright a brand new 5 series every 3 years. The guy actually thought he was being conned by taking finance, getting a huge deposit contribution and low rate finance. He ended up saving thousands by just doing PCP for 3 years and taking it back to get another. If you can afford to do it, it absolutely 100% makes sense. Most cars are a liability, when actual most people see them as an asset for some reason!
  12. mike77

    Loose Wire in Engine Bay

    As above, I'm pretty sure I've got one of those in that area with a blanked bung on it, 530i auto.
  13. mike77

    Any Snow pictures please?

    We had about 1mm of snow last week in Southport, can't say i get excited by snow.
  14. mike77

    E39 sweet burning smell

    my trans cooler had a tiny pin hole in it, no smell as such, i just had a tiny drip on the under tray that eventually dripped out the bottom. identifying the fluid led me to the cooler. bit of a pain to replace, but when you've disassembled the front end as many times as i have, it wasn't too bad!
  15. mike77

    E39 sweet burning smell

    I had to renew my leaking trans cooler last year, be very aware that there's a high likelihood the hose block clamp / bolt will be seized solid and you'll have a lot of hassle removing it. I had my rad out, expansion tank, fan and shroud etc. dropped it downwards and worked under the car to loosen the clamp.