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  1. mike77

    E39 sweet burning smell

    I had to renew my leaking trans cooler last year, be very aware that there's a high likelihood the hose block clamp / bolt will be seized solid and you'll have a lot of hassle removing it. I had my rad out, expansion tank, fan and shroud etc. dropped it downwards and worked under the car to loosen the clamp.
  2. mike77

    E39 sweet burning smell

    Stand at the front of the engine and shine a torch directly down around the area between the oil filter housing, rocker cover and pipe that goes from the rocker cover to the CCV. There's 2 coolant pipes that attach to the engine block. Once they're knackered the front one leaks and gradually drips coolant down into the fins on the engine block in that area. It then makes its way back and down the block and can be confusing where the leak is coming from if you don't know. Manifold off and a lot of faffing to do.
  3. mike77

    Reliant Kitten

    Yup, I answered that one straight away on The chase! That car is pretty well know from years ago in the Hot Rod scene.
  4. mike77

    From drive to reverse

    Probably rocker cover gasket or cracked rocker cover itself dripping oil on to exhaust assuming it's a burny oil smell.
  5. mike77

    Gearbox oil change on 180k x5

    From 1st hand experience - My E39 had 111,000 miles on it 8 years ago with 'absolutely no gearbox issues whatsoever'. I put 'absolutely no gearbox issues whatsoever' because it's what people usually say on forums who have BMW's with automatic boxes with over 100,000 miles on. At it went POP without any warning at all. £1500 complete rebuild, new torque converter etc. All been perfect since, I've only put 45,000 miles on it since. So it's up to you. If £1500 upwards is too much for you as a potential big bill in the future, have it changed now. Or take the gamble and leave it alone. It could well be fine. It all depends on how long you intend to keep the car or how often you change your mind to swap cars. My E39 doesn't get used all that much, I've owned it 10 years and have spent a fortune over the years, but you can't replace them with anything worth buying for under £10k that hasn't done 100,000 miles.
  6. mike77

    M54 rough running

    I did my CCV 9 years ago and I've just done it again after 50,000 additional miles. Mostly low speed around town. It's also critical the dipstick tube is removed and the UTTERLY STUPID twin wall drain back at the base is cleared out. I modded my dipstick drain back years ago, cut a 'trapdoor' in the outer skin opposite the Y junction, fold it back and drill through the inner tube both walls right through to the drain back pipe. Then fold the outer tube 'trapdoor' shut and weld it closed. This gives MUCH better drain back than the standard stupid twin wall pipe, which clogs very easily. I replaced my CCV with the insulated version which has a thick foam jacket around it and foam on all the tubes. I'd taken my inlet manifold off to do other jobs anyway (water pipes which leak when brittle with age) and found it very tight to get the CCV in with its thick rubber jacket on, I think you'd struggle with the manifold on. I've first time I did it, I had the standard CCV and did it with the manifold on quite easily, but it's a fiddle. Having also followed the 50's Kid on You Tube (well worth a look) and all his m54 engine woes, I decided to try the O2 Pilot mod. This involves running an extra vacuum line from the CCV (which will be capped off when you buy it) to a spare port on the back of the inlet manifold. The stock CCV is virtually useless at best, so needs help to work properly. You also run a one way valve inline (cut the hose) for drain back to the sump to prevent oil being sucked up the pipe due to increased pressure. So far, not done lots of miles but oil consumption is much better and no mayo, which I'd always had on the car.
  7. mike77

    New M3 and M4

    There was a new 7 parked opposite my shop the other day, I went and had look at the front to really see how bad it looked in real life, I wish I hadn't! You could rack up 12" LPs in that front grill!
  8. mike77

    M54 rough running

    As above, i'd be looking as the rubber intake boots. Clear the adaptations when done and it'll re-learn the fuel and air mix and sort itself out. Also CCV issues can cause problems, been there and done all that and probably every other job on an M54 over the past ten years!
  9. mike77

    Whine at Low Speed

    Mine does that, it may need re-gassing, it's been a while since mine was done and the aircon has lost a lot of it's cold recently.
  10. mike77

    Random overheating......

    Thermostat. I've just done mine again and the water pump as well as quite a few other bits............... 3rd one it's had in 10 years, about 5 years and they're goosed. When up to temp the top and bottom hose should be hot. If you're doing it do the WATER PUMP at the same time. I didn't about 6 weeks back when I did the stat, then the water pump went 3 weeks later.
  11. mike77

    E39 facelift pusher fan not working

    Yeah, I think the behaviour pattern it's showing suggests it's had it. I guess at almost 20 years old and 150,000+ miles it's to be expected!
  12. mike77

    E39 facelift pusher fan not working

    I checked them a few weeks back, cleaned and put some Vaseline on all the connections to prevent corrosion. I don't have inpa, bought it from a guy on here years ago and spent forever trying to install it, all to no avail.
  13. My pusher fan isn't working at all. 3 pin connector, facelift 530i. I have power and ground continuity to the fan plug near the headlight. I have a low AC voltage fluctuation on the thinner signal wire, which should indicate pulse signal is present? Recently replaced the radiator hose temp sensor. Checked 50A fuse under glove box, ok. Fan spins ok with a screwdriver through the grill. There's a possibility I'm low on air conditioning gas, however I would have thought that I should still get one stage of fan speed to cool the engine, regardless of whether or not the air con has sufficient pressure to trigger the system to run another fan stage? Is this right? Or would low air con gas pressure prevent the fan running completely? I'm sure I saw it 'twitch' earlier when I was testing the voltage on the plug! Where to next?! Is there a fan relay? If so, where?!
  14. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/bmw/3-series/352966/new-2022-bmw-m3-touring-officially-confirmed-pictures Finally an M3 estate, wonder if they will bring back an M5 at some stage. Always thought BMW were missing out on a market that Audi and Mercedes cover.
  15. mike77

    Spring recommendations for sport

    I have Eibach Pro kit springs on mine, fitted 7 years ago and all still ok. It did lower it very slightly from the original sport springs. Front shocks are Monroe fitted 5 years ago, rears still original.