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  1. mike77

    M54 rough running

    As above, i'd be looking as the rubber intake boots. Clear the adaptations when done and it'll re-learn the fuel and air mix and sort itself out. Also CCV issues can cause problems, been there and done all that and probably every other job on an M54 over the past ten years!
  2. mike77

    Whine at Low Speed

    Mine does that, it may need re-gassing, it's been a while since mine was done and the aircon has lost a lot of it's cold recently.
  3. mike77

    Random overheating......

    Thermostat. I've just done mine again and the water pump as well as quite a few other bits............... 3rd one it's had in 10 years, about 5 years and they're goosed. When up to temp the top and bottom hose should be hot. If you're doing it do the WATER PUMP at the same time. I didn't about 6 weeks back when I did the stat, then the water pump went 3 weeks later.
  4. mike77

    E39 facelift pusher fan not working

    Yeah, I think the behaviour pattern it's showing suggests it's had it. I guess at almost 20 years old and 150,000+ miles it's to be expected!
  5. mike77

    E39 facelift pusher fan not working

    I checked them a few weeks back, cleaned and put some Vaseline on all the connections to prevent corrosion. I don't have inpa, bought it from a guy on here years ago and spent forever trying to install it, all to no avail.
  6. My pusher fan isn't working at all. 3 pin connector, facelift 530i. I have power and ground continuity to the fan plug near the headlight. I have a low AC voltage fluctuation on the thinner signal wire, which should indicate pulse signal is present? Recently replaced the radiator hose temp sensor. Checked 50A fuse under glove box, ok. Fan spins ok with a screwdriver through the grill. There's a possibility I'm low on air conditioning gas, however I would have thought that I should still get one stage of fan speed to cool the engine, regardless of whether or not the air con has sufficient pressure to trigger the system to run another fan stage? Is this right? Or would low air con gas pressure prevent the fan running completely? I'm sure I saw it 'twitch' earlier when I was testing the voltage on the plug! Where to next?! Is there a fan relay? If so, where?!
  7. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/bmw/3-series/352966/new-2022-bmw-m3-touring-officially-confirmed-pictures Finally an M3 estate, wonder if they will bring back an M5 at some stage. Always thought BMW were missing out on a market that Audi and Mercedes cover.
  8. mike77

    Spring recommendations for sport

    I have Eibach Pro kit springs on mine, fitted 7 years ago and all still ok. It did lower it very slightly from the original sport springs. Front shocks are Monroe fitted 5 years ago, rears still original.
  9. mike77

    M54 Dip Stick blockage - a Heads Up

    I think he ended up removing the catch can and adding the o2 pilot mod. I'm adding the extra vacuum hose when I install my new ccv and pipes. Luckily I've noticed the plastic coolant pipes are leaking behind the oil filter housing, so doing those while I've pulled the inlet manifold off. I'll certainly report back if this mod reduces oil consumption.
  10. mike77

    M54 Dip Stick blockage - a Heads Up

    any improvement over the original will be a massive boost, the original design is absolutely useless, changing the ccv with it still original must be a waste of time, there's no way it can possibly drain back to the sump. i've planning to mod my ccv by running the extra vacuum line to it and adding a one way drain back valve. my replacement ccv is the cold climate version. i've always had mayo clogging things up, but my e36 was the same. too many short journeys. have a look at you tube 'the 50's kid', i've watched loads of his rebuild videos on an m54 3 litre, some very useful info.
  11. mike77

    M54 Dip Stick blockage - a Heads Up

    yep, absolutely, did this on mine nearly 9 years ago and just about to do the ccv again. I modified my return pipe, as the double wall tube is the most stupid design ever. I cut a squared U shape 'trapdoor' into the outer tube opposite the Y junction, folded the outer tube back. drilled a hole through the inner tube all the way through to the ccv return drainback pipe to allow the CCV to drain back properly. folder the 'trapdoor' back over and welded it up. I'll be interested to see how blocked up again it's become. I currently have catastrophic blue smoke billowing and hardly any power, so i'm hoping it's a ccv issue pulling oil into the inlet manifold and not the head gasket. not had any steam issues, so i'm optimistic. lol.
  12. mike77

    DISA valve re-build?

    I did mine years ago with the X8R kit, it was very well made.
  13. mike77


    I've run my aircon non-stop for 10 years and it's only been re-gassed once.
  14. mike77

    Overheating query

    I replaced the thermostat and it was definitely the fault, however my front fan is still not running. under most normal conditions this doesn't matter as I don't really use it for long journeys. I may bite the bullet one day and rip the front end off and put a new fan in, and replace the door and the tyres and do the paintwork and......
  15. mike77

    A HEADS UP ! Alternator air duct mod.

    when i replaced my alternator 6 years ago, mine was the same, however, the ducting cone from the fog light to the main duct was missing! £28 later....