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  1. mike77

    G30 petrol or diesel

    It may not be all that much help, but to show how things have changed, I have a 2001 E39 530i Auto, round town I'll hardly ever get more than 18mpg. On a steady run it does 36-37 if you're careful, I've had 39, but it's normally 34 ish. Got a brand new M140 last year, which has the capability of being absolutely mental. It'll give pretty much anything else on the road a good run for its money. I've done a 300 mile west coast to east coast return trip the past couple of days and the M140 did 41mpg going and 34mpg coming back, as the m62 was pretty much crawling for about 30 mins. Round town and pottering about it always does over 30mpg, and it can be LOTS of fun when you want it, I think you may well be surprised how a new 3 litre petrol 530i/540i does fuel wise.
  2. mike77


    Oh right! What colour is your car, I'll keep an eye out for you!
  3. mike77


    100% absolutely. Providing it's the right ones. I sold a reasonably good condition 2002 16600 Seadweller less than 3 years ago for £3400, it was a complete full set with box, papers, tool kit, the lot. they're now selling at £5500-6000. At the same time, my friend offered me his pristine boxed 1680 plexiglass at £4500. They're now £10k
  4. mike77

    potential whats it worth post

    sounds extremely optimistic, i have a velvet blue 530i Individual with 150k miles on it, i'll watch with interest!
  5. mike77

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    the cold climate upgrade one doesn't have the double wall tubing and drains back a lot better than the stock one.
  6. mike77

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    Sorry I should have been more specific. The dipstick tube must be removed and the double wall tubing at the base cleaned out. I cut a flap in mine opposite the Y junction where the ccv drain joins, drilled a hole right through to said pipe, then welded the flap closed on the outer tube. The stock design is absolutely stupid and will only drain back to the sump when completely cleaned out.
  7. mike77

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    Did you clear out the dipstick drain return from the CCV? It'll definitely be clogged and changing the CCV is pointless unless the drain is clear. I actually modded mine as the design is completely stupid. I drilled a hole right through into the main tube of the dipstick. Car still uses a lot of oil, but I suspect it's piston rings, so it'll never get done.
  8. mike77

    Are all under tray fixings the same?

    Also if something kicks up off the road, it could easily take out your auxiliary drive belt, tensioner, idler, alternator, aircon compressor, power steering pump etc.
  9. mike77

    How to zero computer MPG record?

    When you press and hold the end button on the stalk the 'program' mode is where you can select which options will be displayed. Consumption 1 consumption 2 time etc. you select the tick boxes and store it. Then next time you scroll through using the stalk end button, you'll get the options you programmed.
  10. mike77

    Looking for a Petrol 5 series

    Yes the 528i went from 3 litre straight six to turbo 4 pot 2.0 You can also get the detuned 523i 3.0 F10 There's a few around https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-search?sort=price-asc&radius=1500&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=BMW&model=5 SERIES&year-from=2014&fuel-type=Petrol&minimum-badge-engine-size=3.0
  11. mike77

    Any Aircon experts around?

    does your auxiliary fan fire up ok ?
  12. mike77

    Are all under tray fixings the same?

    They're different as far I know as the corner/wheel arch liner is different and doesn't align the same.
  13. mike77

    540i aux fan only working on ac relay

    My aux fan wasn't running on high recently, aircon wasn't working. I was chasing my tail a bit on in, thinking low on gas etc, but it's not long since refilling. I started to think about pulling the front end off to put a fan on, but it moved ok and wasn't seized. Changed the lower rad hose temp sensor, but I still had it intermittently running. I disconnected the battery overnight and it cleared the fault. I've done this a few times on various faults and it's amazing what it can do, even when there's no fault codes coming up.
  14. mike77

    530i Auto box issue

    Speak to an auto transmission specialist. Mine went bang at 111k miles having run with 'no issues whatsoever'. I put 'no issues whatsoever' as people asking the question if they should change the ATF, always get this reply from forums. "Mine runs fine with no issues whatsoever, don't bother changing the fluid" is the stock answer. I'd definitely get the filter and fluid changed, but as said above, £300-£400 sounds expensive, but again, I'm in the north. It's £1500 for a full rebuild and new torque converter if the box goes pop. Mine's just clicked over 150,000 so i'll be getting the ATF and filter changed again.
  15. Woah, you're a bit flash, we have a 3rd hand 32" Panasonic passed through the family.