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    E34 3.8 ///M5
  1. chuddnutts

    L Reg e34 M5

    Seen a avus blue e34 m5 going south on the M1 between j15\j14
  2. chuddnutts

    Black E28 - Rushden

    yeah I sure did I bought it off my old man a few years ago now. but I think he bought it from cosworth in Northampton it was going to be a project car or something like that.
  3. chuddnutts

    Black E28 - Rushden

    ah people from my neck of the woods, hello
  4. chuddnutts

    Great video of an E60 M5 chasing an F10 M5

    one day ill take a slow drive around it...........
  5. chuddnutts

    Another one passes the MOT

    good news there :eek: , mine passed the other week with out an advisory.
  6. chuddnutts

    Rear bumper toe hook cover

    I'll give them a call in the morning, I didn't think they would have spares like that since its an old car. Good luck with the welding buddy.
  7. chuddnutts

    Rear bumper toe hook cover

    Evening I went though a deep puddle today and have managed to loose the rear toe hook cover for a rear m5 bumper. Would anyone have or know anyone who would sell me one?
  8. chuddnutts

    M5 from Lincolnshire.W

    here'n my quote or all the brakes on a '95 3.8 if it helps??
  9. chuddnutts

    Cost to run

    everyone keeps telling me to sell it, but there is no point now ive spent so much. i dont think i could sell it.
  10. chuddnutts

    Cost to run

    This is the last time im going to total up the bills again, thats for sure. fingers crossed most of the expensive works have been done now. Welcome to the club urquattro, im sure it will put a massive smile on you're face once all the works done. Kobayashi, I had both my rad and water pump go at the about 6 months ago, i feel your pain for the expense, im the same as you with putting BMW parts back on it, their sure not cheap. But i want to keep it as original as possible.
  11. chuddnutts

    Cost to run

    I was a little bored earlier so decided to sort out all the receipts for my E34 and total the cost of repairs and service for the last 2 yrs, I'm glad I was sat down when I done this and seen the total. The grand total was £8727.16 I couldn't believe it when I seen it, but I guess it's the price of driving an 18 yr old "ultimate driving machine" ha
  12. chuddnutts

    Variable brake feel

    when was the last time you had the brake fluid changed? I had the same sort of problem to. so i bought 2L of AP DOT 5.1 brake fluid and flushed the system out, now the thing stops on a 10p piece. £12 and an hours fix. maybe worth a shot?
  13. chuddnutts

    Robbo's old E34 M5 - now with me

    Enjoy it buddy, it'll bring a smile to your face, as kobayashi said, you need to keep the revs up to get the best of it. Happy motoring