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  1. Hi, Act quickly guys, car getting crushed tomorrow! Comos Black tailgate £50 collection Walsall West Mids. PM me ASAP if you want it, tomorrow morning will be too late!!! Cheers, Gavin
  2. Hi, erv77 I'm in Walsall in the west midlands. It's an M5 front bumper in blue although I have the Sport T bar grille from the original bumper. The rear is damaged unfortunately, but may be better than what you've got? Let me know if you're interested due to the distance and I'll get some pics and prices to you. Cheers, Gavin
  3. Hi, I have got a sliding load tray, it's grey and grotty but fully intact. LPG kit is an omvl system, it's connected to the obd port to adjust itself etc. It's a doughnut tank. Do you know if the loom is the entire engine loom or are the injectors a separate section? Cheers, Gavin
  4. Hi, 195,000 on this so most interior well worn. Excellent tailgate most parts available LPG kit fitted. Ask and I'll see if it's any good! Need to shift this asap Cheers, Gavin
  5. Hi, I think all V8s have it... Certainly the B10 has and a couple of 3.5 that I've worked on did too. My 6 pot of the same age doesn't.
  6. Bat

    Parts Order

    Hi Phil, Sent you a PM with a shopping list... Cheers, Gavin
  7. Bat

    Truck photos.

    Hi, I used to do a bit of agency driving, the truck isn't much to look at, but hey I wanted to join in lol... Cheers, Gavin
  8. Hi, Nip round and I'll plug my Snap-on one into it if you like? Cheers, Gavin
  9. Hi Phil, Can give give me price and lead time for 2 off Alpina part number 33 52 641, rear shock for touring B10 V8 (e39) Cheers, Gavin
  10. Bat

    Lorry shunt

    Hi, Yes there is a fine for it and last year it went up from £60 to £100. Problem is the Police aren't out there nicking them and the other inconsiderate/dangerous drivers in their hundreds and that's why the driving standards are so poor... Cheers, Gavin ​
  11. Hi, Ford + boost = Mine's in Sierra flavour. Cheers, Gavin
  12. Bat

    Coilover Question

    Hi, Could be a spring going soft. That could explain your strange feel from the back as one side will squat more than the other when accelerating. Cheers, Gavin
  13. +1 Not biased at all lol
  14. Bat

    e39 Ignition barrel

    Hi Phil, Is this price still valid please? Cheers, Gavin