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  1. Cleaned the car........ Then curbed a wheel FFS......
  2. dimsum

    My first ever BMW - 530xd Touring

    Looks lovely! Congrats on the new purchase.
  3. dimsum

    BlueLight Card discounts

    10% off with BMW stealers? Wow! I only ever use if for Starbucks! edit - Just seen that Dick Lovett do! My local Stephen James dealer doesn’t though.
  4. dimsum

    First ever bmw

    Welcome to the forum!
  5. I had a similar problem with the Goodyear Efficient Grips on my last F31 320d. I had the BMW tyre insurance so put a claim in telling them it looked like tyre rot to me. Luckily they paid out on the two effected tyres! I’ve added a picture of one of them.
  6. dimsum

    Taking it to the next level....

    Wow! That is some project!
  7. Both sound amazing but the Rover just pips it for me. I had a Sierra XR4X4 with the 2.9 V6. It had a full stainless system and sounded simply amazing.
  8. Awesome cars. Nothing sounds quite as amazing as a Rover V8.
  9. Had a play with this one from the heritage fleet years ago. The sound was amazing.
  10. I miss my old 328i Sport at times , although I wished it had been a manual. I used to love a big barge before I had my first 5 series and had a few Omega’s. The one below was really a lovely example. A 3.2 MV6, she made a rather nice sound and didn’t hang about as I recall. You rarely, if ever, see one on the road now, especially one of the facelift models. I don’t see too many E39’s either come to think of it. My 540i was the best car I’ve owned without question.
  11. dimsum

    New 31 Owner

    Beautiful colour! Congratulations on the new car.
  12. dimsum

    I’m back in a 5!

    Lovely colour! I was definitely intent on a colour other than black. It makes a big difference to the interior I think.
  13. dimsum

    I’m back in a 5!

    Thanks for all the comments! I was surprised at how many 535’s had relatively few options. The fancy headlights would have been nice, as would the heads up display, but overall I’m very happy with it and I’m really impressed with the Xenon’s it has. The sports auto and paddles are nice although I don’t actually know what the difference is between the sports auto and the standard auto? Paddles are always fun though! The ceramic finish is lovely and I think the interior works really well. It’s also been a long time since I had a car with a sunroof which my daughter loves. She has 70k miles and although I won’t divulge the price, I paid under the advertised amount and got the tyre, alloy wheel and SMART repair included too. I’ll try and attach the full spec below.
  14. dimsum

    I’m back in a 5!

    Hi Yuri84, yes comfort seats. I’m used to getting out of the car after a long drive on sports seats with aches and pains. It’s nice not to contemplate that anymore. I was originally after an M Sport 535d but I couldn’t find one with the right spec. After several months of searching this popped up and I put a deposit down the same day. Thanks to COVID, I bought it on the basis of the video sent by the dealer and the first time I drove it, was after I’d bought it. All a bit unusual to say the least but luckily it all worked out!
  15. dimsum

    I’m back in a 5!

    Afternoon all, it’s been a while! After nearly 3 years complaining that my F31 320d was just too small, last month I picked this up from BMW Berry Thames Ditton. 2016 535d Luxury with a lovely spec including VDC, Comfort seats, Sports auto box, Mocha leather, reverse camera, etc. It was actually the Mocha leather that swayed me to go and have a look at it as I’m not usually a big fan of silver cars. When I saw it in the flesh I fell in love though and I think the combination works brilliantly. The combination of power and economy is also intoxicating. I’ve not had a 5 series since my old E39 540i and this F10 really seems like the spiritual successor in many ways. Overall I’m very impressed with it and drive it every chance I can. I really wanted a car with VDC ( the full on Adaptive Drive seems to be as rare as hens teeth) and I know some people love it and others don’t see the point. Personally I think it’s fantastic and I highly recommend it. I’ve always wanted to give Comfort seats a go and they are leagues ahead of the sports seats I’ve always had in the past. They do rob a bit of rear leg room though and I also end up sitting higher than I normally would, even with the seat on its lowest setting. I still wouldn’t be without them though. I’m hoping to be on here more again and, as always, I look forward to tapping into the vast knowledge and experience on here.