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  1. Golf Pro

    finally painted the engine bay

    Looks Great Fantastic Work
  2. I just contacted them again and this is what I got after 10 min Thank you for choosing Adobe. A representative will be with you shortly. Your estimated wait time is 0 minute(s) and 1 second(s) or longer as there are 1 customer(s) in line ahead of you. You are now chatting with Abhishek. Abhishek: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service. Abhishek: Thank you for contacting Adobe chat support, my name is Abhishek. Abhishek: How are you doing today? Addam: I ed to log into my account because several guys from a forum told me they could not view my adobe pictures and when I noticed my account was closed several months ago by my wife. Does this mean if I reopen it will all my stuff be up on there or will I have to load them all up again Abhishek: I have gone through your issue, and I will surely assist you with this. Abhishek: Before I proceed further, could you please assist me with your email id registered with adobe? Addam: a.smithgolfpro@gmail.com Abhishek: Thank you, Please allow me a moment. Addam: can you check if all the pictures are still there Abhishek: May I know where you are trying to login ? Addam: in australia Abhishek: I mean which website or URL ? Addam: https://acrobat.com/...HtRGZV5f8uQYh4w Abhishek: Alright, Please allow me a moment. Abhishek: Are you able to login at www.adobe.com ? Addam: I will try now Abhishek: Sure. Addam: Hi I can log on but it says it has expired so is all my stuff gone Abhishek: Alright, Please allow me a moment. Abhishek: Addam, as I do not have expertise right now, so for this concern I would request you to please contact our voice support "1800-833-6687†between Monday to Friday, 5 am to 7 pm ? I will call them and sort this shit out Get back to you guys asap and again sorry for this Regards Addam
  3. Hi Guys I am sorry, I have no clue what has happened to them. I went to the Adobe site and it won,t let me sign in. A few months ago I lost my wallet and had to cancel all my cards and start again so maybe my account has been suspended because when I try to contact them it won't even let me sign in. I sent them a message but they never got back to me.I hope they have not lost all the info as it took me months to get them all up on the website. I will try to sort it out Regards Addam
  4. Hi Guys I am looking at adding these to my car and just wondered if any of you guys have them on your car and could post up a picture. I was looking at the DTM syle or the M3 model http://www.ebay.co.u...=item3375b7481f or http://www.ebay.co.u...=item5892c938aa I am looking at adding a set of 18 or 19 inch wheels (BBS RS)over the next 2 weeks and have done lots of mods so far. M5 lower Grill Quad exhaust and many other addons to enhance the car. BTW the Schnitzer babge is GONE Quads Love to get you guys feedback on the mirror idea. I was going M5 but changed my mind looking for something a bit different
  5. Golf Pro

    Have you checked your tyre pressure lately?

    Did you guys know that if you have bad tyre pressure in one wheel it can even cause the Auto Transmission to slip into limp mode and the car will stick in 3rd gear.
  6. Golf Pro

    Muffler delete or full custom system

    He did, I think if he left this on and just added the extention with tips and had the modified Quad right side added it would have sounded great and no drone. He removed the OEM Muffler and Resonator but then when he had drove the car with the mods done it had lots of drone so he had to replace a resonator and its sounding great now. Thanks for clearing that up M5. I would have hatted that he cut of a perfectly good OEM resonator and then had to purchase another one. Does anyone have a clip of a 540i with the OEM resonator still on but just the muffler removed? I may go this way Cheers Addam
  7. Golf Pro

    Muffler delete or full custom system

    Hi There If you have a 540i and plan on deleting the muffler, make sure you add a Resonator. My mate just last week deleted his muffler in his 540i and it sounded fantastic with it also converted to run Quad tips , a bit load like a race car but there was alot of drone in the car when we took it for a drive. He added a Resonator and it is still very load, much like a M5 roar but there all the time instead of just under load. There is no droaning at all and just the roar of the M62TU Motor. I am having mine done next week when the factory opens up after the Christmas break. He also had a lip connection added onto the pipe so if he sold the car he could take it off and just install the old Muffler. He was about to install a Magnaflow but here in Oz they are around $1,750.00 where to do this delete it cost $650.00. I have a mate with a Modified 540i with a Magnaflow and the Muffler delete with the Resonator sounds much more of a beast and was more than half the price and it also included the Quad modification. Cheers Addam
  8. Golf Pro

    The E39 gearbox issues poll..

    My E39 2000 535i Msports Auto went at 198,600 km and had complete failure " Bitch of a thing" Up till then very smooth and no warning at all just dash lit up with warning and Box started to slip in gear and would not let me take off. I managed to creep home in limp mode but as soon as I hit the driveway it was gone. I could still put the car in reverse. I went out and bought a low km unit complete from a wreck 2003 model with only 53,000km on the clock of the donor car. My Indy replaced filter and fully serviced the donor box with new oil and gaskets and the Torque convertor was rebuilt also. II now have my original box in my garage and I intend on rebuilding that one and installing it back in and sell the replacement unit then. I would like to keep my car original so I know I will get another 200,000 km on the rebuilt unit.
  9. Golf Pro

    530i Vanous

    Hi There I am not to sure with the 530i but I know they are alot cheaper to repair than the 535i/540i M62TU Motor like I have. What build year is your car? Here is a link that will help you. http://www.bimmerfes...ad.php?t=503009 But this one has all you need to know about the Vanos and the DIY on how to fix it, one of the best links you will ever find on fixing the Vanos Deisel noise that we have all loved to hate with the E39 Vanos system problem. http://www.beisansys...s_procedure.htm Hope these help you. Good luck Addam
  10. Golf Pro

    My Orange Valve Covers Installed with Pictures

    Hi there With all the mods including supercharger, Exhaust and Tuning I was told I could expect 330 bhp+
  11. Hi Guys I just installed my near new Valve Covers, picked them up for $100.00 then had them Sandblasted and Powdercoated. Wanted something different and unique because I have big plans for my car for the new year including a recent purchase of a Supercharger and plan on adding a Carbon Cover and CAI. Lots of new goodies coming for the outside including Quad Exhaust,M5 Mirrors and new wheels. What do you guys think?
  12. Golf Pro

    1999 535sport auto box.....

    Hi Mate Here is how to unlock you OBC http://www.ideaphile.com/bmw/540-obc.html
  13. Golf Pro

    1999 535sport auto box.....

    I am on my iPhone at work so as soon as I get home I will post a link. If you type in hidden OBC there is a post on one of the forums about how to do it, there is tones of stuff on there and it will amaze you what stuff you can find out about your car.
  14. Golf Pro

    1999 535sport auto box.....

    Mine did the exact same thing, But all the way to third gear not second. My car just 3 months ago I replaced the box with a recon one out of a very low km car. It had the filter and oil replaced and this is what happened to me yesterday. I would take off in auto and I would switch to manual and the same and if i went to forth and fifth in manual it would go back to third and be reving high. I stopped the motor and turned it back on and it was still the same smooth from 1st to 2nd and then to 3rd and it started again. After about a hour I went for a drive and it was perfect. I checked all the codes on the Gearbox with INPA and it was all clear no codes at all and mine did not switch to Same mode. After lots of searching I found out bad tire pressure can cause lots of problems with the Auto unit so I checked mine. They where all very low Front Right 191 Front Left 196 They should be 250 My Rear both around 206-216 and should have been 280 kpa I am hoping this may be the problem. Also the MAF can cause problems with the Auto so clean it with MAF cleaner,I replaced my MAF a few months ago so I have taken this out of the problem maker. So First check Tire pressure MAF to make sure it is clean. Also could be Thermostat sticking causing the temp to get to high so when running switch the OBC on the cluster to #7 and keep a eye on the Temp. I drive my car all the time with this up on the cluster and at the time it happened to me the car was cool at 91 degrees and gets no hotter than 105 ever and thats when my fan switches on.
  15. Golf Pro

    Coolant leak

    Hi Guys Good tips for getting out the Elbow. http://forums.bimmer...d.php?t=1292726 Here is a place you can get it http://www.rmeuropean.com/Part-Number/Repair-Nipple-for-Vent-Hose-Fitting-on-Radiator-__17110419132_BEH_46C44230.aspx