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  1. Kris H

    Legal Help needed

    Without derailing the thread ... Pepipoo advice tends to be all word of mouth and excuses rather than facts of law. The whole site runs along the basis of "I broke the law, I got caught, how do I get out of it ?" If I recall correctly, The site was set up by a guy with a grudge against South Wales police because they regularly pulled him over for his repeated speeding on the M4 in his Rover 600 Turbo and grew from there. Certainly in the early days, the "regulars " on the site used to use new people going on the site for advice as "guinea pigs" to try out their latest theory's on how to get off speeding or other charges. More often than not these would fail and the "newbies " ended up with higher court fines, costs and points than if they had pleased guilty and took the fixed penalty. The "excuses" Pepipoo suggests people use as a defence to speeding charges in court are so widely known (and off the mark) by the judiciary that I know of 2 Magistrates who when a defendant starts to use them as their "defence", the Magistrate will stop them, complete what they were going to say, point out where they got the information from and then ask if they want to continue wasting the courts time and have that added to the sentence or whether as the defence WILL fail, they would simply prefer to change their plea and have the fixed penalty rates. The more sensible defendants shut up at this point and take the fixed penalty, but apparently 1 or 2 still press on and then seem surprised when they get hit with a larger fine and costs. In terms of the advice on this forum, I take it as I would advice from friends, more knowledgeable than my own in relation to mechanical car problems and well meant, but taken at my own risk with no comeback if it goes wrong. I wouldn't rely on an friend to defend me in court I'd employ a qualified expert, paid to get it right ...
  2. Kris H

    Legal Help needed

    Pepipoo is the absolute last place I would be looking for ANY legal advice ..and even then I'd do exactly the opposite of what ever they suggest...remember the advice they give is worth exactly what you pay for it .... I suspect that they will want to see a copy of your birth certificate proving your relationship and proof of identity (passport) as well as a statement / affidavit from you confirming your are her son .... best thing to do would be to have a chat with a local firm of lawyers specialising in probate / family law. You should get an initial free consultation with them to outline the situation and if they can't help, they will probably be able to direct you to someone that can.
  3. Kris H

    Odd Combination of Warning Lights

    Yep either the ignition switch or the alternator / battery on its way out .. both cause all sorts of "interesting" electrical happenings.
  4. Kris H

    hire car trying to sting me.

    Nope it's not fraud. .... look at it from another point of view ... When the car was hired to you it was undamaged, when it was returned, there was damage on it. The damage may not have been caused by you , but did occur whilst the car was in your custody or control. When you signed the hire agreement you accepted responsibility for the car so understandably, the hire company are coming to you for the cost of the repair. What I would do is ask the hire company for a copy of the Pre rental inspection sheet showing the vehicle condition, The return rental sheet showing the condition the car was in when it was returned, presumably this will show the scratch. Also ask for a copy of the repair invoice for the repairs and insist on this, not an estimate or vehicle appraisers report for repairs. If they cant do this then you are within your rights to tell them as they cannot prove the damage costs or that the damage occurred during your rental then you cannot be held liable for the damage.
  5. Kris H

    Hello from a new owner!

    Hello Ian
  6. Kris H

    Back with e39 :) ( updated page 2 )

    Very Nice indeed
  7. Kris H

    Police mobile speed gun advice

    That is a good point, and yes technically if you havent been convicted then it's not a conviction..so yes it does all depend on the wording... I suspect that more and more the wording will change to include speed awareness courses as time goes on, but if the question is asked, you are obliged under the terms of the contract to answer fully and truthfully. With regard to renewals, my advice would be to read the documentation VERY carefully. Whilst the question may not be specifically asked, there most likely will be a question included in the documentation that relates to the obligation of the insured to advise of change to material facts, which includes convictions.
  8. Kris H

    Police mobile speed gun advice

    'Stan, I understand what you are saying, but it is not being applied retrospectively. It's applied to the inception of a new contract based on information requested at the time the contract is incepted. Parties to a contract can ask for any information they wish as part of the terms of the contract. The other party to the contract can either accept the terms of the contract and supply the requested information or reject the terms and the contract. Looks like we'll have to agree to differ here, but its a good discussion
  9. Kris H

    Police mobile speed gun advice

    Sorry, but no. this argument has been tried before and doesnt run. The requirement is different. The one course in 3 years relates to a criminal offence, where as the requirement from an insurer to disclose incidents, etc within 5 years is a requirement of a legal contract, the terms of which , if broken, could render the contract null and void .
  10. Kris H

    Police mobile speed gun advice

    but the point is its NOT legal,... you are encouraging someone to withhold a material fact which could lead to their policy being voided and in extreme cases, a possible. prosecution for attempted fraud. With respect, your momentary lapse in concentration in a 450 hp car could also result in something far more serious than a speed infraction.
  11. Kris H

    Police mobile speed gun advice

    and when the insurer DOES find out expect to have your insurance cancelled for deliberate non disclosure of a material fact, a possible prosecution for attempted fraud and a great deal of difficulty getting insurance in the future.
  12. Kris H

    Wheeler dealers range rover

    It is ... and it's up for sale on ebay at the moment . http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-Land-Rover-Range-Rover-4-Wheel-Drive-2926cc-Diesel-px-why-/221192417259?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3380186feb
  13. Kris H

    Motorway slip lanes rant

    This ^^^^ and also at junctions; Road junctions (170 to 183) Section 170Take extra care at junctions. You should -look all around before emerging. Do not cross or join a road until there is a gap large enough for you to do so safely. 171You MUST stop behind the line at a junction with a ‘Stop’ sign and a solid white line across the road. Wait for a safe gap in the traffic before you move off. Laws RTA 1988 sect 36 & TSRGD regs 10 & 16 172The approach to a junction may have a ‘Give Way’ sign or a triangle marked on the road. You MUST give way to traffic on the main road when emerging from a junction with broken white lines across the road. Laws RTA 1988 sect 36 & TSRGD regs 10(1),16(1) & 25 And not.... "pull out from the junction blocking my path in the vague hope that someone travelling on the opposite side of the road will take mercy on you to complete your ill advised maneuver based solely on the fact that you are now blocking traffic, endangering lives and inconveniencing other road users because you cant be bothered to wait for a proper gap in the the traffic"
  14. Kris H

    company car question

    NCB from insurers "expires" after 2 years. You need to get a letter from your fleet manager or HR dept confirming the number of years you have been accident free. This should be accepted by most insurers as an equivalent to NCB
  15. Nope they don't accept that .... or photocopies of the logbook showing the details etc I had something similar happen when I sold a car..I sent the new keeper notification off in the same envelope as a form reclaiming the tax on the car... DVLA received it and sent the tax refund, but then denied ever getting the change of keeper notification. I appealed and sent proof of postage and that they had received the envelope in which the form was sent..their response...as I hadn't had an acknowledgment from them confirming the change of keeper it was my responsibility !!!