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    stevenc3828 reacted to wayneoB7s in Facebook groups - forgive me if there's already a thread to go to let off steam about idiots!   
    good old FB  ... im on my 25th ban  this year .... too many snowflakes  who dont like to hear the truth ...
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    stevenc3828 reacted to AlexGSi2000 in Facebook groups - forgive me if there's already a thread to go to let off steam about idiots!   
    Facebook groups amuse me on a regular basis.
    Same repetitive questions being asked on a regular basis (which oil do I need.etc).
    Nothing beats a good old forum - can see many making a comeback.
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    stevenc3828 reacted to Ordnator in "Merry Christmas"   
    Wishing all forum members a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
    A balmy -5 degrees with wind chill this morning in Nova Scotia, frozen lake but no snow:

    Santa visited :

    and left a little something for after dinner:

    A challenging year where more than a few fellow ex-mariners crossed the bar as a result of Covid-19, as well as some extended family.
    Will be toasting absent friends for sure.
    Stay safe out there in these uncertain times.
    Best regards,
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    stevenc3828 got a reaction from d_a_n1979 in Facebook groups - forgive me if there's already a thread to go to let off steam about idiots!   
    The E34 fb groups have the same questions over and over - I wish posts could be stickied or that they use Google first! 
    Lots of "I've ripped off the previous owner who didn't know what they had, took it through the car wash and now what's it worth posts" 
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    stevenc3828 reacted to sharkfan in Oil Flush? Low pressure   
    Check the camshaft Banjo bolt?
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    stevenc3828 reacted to duncan-uk in So it’s not a 5 but hopefully of interest 330ci convertible   
    MOT pass - no advisories
    Getting the check engine light though with a fuel trim error - hoping the ccv refresh will see to that.
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    stevenc3828 reacted to USTBUTLER in BMW E34 540i/6 - BK35096   
    Well I can’t see myself selling VAK I’ve waited for many years and I don’t think I will ever move her on I’m sure we are VAKs forever home… I’m enjoying the way she drives at the moment she’s very light on her wheels for a four door saloon car ( I Know These Are Small Compared To Today’s Modern Saloons But They Are Still Rather Big ).
    So performance wise I’m very happy.. I’d like to get the last pieces of the old exhaust done in stainless steel so the whole system is light and future proofed..
    The main annoyance is the lack of chin VAK has at the moment I’m not sure if I’m going to track down and modify an ALPINA bumper or follow the crowd and stick a sports bumper on.. I feel like a modified ALPINA item will give VAK a better chin… Another exterior annoyance is the M5 clear rear lights I feel like they clash with the “Dark Vader" look so I’ll be looking to change these for ones with smoked indicators ( The Ones You Could Find On eBay Years Ago But Cant Now ) 
    interior wise VAKs a nice place to be I just want to explore how everything has been put together I can’t see the back seats going in anytime soon or the bucket seats coming out ( When The Seats Do Become Tired I’m Going To Get Them Retrimed To Match The Door Cards ) I’m sure as I’m exploring I’ll change things along the way but at the moment I’m enjoying the rawness of VAK and the whole event that driving her is.. ( She’s A Right Hoot To Drive )
    I’m going to commit to updating the blog at least once a month or as changes happen.
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    stevenc3828 reacted to USTBUTLER in 1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093   
    Don't want to hijack dads blog but the more you look at that photo the better it gets  should be an update tomorrow 
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    stevenc3828 reacted to Mazz in '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!   
    A bit more work in the last few evenings, trying to keep the momentum with the easy stuff first.
    I apologize for the appalling quality of pictures, I’m working at night with a head torch out of my lockup garage.
    new viscous coupling going in, the old one felt weak, was the original one.

    a couple of drops of low strength Loctite just to be safe

    nicely done, 3 screws.

    I said last time I was going to replace all three idler pulleys, let’s do that 



    from this last picture you can see how close the small idler is to the crank pulley.
    this is with the tensioner maxed out, with the spring unit itself brand new. I’ll have to do some more thinking, the belt is almost new and it was quite a struggle to get it on, can’t really go any smaller.
    the aircon belt also isn’t the tightest, and it too is at its maximum allowed tension.
    Lastly I bolted everything else back on to see if the engine would even start with all the new sensors

    new radiator fits, chuffed about that. I’d like to get the proper fan shroud for it, it’s on the list. I’ve left the fan off for the time being until I get anywhere with that pulley abs belt tension situation.
    the car runs however it has a bit of a stumble when I try to rev it. Will get it fully bled and up to temperature properly then recheck.
    also, never looked into this: I don’t seem to have a “check engine” light coming on, at all, ever.
    ive read about these “stomp tests” you can do to get blink codes, used to rely on these to keep my old civic going… does nobody have any experience in this sort of thing? Can it be as easy as a blown warning light bulb ..? 
    Last thing I did was buzz off the nuts for the top mounts, I should be able to tear into the front struts next week.
    that’s it for now, making progress.
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    stevenc3828 reacted to Mazz in '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!   
    aaand so we are back.
    I can’t believe it’s been so many years, time to get back on the road for my old E34.
    One can say that I have somewhat neglected this car, and it’s difficult to say otherwise. In the last 5 years it has moved to three different places, spending most of its time under a cover in a garage.
    There have been highs and lows, the latter reaching its peak when that damn hedge cutter fell on the car.. but on the plus side, I still have it, which is something I still consider a blessing after all.
    So here we are now, 2021 almost coming to a close, it’s about time I spend whatever money I (don’t) have, get this old barge up and running.
    This won’t be a nut and bolt restoration, far from it; although years have passed my finances haven’t really improved the way I was hoping, and with rent prices being still mental in London, life is more expensive than it’s ever been. I’m just a little bit older and, if anything, with less money to spend. Horaay.
    In saying that, a hefty amount of the precious dollar has finally been spent on the 540, with a shed load of little but crucial parts, that will hopefully make the difference in the latest of my stupid projects.
    Two years ago I decided to spend everything I had in buying, fixing and then driving a 1980s Fiat to Mongolia and back in the famous (to some..) “Mongol Rally”; now though, I decided that if the BMW will get back on the road, it will do so with a bang.

    here’s a quick snap of the Uno, all loaded up on its way to Mongolia. This shot was on the Pamir Mountains, that background is Afghanistan.

    For the BM I have something else planned:
    We’re going to Norway this time, up to the Arctic Circle and further on to the Northernmost tip of the European continent, and we’re doing it in winter; finally utilizing this big old and once powerful “vessel” for the purpose it was designed for, touring.
    I realize the danger in revealing straight away what my plans are, but I guess the fear of failure and consequent embarrassment will push me to get it done, one way or the other.
    What are we starting with ?
    Thanks to the (relative) kindness of lockup garages, the E34 is pretty much like I left it 5 years or so ago, minus the scars from those 4 months exposed to the elements.
    Back in 2016 the car was initially laid up to undergo some repairs in various areas, mainly trying to get on top of oil leaks, vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks, questionable wiring, and the ever so stuck sunroof that is a must of any neglected E34 touring.
    Right when the car was up on stands I discovered that it too, together with the majority of the surviving tourings in cold climates, was a total rustbucked.
    When I say that, I’m probably being too harsh on the poor old thing. But let’s face it, had it been a 520i (in that state) it would have gone for scrap a decade ago, no doubt about it.
    With no disrespect to other versions of this glorious old BM, the rarity of manual V8 tourings is what has kept the few remaining survivors alive, most of them tucked away hoping to see the MOT station again some day in the future; I hope this time will be it for my old barge, that despite everything, still very much is my favorite car.
    This will be a re-discovery process for me, if you will: I’ve owned this car for 6 years now, driven it for one, but never really got to know the technical side of it that well, so time to get the toolkit out.
    In the following months I’m proposing to get the thing running reliably by changing the unknown fuel pump, replacing all corroded lines, freshen up all sensors and relays, rebuild the front suspension and swapping in a spare sunroof I’ve had for years. I would also love to get some cats on it, both to quieten down the exhaust note, and also to finally pass a legit mot!
    Only then I will send the car in to get welded and, if luck is on my side, we’re aiming to leave by mid February, to go see the northern lights, up in the freezing north.
    Ambitious to say the least.
    Let us start by digging the car out of its hole

    URL Link text Insert into post  
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    stevenc3828 got a reaction from Kit in 520i M50tu to 525i M50tu   
    The tailgate wiper motor could be the tailgate wiring / earths
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    stevenc3828 reacted to mcorbin in 'How To' Guides and Really Useful Links   
    Hi, Here's a link to a free download of the [url=https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmZraoVKvIU0hhXcu2Gq5ZOO9zTq]second edition of my E34 Factory Options Retrofit Guide[/url]. There are copies of the first edition floating around the internet, but I don't think I ever got around to posting the second edition, which added a few final items, since I moved on to electric vehicles and BMW motorbikes:
    Parked Heating,
    Supplementary Battery,
    Park Distance Control,
    Trailer Hitch,
    plus a section on installing a non-factory VDO gauge cluster, and
    an epilogue, for fun and contrast with loaded E34s, about the base 4-cylinder 518i.
    I’m not very Internet savvy, but I believe this link should work for all; bear in mind the file is almost 200MB, so it might take several minutes to download:
    OneDrive address is https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmZraoVKvIU0hhXcu2Gq5ZOO9zTq.
    If you're still out there maintaining with these fantastic vehicles while parts are still available, keep up the good work! Cheers,
    P.S., the 1st edition included retrofits of: Headlight, Fog-Light, and Intensive Washers; Headlight-Beam Adjusters and Headlights; Underhood Light; Rain-Sensing Wipers; Automatic Air Recirculating Control; Autodimming Rearview Mirror; Driver’s Glove Box; Steering Wheels and Column; Fire Extinguisher and First-Aid Kit; Heated Seats, Front and Rear; Memory Seats, Mirrors, and Steering Column; Adjustable Lumbar Support; Moonroof; Rear Power Outlet; Rear Door Sunshades; Rear Armrest with Storage; Ski Sack; Rear Headrests; Rear Reading Lights; Rear Window Sunshade; CD Player and Cover; Trunk Storage Bins, Tray, Straps, Net, and Mat; Rear Fog Lights; Accessories and Other Options.)
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    stevenc3828 reacted to MikeTheSmith in M50B30 Stroker vs M52B28   
    It has been a while… but still a project in progress. I have lots of excuses as to why it’s taken me so long.
    The engine is together and in the car now mated to the tranny. Just the inlet and a few ancillary items to bolt up before giving it a test fire up.
    slow project with lots to learn along the way. Hopefully it will all work like a dream but I guess there will be other issues from the car being off the road for a while. Let’s see
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    stevenc3828 reacted to bm0p700f in Improvements new engine and restoration installations dyno results   
    Pretty much everything but the pistons are in now. So a full cylinder head rebuild can begin with everything except the casting and the valves being new. 
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    stevenc3828 got a reaction from Kit in Pulleys.   
    I think INA were the original equipment manufacturers when I did them on my diesel
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    stevenc3828 reacted to Sir Anthony Regents-Park in Cat. Theft - I thought it was just the Jazz, Prius etc - Wrong !!   
    That's why I took the originals off my cars (1995 318Ti and 1997 528i) and put cheap shit copy ones on. Those E34 cats were worth about £650, not a bad 20 minutes work. You will need a cat for the MOT; I would do an insurance claim, let them write the car off, you get to keep the car and a cheque for whatever they cost new from BMW - I reckon £1600+. That's assuming you have agreed value classic insurance.
    BM Catalysts do an aftermarket front system for these, £100 on Ebay.

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    stevenc3828 reacted to Sir Anthony Regents-Park in 1987 E34 preview - CAR   
    Surprisingly accurate - but a few things that never happened!

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    stevenc3828 reacted to BSS in E39 M5 touring build   
    With the dead line to get the car on the road in time for the E39 M5 meet there were a few a few things that I left to address later that wouldn't stop me using the car but needed sorting.  To get the engine up and running I used the donor M5's EWS immobiliser module, ignition barrel and key to work with the M5 DME (engine ECU) which allowed it to fire up straight away.  Obviously this isn't ideal having two different keys and using the M5 EWS with its VIN and VO (Vehicle order, list of options fitted to the car) stored when its a 540i..... more on that in future.     Using the excellent binary modification tool from www.ecuworx.co.uk meant I could switch off the EWS input on the M5's DME so I could switch back to the 540i's EWS, ignition barrel meaning all working off the original 540i key.   While using the tool I also removed the 155mph speed limiter, switched off the post cat O2 sensors for now (as mine has no cats) and switched off the Secondary Air Pump meaning quieter cold starts.   [/url]   The modified BIN file being flashed onto the DME using MSS flasher.   All working off one key now, no post cat O2 sensor faults and hopefully less annoyed neighbours when setting off for early Sunday morning hoons.
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    stevenc3828 got a reaction from Keliuss in Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989   
    Drivers side rear sill cut apart, rear jacking point inspected and found in great shape, Kurusted, patch panels made, cold galv zinc paint coated ready to weld back together next time

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    stevenc3828 got a reaction from Keliuss in Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989   
    Drivers side rear sill cut apart, rear jacking point inspected and found in great shape, Kurusted, patch panels made, cold galv zinc paint coated ready to weld back together next time

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    stevenc3828 got a reaction from Taxboy in Wheel Refurbishment Norfolk / Suffolk   
    I've had good experiences with Wheelworx in Colchester in the past so their branch in Bury St Edmunds should be able to help. 
    Plenty of mobile outfits out there, you could ask the service department of the local BMW dealer or other High end dealer which they use... 
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    stevenc3828 reacted to bm0p700f in Improvements new engine and restoration installations dyno results   
    Just ordered a bunch of engine parts of bmw, valves some gaskets, timing chain, guides  and other bits. Its a long list. A new oil pump is ordered. Not taking any chances. It will be a fresh engine.
    Next week i will order from the usa all the other bits that are required including gasket set, valve train parts (all of them) 39mm exhaust valves, pistons for 92.5mm bore and 10.5:1 CR, ignition parts, thermostat housing, thermostat, water pump and various ARP bolts. 
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    stevenc3828 reacted to BarryM in Tidying up and painting sills etc - What's easy and cheap?   
    Nice job, I find it hard to believe a chap with a forum name ending E34 has no previous experience dealing with rust 
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    stevenc3828 reacted to BSS in E39 M5 touring build   
    Using every bit of spare time available (without the wife divorcing me!) I have been pressing on to meet a deadline.


    New parking brake hardware, new rear wheel bearings with the M5 hub flanges (note the two grub screw bolt holes non M5 E39's don't have), new discs pads and rebuilt callipers.
    Saloon and tourings differ in where their parking cables pass through the knuckle, 12'o clock on the saloon and 9'o clock on the touring.  
    This presents a minor problem in that the M5 uses bigger rear discs and there for bigger back plates so there a two options to address this issue, either weld in the centre of a touring back plate to an M5 outer or cut down the touring back plate to clear the M5 disc.
    The latter is the route I chose as its easier and welding thin bits of steel and they have a shape critical to the operation of the parking brake.

    Another saloon/touring difference that needed to be overcome was the rear brake hoses.  On a saloon the hose come out of the calliper horizontally then attaches to the rigid pipe in a vertical position.  On the touring the hose comes out at an approximately 45 degree angle then turns rearward to a horizontal join of the rigid pipe.  The reason for this is to clear the shock absorber as again there is a difference in mounting points, the saloon being vertical in to the top of the inner wheel arch and the touring at about 30 degrees to the rear subframe (as can been seen in previous pictures).
    To overcome this custom made HEL braided brake hoses were fitted to the rear with matching non custom fronts.  


    Bilstein B8 shock absorbers coupled with the existing Eibach pro kit front springs, new top mounts, all four arms new with the brake reaction (upper) arm bushes replaced with Powerflex, new M5 (like the rears two grub screw holes plus two locating pins) wheel bearings plus as per the rear new pads, discs and rebuilt callipers.

    Front end coming together.

    Along with the new fuel lines was fitment of the M5 specific fuel filter and pressure regulator set up.
    And now on to one of the areas I enjoy with a build.........

    The M5 body loom laid out.
    As mentioned at the beginning of the thread, an E39 M5 touring build has been done several times before and having trawled the web to see others approaches I found that people have taken one of two ways when it comes to the wiring alterations required.  Now I suspect their chose boils down to the base touring they chose to convert as to the approach they have taken, the two choices being alter the existing touring loom to suit or use the M5 body loom and alter it for the touring specific parts such as tailgate, self levelling rear suspension (if retained) with the latter involving a lot more work.
    Other differences to throw into the mix is if the touring as ASC or DSC (all M5's have DSC), wether the touring is a Diesel or petrol and even more importantly if the touring was built before 09/98.  
    This is particularly important as the E39 had a major technical update from this build date (and all M5's were post 09/98) which also including a lot of the electrical components and wiring..
    There are also differences between V8 and six cylinder cars and even after the 09/98 technical update there are a few slight differences.
    The upshot of this is that the easiest touring to convert is a post 09/98 540i manual that is a similar build date to the M5 donor car.
    Never the less......








    ..... using a 03/99 built 540i auto touring and an 09/99 M5 meant minimal wiring alterations to the touring loom but still plenty of wires to be harvested from the M5 body loom to integrate the Sport button (for different throttle map and steering), manual transmission and S65 vs M62 differences.
    As with my E46 M3 touring project, all wiring alterations were done without cutting and soldering so all terminal numbers and wires colours are as per factory wiring diagrams.
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    stevenc3828 got a reaction from sharkfan in Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989   
    Just to catch up, rear passenger side bottom tip wheel arch was thin and far end of sill had a small hole so surgery started. It did allow confirmation that the rear jacking point was in fine shape. Zinc coating applied inside and Welded back in. Cavity wax to be spayed in later
    Now onto the drivers side and then re installing the rear subframe...