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  1. The E34 fb groups have the same questions over and over - I wish posts could be stickied or that they use Google first! Lots of "I've ripped off the previous owner who didn't know what they had, took it through the car wash and now what's it worth posts"
  2. stevenc3828

    E34 525i running rich

    Could it be that the cat is past it?
  3. stevenc3828

    Cargo/dog net retrofit

    My memory is fuzzy on this specifically but is the outline indented on the back of the headlining like the sun visor vanity lights are?
  4. stevenc3828

    525ix spotted... anyone on here?

    The sister car 697 is waiting an engine strip down after loosing it's timing chain and a replacement door to be painted. A few years back this one k698 was meant to have been sold for 6k and was heading Asia bound but I guess that fell through
  5. stevenc3828

    E34 535i parts

    I think Geoff (@dongiov) has sport anti roll bars and sport springs
  6. stevenc3828

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    The tailgate wiper motor could be the tailgate wiring / earths
  7. stevenc3828


    I think INA were the original equipment manufacturers when I did them on my diesel
  8. stevenc3828

    Wheel Refurbishment Norfolk / Suffolk

    I've had good experiences with Wheelworx in Colchester in the past so their branch in Bury St Edmunds should be able to help. Plenty of mobile outfits out there, you could ask the service department of the local BMW dealer or other High end dealer which they use...
  9. stevenc3828

    Tyre Inflators

    I use a 'digital' halfords cordless pump with air bed /inflatables attachments and USB charging port. Mains or 12v cigarette port re chargeable. Like the others, I had returns / replacements in mind 7 days a week but it keeps going. Gripes are the charging point is under the unit, the charging plug seems to be unique and it screws onto the valve. Solved the last one by buying a universal adapter with clip fitting
  10. stevenc3828

    E34 Front seat in blue ultramarine cloth

    There were a pair of blue front seats on Facebook market place the other week in the south
  11. stevenc3828

    Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989

    Drivers side rear sill cut apart, rear jacking point inspected and found in great shape, Kurusted, patch panels made, cold galv zinc paint coated ready to weld back together next time
  12. stevenc3828

    Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989

    Just to catch up, rear passenger side bottom tip wheel arch was thin and far end of sill had a small hole so surgery started. It did allow confirmation that the rear jacking point was in fine shape. Zinc coating applied inside and Welded back in. Cavity wax to be spayed in later Now onto the drivers side and then re installing the rear subframe...
  13. stevenc3828

    Failed dogbone links - warning aka pitman arms

    Indeed As per above re washers and torqued up as per instructions. Wheels on the ground, correct tyre pressures etc, etc
  14. stevenc3828

    Replacing Rear Subframe Bushes

    All done, put the mounts in the freezer before hand and lubed them and the carrier up with Circolight assembly fluid ...
  15. stevenc3828

    Replacing Rear Subframe Bushes

    I did send some emails to rubber bushing / mounts manufacturers re how far to install the mount into the carrier. Topran / Hans Pires don't want to talk to end users, you have to be a parts supplier to ask questions! Meyle sent a lovely email back, they didn't have instructions but they spent a little time researching and sent photo of a used axle carrier to help re assembly. Must say they have a improved HD version of the carrier mount that I'll look into for the next e34 I'm doing Febi Bilstein replied "Thank you for getting in contact with us regards the fitment of the rear axle bush 04181, you are indeed correct regards fitment pressing the bush all the way down to the lip reaches the axle carrier itself."