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  1. stevenc3828

    Replacing Rear Subframe Bushes

    All done, put the mounts in the freezer before hand and lubed them and the carrier up with Circolight assembly fluid ...
  2. stevenc3828

    Replacing Rear Subframe Bushes

    I did send some emails to rubber bushing / mounts manufacturers re how far to install the mount into the carrier. Topran / Hans Pires don't want to talk to end users, you have to be a parts supplier to ask questions! Meyle sent a lovely email back, they didn't have instructions but they spent a little time researching and sent photo of a used axle carrier to help re assembly. Must say they have a improved HD version of the carrier mount that I'll look into for the next e34 I'm doing Febi Bilstein replied "Thank you for getting in contact with us regards the fitment of the rear axle bush 04181, you are indeed correct regards fitment pressing the bush all the way down to the lip reaches the axle carrier itself."
  3. stevenc3828

    Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989

    New bushes / axle Carrier mounts are in after being in the freezer for 2 days and using Circolight rubber assembly fluid. I used my front wheel bearing kit and m14 rod / nuts / washers. Less than 5 minutes pulled all the way in. New handbrake cables in, what a faff. Rear part of the centre console had to come out to guide the cables home! Thinking ahead to emissions and the MOT , I noticed one of the hoses to the Idle control valve was split so a new one was installed.
  4. stevenc3828

    Replacing Rear Subframe Bushes

    I couldn't find the Sealey tool VS4465 on their website so I emailed their Technical team. They replied that the tool has been discontinued and they do not have any spares. Sealey's Instructions (attached) also mention Circolight There is a no brand removal / installation tool for the e34 & e32 on ebay for £78.99 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114633039387?epid=3012075033&hash=item1ab0a95e1b:g:tnUAAOSwbhRgAjxM Sir Tools in the US have a tool (B90-BMW) for many BMWs but it was $942.78 usd. https://www.samstagsales.com/sirtools.htm#b90bmw VS4465.pdf
  5. stevenc3828

    'How To' Guides and Really Useful Links

    Beer can / rear axle / rear subframe carrier mounts / bushes info (including rubber lubricant info)
  6. stevenc3828

    Replacing Rear Subframe Bushes

    Thanks for the reply ///M5 and Hawaii 5-0 (https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/91803-what-have-you-done-on-your-e34-today/?do=findComment&comment=1555167) I've been doing a bit of digging in the meantime and the BMW tech info says to "coat the rubber mount with Circolight and apply it on the rear axle carrier. Pull it in" Circolight is BMW part 83 19 9 407 771 / 250ml 83192405829 aka "gliding lubricant" / "assembly aid" / "glide agent" and at the time of writing was £30 for 250ml Alternatives are soap as discussed above and * Land rover / Range rover part number LR012582 (for some reason it is listed as engine oil) * Sunoco "Circo Light Rubber process oil" * IPC P-80 Emulsion Temporary Rubber and assembly lubricant (£15 for 10mL tube) www.ipcol.com https://www.desertcart.co.uk/products/8175912-ipc-p-80-emulsion-temporary-assembly-and-pump-seal-lubricant
  7. stevenc3828

    'How To' Guides and Really Useful Links

    Just in case it is needed, the washers go in between the rear pitman link and the carrier / trailing arm
  8. stevenc3828

    Failed dogbone links - warning aka pitman arms

    Just in case it is needed, the washers go in between the link and the carrier / trailing arm
  9. stevenc3828

    'How To' Guides and Really Useful Links

    steering geometry and wheel alignment with ride height specs below it :
  10. stevenc3828

    Replacing Rear Subframe Bushes

    Just replacing my 'beer cans' and was wondering how far you installed them into the axle carrier? The witness line on the ones I removed were different and my spares are split between 10mm gap and fully home
  11. stevenc3828

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Can I ask if Lee pulled the axle carrier bushes right into the beam or is there a gap between lip of the Bush and carrier? I've got my bushes out but the tide marks on the old ones are different and my spares differ too!
  12. stevenc3828

    Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989

    Fuel tank back in, heat shields re installed and wired / plumbed in. Old straps and rear axle were wire brushed and 'Kurusted' Old rear axle 'beer can' rubber mounts out. They were stamped 1997 so I only had to use the air hammer to push the sides in at the top and knock down working my way round. Got a question about installation that I'll post in the E34 section. New power Steering reservoir fitted and atf topped up
  13. stevenc3828

    Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989

    New fuel pump relay installed, I had one go on a 518i touring so new bosch unit 0332209216 that turned out to be the same one used by : BMW 61368373700 DAF 0095464 IVECO 0000042096498, 42069397, 42096498 MAN 81255020474, 81259020474 MERCEDES-BENZ 0005458485, 0015455405, 001545540564, 73751790000, A0005458485, A0015455405, A001545540564
  14. stevenc3828

    Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989

    Front to back brake lines done in Kunifer / Cupro nickel. I will be using one of the sellers that sell kits of ready made pipes on ebay for the next E34. Front to back fuel pipes also installed. I recommend using 8mm black coated aluminum as it is sooo much easier to form and you can mostly do it by hand. Completely messed up £38 of Cupro Nickel pipe. You have to use the forming tool. The 4m Krontec hard lines on ebay / demon tweeks will do the pipes to the filter but the longer pipe that connects to the vapour tank in the rear wheel well will need 4.3 - 4.5m worth. Welding to the brake line / soft line anchor completed below the rear seat
  15. stevenc3828

    Front control arms - OEM or aftermarket

    I normally go for Meyle or Lemforder. I think the rear anti roll bar links had the bmw part number milled off