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  1. sparkyrfc

    hello from glasgow

    welcome to a great forum Davie hope u find the right car im sure the guys will be along shortly to point u in the right direction
  2. sparkyrfc

    Redneck Sex Test

  3. The only way to pull off a Sunday afternoon “quickie†with their 8-year old son in the apartment was to send him out on the balcony with a Mars Bar and tell him to report on all the Street activities. Their 8-year old began his commentary as his parents put their plan into operation: 'There's a car being towed from the parking lot,' he shouted. 'An ambulance just drove by!' 'Looks like the Anderson 's have company,' he called out. 'Matt's riding a new bike!' 'Looks like the Sanders are moving!' 'Jason is on his skate board!' After a few moments he announced, 'The Coopers are having a shag!' Startled, his mum and dad shot up in bed! Dad cautiously called out, 'How do you know that?' 'Jimmy Cooper is standing on his balcony with a Mars Bar.'
  4. sparkyrfc

    Need cheering up?

  5. sparkyrfc

    Abusive messages through Ebay

    Good luck with the progress. I'm sure the feelings of the good forum members (99.9%) are behind you on this! +2
  6. sparkyrfc


    welcome mate pics would be nice
  7. sparkyrfc

    My clean IMOLA

    cars looking good Bal
  8. sparkyrfc

    Scottish Meet (testing the water)

    im up for a meet be nice to see Tristan n Mr Willie again n hopefully some new faces to
  9. sparkyrfc

    New Granddaughter

    Congratulations Bill
  10. http://julienki.tumb...-in-slow-motion
  11. sparkyrfc

    Best drum solo ?

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. sparkyrfc

    Hello to all

    welcome looking forward to the pics mate
  13. sparkyrfc

    The Cleanest my 5 has ever looked

    that does look very nice Karl the E39
  14. sparkyrfc

    burnner Rubber smell in the rear of the car

    could be a plastic bag got caught up round exhaust??????????
  15. sparkyrfc

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome mate uve came to to right place I've fitted 15mm to the rear of mine looks good never thought of puttin any at the front lookin forward to pics when fitted .
  16. sparkyrfc

    Going to an independent specialist

    Thats correct mate
  17. sparkyrfc

    Not a 5 but a 6.... is that okay?

    welcome mate , very nice choice the E63
  18. sparkyrfc

    E60 530d thermostat change results

    Hi that's both mine changed and running to temp no problem my mates got a 2007 530d sport so we done the same to his as it wasn't getting up to temp, main one first as it would only get up to about 78.c after change it went to 84.c so we thought Egr stat must be away so changed that also , when i changed mine as said before i could blow thru it but couldn't on his? , but we changed it anyways as we had it off its still not going above 84.c , So question is do u think the main one we fitted could be faulty????? Genuine BMW parts were used and both main stats were changed by a BMW TECH i changed both Egr stats. thanks guys
  19. sparkyrfc

    Silver trim around gearstick

    Great write up Stevie thanks
  20. sparkyrfc

    How much is a new key going to cost me?

    diamond shaped key £110.92 pickup at garage , next day delivery. As Tristan says u need proof of owenership, hope that helps
  21. sparkyrfc

    E60 530d thermostat change results

    Update on egr stat change temps now running at 92/94c , I could blow thru the old stat but not the new one so obviously it was fooked .
  22. sparkyrfc

    Council Workers

    Council Workers A guy goes to the Local Council to apply for a job. The interviewer asks him, 'Are you allergic to anything?' He answers 'Yes - caffeine' 'Have you ever been in the services?' 'Yes,' he says. 'I was in Iraq for two years.' The interviewer says, 'That will give you 5 extra points toward employment,' and then asks, 'Are you disabled in any way? The guy says, 'Yes ....a bomb exploded near me and blew my testicles off.' The interviewer tells the guy, 'O.K. In that case, I can hire you right now. Normal hours are from 8 AM to 2 PM. You can start tomorrow at 10:00 - and plan on starting at 10 AM every day.' The guy is puzzled and says, 'If the hours are from 8 AM to 2 PM, why don't you want me to be here before 10 AM?' ' 'This is a council job,' the interviewer says. 'For the first two hours we just stand around drinking coffee and scratching our bollocks, not really any point in you coming in for that.'
  23. sparkyrfc

    New member

    Welcome mate we love pictures by the way
  24. sparkyrfc

    The Smurfmobile!

  25. http://www.sportservice.lorinser.com/home.html