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  1. mattyv33

    E34 got a bit of TLC today

    Looking good! Once I move house in gonna treat mine to a good detail. Where did you get your forum sticker from if you don't mind me asking, would love one!
  2. mattyv33

    How economical are the e39 530i auto/manual

    I'm always getting 600 miles to a tank which is really surprising for a 14 year old heavy 525d. It's had a new Bosch maf, been remapped and had egr blanked off so suppose that will help. Looking to get an E39 M5 next year as I will be doing a 30 mile round trip on country lanes when I move and prefer more smiles to the gallon.
  3. mattyv33

    2003 E39 525d Sport

    Cheers, I don't know that info, where could I locate it to advise?
  4. mattyv33

    2003 E39 525d Sport

    Cheers Mick, I live in Stoke but work in Uttoxeter. I parked up in Uttoxeter Tesco car park miles out the way and when I came out there was a silver 2003 E39 sport parked next to me. It had an E39 car club sticker in the window. Looked like an E39 mini meet
  5. mattyv33

    2003 E39 525d Sport

    Thanks man, I had the wheels refurbed specifically in Anthracite because I've seen the same wheels on E39's in black and silver. I love them but each to their own I guess
  6. mattyv33

    2003 E39 525d Sport

    in the best colour.... More pics to follow when I pick my exhaust mountings up. One has perished and the exhaust is hanging down. Unfortunately I am driving our dogs car in the meantime (206 SW Quicksilver).
  7. mattyv33

    RIP Keith (Urquattro)

    R.I.P Keith
  8. mattyv33

    USA hire car with satnav already fitted?

    I took my HGV sat nav with supposed worldwide maps which didn't work, ended up stopping at the nearest Wal-Mart in Vegas and buying a TomTom for $80. 2000 miles driving around Vegas, San Fran and L.A. - best holiday ever.
  9. mattyv33

    Aquarium woes

    I have a Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle in my old Aquarium
  10. mattyv33

    Another future classic ruined by a Barry!

    Yeah which most young teens were/ are into, I used to love all those mags. Always liked Jamie @ Carisma's creations. That Gold TVR was mentle.
  11. Those seats look amazing, good luck with the sale
  12. mattyv33

    Another future classic ruined by a Barry!

    I don't mind it, sure I've seen it featured in Fast Car or Max Power in the past?
  13. mattyv33

    Collectors car prices falling?

    Prefer them lookswise
  14. mattyv33

    Collectors car prices falling?

    Prefer R33
  15. Thanks for the reply, I made a post in the E39 section which I updated yesterday - got the right alternator and the car is alive again