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  1. I wonder why you didn’t say the same when a Brexit supporter said their business would benefit?
  2. Perfect. I’ve ordered one.
  3. inkiboo

    My Dilemma

    What’s the car in question?
  4. Thread bump! Just bought an E61 and this looks a great option. Can you still access your standard iDrive settings? Thinking about M button etc. thanks.
  5. inkiboo

    Incoming ... E61 M5

    It’s here ...
  6. Have a 2007 E61 with individual audio that I would like to upgrade from CCC to CIC with Combox. Any one recommend someone to do it? Thanks
  7. inkiboo

    Incoming ... E61 M5

    Picking up an E61 M5, still under warranty, tomorrow. Somewhat excited.
  8. Actually, I’d forgotten you’d even existed.
  9. Seems good value.
  10. Interesting. What’s it on at the moment and how long left?
  11. inkiboo

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    And this one aged equally well.
  12. inkiboo

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    This has aged well.
  13. Can I just check, everyone who voted for Brexit still thinks it’s a great idea and 100% going to be awesome? Excellent. Roll on 2021.
  14. inkiboo

    E39 530i Champagne

    It has £5k of smack in the boot
  15. Makes me wish I bought a V8S Touring for £8k back in 2013. Then I remember the olive colour interior and I’m at peace! This one does look good.