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  1. inkiboo

    E39 530i Champagne

    It has £5k of smack in the boot
  2. Makes me wish I bought a V8S Touring for £8k back in 2013. Then I remember the olive colour interior and I’m at peace! This one does look good.
  3. From those jokers and with 120k miles? Ha!
  4. inkiboo


    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/coronavirus-anti-lockdown-protest-trafalgar-square-anti-vaccine-mask-hoax-a9695561.html Shame they didn’t protest when the level of infection was far higher.
  5. It was meant to be lighthearted but understand.
  6. Did we ever find out what Karl was making?
  7. Well if they are common to every small manufacturer, what laws are changing to help you?
  8. And what laws and rules are changing so you can now make this product whereas you couldn’t when we were part of the EU?
  9. As always Karl, you are long in rhetoric and short on facts. As for the “wipe your tears away” comment, it’s classic gammon to think that way. I remember your xenophobic and ill thought out rants from last time, that were matched in their stupidity only by your chavved out car. What is this magic product you will be manufacturing that will save the U.K. economy? Genuinely would love to know.
  10. And with all that manufacturing, which we could have done before so not sure why we didn’t, will be super easy to sell when we leave the largest free trade bloc in the world. It’s amazing seeing the same old, disproven arguments rolled out time and again.
  11. I find it fascinating that all those people who were banging on about the benefits of Brexit are somehow now strangely silent.
  12. I think choosing between Corbyn and Boris was like picking between syphilis and gonorrhoea; you don’t really want either. And in this analogy, Farage was Ebola.
  13. Don’t feel an idiot. You had a collection of people lying to you repeatedly for years. I’d love to look back over everything people said was Project Fear and see how much actually happened. Sad thing is, those people who lied to you are doing it all again with their fake outrage at a few hundred people arriving on boats. We have so much “control” with Brexit that we have to ask France to help! Hopefully we can muddle through and make the best of a crap situation.
  14. Hi! SAW your install of the NBT in your E39 , looked great. I am about to do the same install in my 540i and was wondering if you have a partslist avalable? 
    i have the screen, iDrive button and head unit. I also hava access to the original wiring from the f11 AS i work at a brakers yard. Any input AS to What i need and dont need would be much apreciated.

    best regards from Norway

    Eirik Andersen.

  15. inkiboo

    Ow much!!! e34 520i

    More chance of me sleeping with Kate Beckingsale.