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  1. Well ... we should really do that trip ... /M
  2. Marlow925

    4:3 to 16:9

    If your car has the 4:3 at the moment, then it's unlikely that your tuner is 16:9 capable. It'll show the picture in 4:3 on your screen after replacing the head unit. The nav will show 16:9 alright, but may randomly opt for 4:3. I had these issues and replaced the TV module also eventually. /M
  3. It's gone, sold, left the building .. today !! ... something is missing here. Last pictures with the MSport wheels instead of my BBS ones. I got near enough to asking. /M
  4. Issue is, that it's gotten so nice, that I don't want to wreck it on the roads, that I frequent daily, The irish backroads are really bad. On the other hand, as a weekend car, I have my M5, so no sense there either. I'm replacing it with something offroadable instead. Not a BMW though, as they unfortunatly never made anything for extreme offroading. /M
  5. I've decided to sell the car. It's for sale on gumtree and donedeal. Here is the donedeal ad: http://cars.donedeal.ie/for-sale/cars/3368951 /M
  6. Hi, I'm organising a trip to Silverstone (International circuit), Spa and the Ring (GP circuit and Nordschleife, but limited time available) in October. The details are on Octane.ie, but if somebody has interest, they can contact me on here. I've organised 2 trips like these before one in November last year and one in March/April this year and we had great fun for sure. /M
  7. Got bad news about 2-3 weeks ago. The car was leaking oil for some reason. We stuck it on the lift and saw this crap Something hit the oil sump screw and resultet the sump to crack. Everything below the hole for the screw is cracked. Anyhow. New oil sump fitted. All good again. Pain in the neck job though, as a whole lot of the subframe has to come down. /M
  8. Marlow925

    Lumidock - It's here and fitted! :)

    I like that. Will definatly have a gander. Thanks for sharing. /M
  9. It's the usual issue with older CD and DVD drives, that at some point, they just give up. Also, the nav-drive in the E39's mounted horizontally above the rear axle was maybe not the best plan. My M5 came with a Mk2 nav-drive, which I upgraded with a Mk4 drive, that I got for free from a mate not long ago. The drive had 2 issues, one which I was aware of, one that I wasn't aware of. The first issue was, that the firmware on the drive was a turn-by-turn based monochrome firmware for the Business head units. The files can be found on the internet. The BMW Nav Group on Yahoo and the BimmerWiki are a good ressource here. Also Navcoder and the Resler I-Bus module are essential when fitting a nav-drive from another car, as the chassis no. also needs to be coded in etc. So I went from these old fashioned screens (Nevermind the MPG. That's after trashing my M5 around a track all day long on the Kirkistown racetrack). To these much more modern screens: Anyhow, after fitting the Mk4 DVD drive, I ran into another problem: The Mk4 drive was quite worn and would only accept CD's. It couldn't read DVD's anymore. So I was still stuck with my 2001 Nav CD from my Mk2 Nav Drive. And while I don't really need much maps in Ireland, there's nothing available back then. This is about as much navigation I get Anyhow, at least I gained the newer menus etc. with the upgrade and went on a search to find another nav-drive. In my search I stumbled over a few articles, how to repair the actual drive. One of them on Xoutpost. The first gen X5 shares the same iBus and Nav-drive as the E39 and E46, so happy days. There are two ways to repair the drive. One is to replace the laser itself. Not something, I'd like to do. The other one is to replace the drive-internals, which is a self-contained unit. These units are sold at a webshop in the Netherlands: Navigatie-Onderdelen.nl, who have loads of different nav-drives. The drive used in the E39 is called "DVD M3 4.6" and can be found here for about 125 EUR + shipping. 2nd hand nav-drives go for the likes of 400-500 EUR and you still don't know when that drive is going to fail or what state it is in. So 125 EUR for brand new drive internals sounded good to me. The drive arrived today Remember to take out your Nav CD/DVD out of the old drive, before disconnecting and removing it. Removing the lid of the nav-drive, obviously breaking the warranty seal is easy. Just careful push it up, maybe with a screwdriver or so. There are 4 Torx T8 screws, that need to be removed. Turn the DVD-drive carefully around and unclip the two cables underneath The new drive installed Turned around again, all the screws back in and the lid closed again and that's the job done. Takes 10 minutes, max. And voila, now with the 2011 dual-layer DVD loaded, it all works Hope this helps a few peeps. /M
  10. Sad news. I found that the car was leaking something (oil/fuel) yesterday, so when I picked up my M5 at my mechanic, we had a look underneath. Somewhere, I must have hit the sump screw with a rock or on a bump or something. Anyhow, it has been squashed sideways and cracked the sump. Disaster ! So I'm going to hunt the breakers for a sump today. Pretty much. I head the whole car excluding the roof repainted, when I got it. Problem was, that even the roof started to peel within one week after that. So with the bumpers changed now, I also had that solved. /M
  11. A bit exhaust noise. There's no picture, as it was filmed by night. Also, it's a bit runging, as it's a GoPro in a waterproof casing directly over the exhaust pipes. Hard to believe, it's a diesel. /M
  12. Nope. But you know, irish and scottish roads aren't far off from Titanic climates Bit of work there, obviously. /M
  13. Marlow925

    E39 525i Touring.

    Front to back ? Or upside down ? /M
  14. Marlow925

    It can be done, and it's easy. M5 LSD in my 540

    Ah. That would make very little difference to the 3.15 of the M5 diff so. The LSD might be a bit grippier in the M3 Evo diff though. /M
  15. Marlow925

    Self levelling headlights?

    NonAE is Non Angeleyes. The lights he's referring to are pre-facelift lights with Xenons. /M