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  1. Carlton

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Parked it because it feels like the torque converter clutch is starting to slip, need to find time to get that sorted.
  2. Carlton

    Problem with brake pads wear sensor

    The sensor is nothing more than a wire that loops around, when it wears through on the disc the contact breaks and the warning light goes on. Nothing electronic about it so I wouldn't spend more than I had to on one. You can also go really cheap and cut the old sensor wire near where it connects to the car loom and just solder the two wires in it together, this will look the same as an unbroken sensor to the car. Of course you then have to manually keep an eye on brake pad wear.
  3. Carlton

    530D power loss before 2500k

    Pump probably just has some fuel run through it at the factory for storage protection, I would not worry about it. Vacuum hoses as Ray says, only turbo one is needed, none of the other ones will give errors as long as the solenoids are connected electrically.
  4. Carlton

    Mass airflow sensor

    I used a Delphi sensor on my 330ci and it's been fine for a few years now. Are you 100% positive the sensor is bad? Air intake leaks can give MAF errors too and are common on these engines (vacuum hoses/ blind plugs on back of manifold, torn intake boots, crankcase ventilation components)
  5. Carlton

    530D power loss before 2500k

    I used an aftermarket pump. I had to crack the old pump's hose attachment to get the hose off, it was very very stuck on there. Ended up crushing it with pliers then fishing the bits out of the hose. I recommend replacing the tank seal as well because mine leaked when I reused it, leaving me with a brimmed tank slowly leaking from the top and no way to replace it without risking a bigger mess until the fuel level had dropped. The tank seal is easy to misalign and should be double checked before closing things up. Seal is installed on tank and then pump housing lowered into it. Part no of tank seal is # 16 11 1 184 084 , its now blue instead of the original black one.
  6. Carlton

    530D power loss before 2500k

    First thing I'd suggest is to check all of the vacuum lines, particularly the one for the turbo actuator. Runs from under the manifold across the front and top of the engine and then to a vacuum reservoir, and then there is another line to the solenoid, and one more short line from the solenoid to the servo on the turbo. Also make sure the arm on the turbo attached to the vacuum servo hasn't come loose.
  7. Carlton

    Thoughts on ownership - First year

    Sounds like you have all the most common points tackled, just things to be expected when running an older car. Brake line rust is also common but may well have been dealt with already at this age, same with crankcase ventilation system. DISA is by no means a guaranteed failure, my 220k mile E46 is still on its first one. Can't hurt to remove and inspect though. Transmission oil and filter swap will make it shift smoother although ultimately it will need a rebuild at some point when the frictions wear out. There aren't that many things that will really kill an M54 unexpectedly, although one issue that can is water buildup in the cubby that the brake booster is in, as this can eventually lead to water ingestion. There is a drain opening at the bottom but it's very hard to see. There is another one below the electronics box on the other side which is impossible to see but can be cleared with a flexible hose or such. Something to keep an eye on.
  8. Carlton

    Anyone driven to Germany from UK

    Germany requires winter tyres in "wintery conditions" only, so if it's not snowing or freezing at the time and place you are driving, you do not need them. Not having them in wintery conditions can get you a fine and you can also be found partially at fault in accidents where you would otherwise not be. Germany is also very strict in allowing only the correct tyre sizes to be fitted (ie just the ones listed on the B pillar sticker). It's only ever Brits that I still see driving around the continent with a giant ugly country code sticker on the back, this hadn't been required for a long time if your plate had a GB mark in the blue section. With Brexit, they've made it even more confusing by now requiring a UK sticker instead and any GB stickers are supposed to be removed. I can't imagine there being any real enforcement of this, it's not like not having the correct sticker is going to stop French/German police from sending you speeding tickets. Still, if you want things to be correct: If your number plate includes the UK identifier with the Union flag (also known as the Union Jack), you do not need a UK sticker. However, you will need to display a UK sticker clearly on the rear of your vehicle if your number plate has any of the following: a GB identifier with the Union flag a Euro symbol a national flag of England, Scotland or Wales numbers and letters only - no flag or identifier If you’re in Spain, Cyprus or Malta, you must display a UK sticker no matter what is on your number plate. If you have a GB sticker, cover or remove it before driving outside the UK. From https://www.gov.uk/displaying-number-plates/flags-symbols-and-identifiers
  9. Carlton

    Steering wheel fitting?

    Easy way to tell when shopping is to look at the hole for the wires, it's larger and more square shaped on dual stage wheels. Below is a 2 stage wheel, compare to yours above.
  10. Carlton

    Bumper damage - write off?

    Looks like it can be made presentable again for a few hundred with a used bumper cover and touch up, doesn't look like anything structural was damaged. Don't be pressured into accepting whatever their insurance company offers, especially their first offer - don't say yes if they call you, just say you want to think it over. If it's not acceptable to you, get some professional legal advice. My experience is that it will more than pay for itself when dealing with insurance companies.
  11. Nice work. I recently acquired a 735i that has the occasional startup rattle and vanos ticking when warm so I may be following in your footsteps at some point. I'd be interested to hear if your car still has the startup rattle once done. I've read various reports on this, some say it never goes away permanently. The chain on my car looks new so it may have been done already, I've not found a way to easily get a look at the guides yet.
  12. Carlton

    Sudden overheat

    I've also seen cars where the fan shroud was out of place because someone had replaced the radiator and failed to transfer the rubber mounts it sits on. It'll go back together and look ok-ish without them but the fan clearance is reduced by about 3cm, enough that (especially with worn engine mounts) the fan can eventually make contact. #5 in the picture. They tend to catch on something and drop off when the radiator is pulled up, easy to miss and lose if you aren't familiar with these cars. There's one on each side.
  13. Wouldn't worry too much if it was a plastic funnel, it's not uncommon to find bits of gasket and other gunk in an oil pan, most of it just settles at the bottom. It's good to have it looked at just to be sure there isn't some big piece blocking an oil return hole but I doubt serious harm was done.
  14. Carlton

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

    Could just be an accessory bearing but I'd definitely want to pin-point it before committing to it. If car is otherwise good it may be worth paying a few tenners to have a local mechanic check it out. If seller refuses, walk away.
  15. Carlton

    Windshield wipers issue

    The code is for the return signal and both of the relays (or the combined tall relay if the car has that). The return signal is just a switch that is triggered when the motor reaches the park position, which the control module sees so it knows when to actually disengage the relay to turn off the motor (so the wipers finish their stroke if you turn them off mid-stroke) It also monitors the motor voltage drop via this line so it knows if the motor is drawing too much current. Problem is that any faults here can be triggered by electrical faults anywhere in the system: wiring, motor, relays, grounds etc. Even just testing the system without the relay installed may have triggered it. Since you've reset the codes, see if they recur and go from there.