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  1. Carlton

    G31 Tyres - 275/35 R19 (BAD NEWS)

    Getting rid of the run flats was the best thing I ever did on my F10. It was much quieter and it rode much better after that (there's a certain harshness to the ride with run flats, not unlike driving with overinflated tyres - it went away completely after going to normal tyres). Unlike the F10, the G30 can be ordered without run flats, so there's really no reason to keep them "because it came that way". BMW provides an inflation/sealing device if the car was ordered without run flats.
  2. Carlton

    530i heater issues

    Could be many things, you really have to get in there and find some more info. Coolant level still ok? It's not uncommon for small pockets of air to work their way out over a few days after filling. Did they replace the pressure cap as well, these have a tendency to go bad causing a loss of pressure in the cooling system which can cause steam pockets to form. Heater valves worth having a look at. These degrade and cause unequal heat distribution left/right. Should be able to feel them cycling. Do all hoses going to the firewall get hot when the heater is turned on? Does the AC compressor clutch engage? There's a few AC hoses that are in the way when removing the radiator, any manhandling of these could cause a leak. Is the electric radiator fan working? Should come on on high if you use the "max ac" setting. That setting should also override any control to the heater valves and they will be closed.
  3. Carlton

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    The new starter/generator should also be able to restart the engine before it has completely stopped, which should make start/stop smoother and less annoying to use.
  4. Carlton

    M54 fan shroud

    Good writeup, one thing I'll add that is that once you know where all the bolts are, you can in fact get the undercovers off and back on without raising the car. All you need is a stubby screwdriver and a bit of floor gymnastics (the screws near the transmission are the hardest to reach, but you can get to them by lying on your back and using your foot to hold the panel up while you do them up). Done it that way many times. The front panel will come off without undoing the entire rear panel too, although you have to loosen most of the screws. Replace the shroud if it's badly cracked or it will eventually flap about and break the fan blade and if you're unlucky, the radiator as well. Lesson learned the hard way.
  5. Carlton

    e60 523i crankshaft position sensor error

    Have a good look at the connector, I've seen several where the oil had wicked itself from the sensor, through the cable and into the connector. If there is oil in there it could cause bad contact obviously.
  6. Carlton

    New Windscreen Time

    The camera brackets come bonded to the windshield already, the fitter just needs to do the replacement and calibration. This one is from my F10 but the G30 was similar. I had the windshields on both cars replaced by a windshield specialist and they were well familiar with all the procedures. They need to drive the car a bit for the recalibration, a printed report was handed to me afterwards. No issues whatsoever.
  7. Carlton

    Wiper service position

    No, I did it exactly as described yesterday and it worked. Think you had to do it that way on the F10.
  8. Carlton

    Wiper service position

    Figured this out today, might be helpful to some. To get the wipers into the service position: -Unlock car as usual -Do not press start/stop button -Move the wiper lever all the way down to the last stop and hold it there -The windshield wipers will go through a few cycles and then stop near vertical, providing convenient access to both wipers. To restore normal function, start the car and press the wiper lever down once more.
  9. Carlton

    G30 LCI

    BMW does still offer a rear drive only 530d, they are in the LCI Dutch pricelist - both sedan and touring so I can't imagine there being some technical reason for it. Maybe BMW UK trying to force people into expensive package deals. A dealer may be able to custom order a RWD car for you.
  10. Carlton

    About to pull the trigger on a new G30 530d

    If you value comfort, make sure you're not getting run-flat tyres. Having seemingly learned their lesson with the F10, BMW now makes available both run-flat and non-runflat tyres from the factory on most wheel sizes for the G30. Huge difference in noise and comfort.
  11. Carlton

    520d/530d conundrum.

    I have a 530d in otherwise extremely basic spec and I would not trade the engine for any amount of gizmos. The engine is just an absolute pleasure. Very muted but pleasant engine sound. Even if you floor it, it stays refined and it pulls like an absolute madman. The effortlessness with which this car picks up speed on the motorway is astounding. On my RWD car (with mostly motorway driving) I'm averaging 44mpg (6.4 l/100km) which I think is really quite good. Have not driven the 520d but I have driven the 320d with the same engine, it's a decent engine but really not in the same class. My advice would be to go for the six, if you're even asking this question you will probably regret going for the 4 cylinder. The 6 will not disappoint.
  12. Carlton

    19 plate headlights

    I have the basic LEDs too and I found them at least as good as the xenons in the F10. The lights are self levelling but this is only to compensate for the car tilting, the baseline still needs to be set manually. It's really not hard, just use the adjusting screws to turn the beam up somewhat until you have a good throw. As a ballpark figure, park 40-50m behind a car and make sure your beam cutoff is not it hitting above the bumper. It helps to throw a towel over the light you're not adjusting so you can clearly see the beam move. Should you find you've overdone it and you're getting flashed by oncoming traffic, turn them back down a turn. It's really not brain surgery.
  13. Sold my F10, going to be moving up to the G30 section. Actually this happened 6 weeks ago already, but I figured I would give it a few weeks and then post my experience. I moved from a LCI F11 530D x-drive to a G31 530d rwd, both with standard suspension. My experience so far: -G30 is a lot quieter -F11 steering feel was better (mine still had hydraulic steering, now electric on the G30. It's better than it was in my pre-LCI 528i F11 but still not great) -G30 considerably better on fuel. Went from 8.0l/100 km to 6.4 l/100km. Probably a combination of not having of x-drive, lower weight, newer engine generation -G30 feels a bit smaller to drive, doesn't feel as huge -G30 530d B57 engine is a pleasure, I was entirely happy with the N57 performance wise but they've made it even better somehow. Smoother and pulls stronger, it's lost a bit in the sound department though. N57 had that nice rumble to it, B57 is more muted. -F11 had better mirrors, don't really like the new shape on the G30. They moved the widest part of the mirror to the top, I'd rather have it at the bottom for reversing etc. -Interior quality I'd say is the same.
  14. Carlton

    Removing run-flats

    Went to 19" non-RFT and it rides better on those than it did even on 17" with RFT. RFTs cause this high frequency vibration / roughness in the ride that kills the comfort. I carry one of my winter wheels as a spare, takes up a bit of space of course but nothing beats having a full sized spare, runflats/foam/space savers are all stopgap measures at best.
  15. I had similar hesitation/stumbling with 6cyl 528i. I could get it to throw a fault by starting the engine cold and letting it idle for a few minutes without touching the gas at all. It would start misfiring and throw an error code eventually. Dealer had it a few times and the eventual fix was to replace all 6 injectors to the tune of €1200 (under warranty thankfully).