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  1. I had similar hesitation/stumbling with 6cyl 528i. I could get it to throw a fault by starting the engine cold and letting it idle for a few minutes without touching the gas at all. It would start misfiring and throw an error code eventually. Dealer had it a few times and the eventual fix was to replace all 6 injectors to the tune of €1200 (under warranty thankfully).
  2. Carlton

    Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    It's more than you expected because you've used 245/45R19 there, the correct size is 245/40R19. With that size the difference with the 135/90 spare drops to half a percent.
  3. Carlton

    Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    Basically that E60 spare wheel is too small (in diameter) for the F10. It will work in a pinch but you will be driving with a wrong size wheel, which will cause the ABS/stability control to throw a fit and probably stop working. I'd also avoid using it on a driven axle for any length of time because the diameter difference will put a lot of extra strain on the differential (and transfer box if x-drive) It will get you off the size of the road but if you want to be able to drive it for more than a few miles I'd recommend getting a correct size spare tire (or use a full size, I use a full size from the winter/summer set) M14x1.25 is the correct thread for the F10, the E60 used M12x1.5 so that's probably what you have there.
  4. Carlton

    F10 530d, Good or Bad

    Coming from a decade of e39 530d it took a bit of getting used to the F10. It's huge and it can be hard to tell where it begins and where it ends, guess that's because of today's trend of high belt lines and tiny windows, although the F10 is by no means the worst offender in this category (some of the new X cars are ludicrous). Interior, while far better than the E60, is still not quite up to E39 quality levels. Fuel consumption is higher than E39 (probably because of the added DPF and size/weight). That's about it for the bad. On the upside, the engine is fantastic, it just pulls like a train at any speed. I'm as much of a horsepower snob as anyone but for a daily driver I really fail to see how you'd need more power than this. Also it sounds really nice, it's still a diesel of course but it makes a nice noise I think. No comparison at all with the 4 cyl. Autobox is really good, smooth and quick gear changes. So far nothing has gone wrong, owned it for one year now.
  5. Carlton

    Parking ticket Belgium

    Yea that number with the three zeros is the creditor reference number, it says you have to list it on the bank transfer. The "gestructureerde mededeling" is a (Belgian) term for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creditor_Reference The IBAN and BIC are listed, the "mobiliteitsbedrijf stad Gent" is the account holder's name. Says you have 14 days from receipt of this note to pay. Rest is basically standard legalese for a parking ticket. As to paying or not, I couldn't say. They're definitely going after foreign drivers lately, I got a Belgian speeding ticket in the mail last month. First time in 20 years I got a ticket from outside the country. I paid it, didn't seem worth the risk to let it escalate.
  6. Carlton

    Parking ticket Belgium

    UK is part of the Cross-border enforcement as of last year so all European states can get your address now based on your license plate. They are supposed to write you in English though. If you want to post it I can translate it for you if you want.
  7. Was at the dealer this morning and they said they are currently doing replacements on 4 cylinders and the 6 cylinders are starting in november. On the 6 cyl it's initially only an inspection, not an automatic replacement. This is in the Netherlands so there may be come difference in timing in the UK and elsewhere (same thing happened with the E46 airbag recall) I have some minor coolant usage on my 530d so I will keep an eye on this recall and post new information as I get it.
  8. Carlton

    Coolant location

    Think there may have been a step type level indicator inside the bottle, I don't remember exactly and I've gone back to a diesel so I can't go out and check unfortunately.
  9. Carlton

    F10 2015 multifunctional dash info

    Don't think you can get the map display in the instrument cluster on the BMW, just the arrow, road name and lane display in the middle. I have not found a way anyway. One other useful feature is that if you set the distance units to miles or kilometers in the main options menu, the speedometer changes along with it. Useful if you're going to the continent or vice versa.
  10. Carlton

    Coolant location

    Yes that is the correct one. Should take about 250ml to go from min to max, you may want to mix the coolant and water in a measuring cup before pouring it in.
  11. Carlton

    F11 jacking up vehicle

    I have my garage floor tiled as well, it will be fine if you use the proper tile. I went to a tile expert and specified I wanted something suitable for a garage and with high point loading. They knew which tile range to use, only had 3 colours to choose from but whatever, it's a garage. It's been in there for 10 years now and not one has cracked, even with entire cars resting on four metal jackstands. They also stand up really well to oil spills and chemicals, wipe clean with brake cleaner and no discoloration at all.
  12. Carlton

    just found leaks from front of car

    I chased a similar leak and it was actually down to the windshield washer tank, when it gets hot water (and antifreeze, which gives it the slick feeling) escapes from the cap and settles on the hood and then makes it way down. See if you get any wetness on the hood above the windshield washer tank cap right after a drive.
  13. Carlton

    Alloy wheel fittment

    One thing to note is that some of the larger wheels use a wider tyre and rim on the rear axle of the saloon, but the touring does not. I don't think the 17" wheels came in wider variants so you should be fine on those. I have a set of styling 327 17" as a winter set and they fit fine on my 530XD.
  14. Carlton

    Buying a F10 Petrol

    I had an N53 528i which was a complete headache that went back to the dealer 6 times in the five months I owned it. Got rid of it after that and went with a 530d which has been flawless so far (8 months). Caveat emptor. Your 04 530i might still be an M54 which is probably the best all-round petrol engine BMW made in the last 30 years, I don't think any of the F10 petrol engines come near it in terms of smoothness, sound and longevity.
  15. Carlton

    First world F10-series problems

    Don't like the feel of the bottom spoke of the M-sport steering wheel. All of the steering wheel feels nice and solid except when you end up gripping that part, it's plasticy and thin feeling. I have cursed whoever swapped the volume controls from left to right on the steering wheel countless times. I still own some E46's with the volume on the left so I'm always confused. Don't like the indicator lever that doesn't stay in position like every other indicator lever in the last 100 years. I noticed they've gone back to a normal one on recent cars so I'm probably not the only one that hated it. Wish they'd go back to a normal gear selector switch too, regular PRND pattern with a solid lever please instead of this masterpiece of German overcomplication.