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  1. Carlton

    Sudden overheat

    I've also seen cars where the fan shroud was out of place because someone had replaced the radiator and failed to transfer the rubber mounts it sits on. It'll go back together and look ok-ish without them but the fan clearance is reduced by about 3cm, enough that (especially with worn engine mounts) the fan can eventually make contact. #5 in the picture. They tend to catch on something and drop off when the radiator is pulled up, easy to miss and lose if you aren't familiar with these cars. There's one on each side.
  2. Wouldn't worry too much if it was a plastic funnel, it's not uncommon to find bits of gasket and other gunk in an oil pan, most of it just settles at the bottom. It's good to have it looked at just to be sure there isn't some big piece blocking an oil return hole but I doubt serious harm was done.
  3. Carlton

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

    Could just be an accessory bearing but I'd definitely want to pin-point it before committing to it. If car is otherwise good it may be worth paying a few tenners to have a local mechanic check it out. If seller refuses, walk away.
  4. Carlton

    Windshield wipers issue

    The code is for the return signal and both of the relays (or the combined tall relay if the car has that). The return signal is just a switch that is triggered when the motor reaches the park position, which the control module sees so it knows when to actually disengage the relay to turn off the motor (so the wipers finish their stroke if you turn them off mid-stroke) It also monitors the motor voltage drop via this line so it knows if the motor is drawing too much current. Problem is that any faults here can be triggered by electrical faults anywhere in the system: wiring, motor, relays, grounds etc. Even just testing the system without the relay installed may have triggered it. Since you've reset the codes, see if they recur and go from there.
  5. Nice work. Which cam holder tool is that? Looks a bit nicer than the chinese kit I've seen.
  6. Carlton

    E39 blower

    The fuses in question are called Maxi Fuses and searching for one of those should give plenty of results. They're a pain to reach though, it's much easier to remove the FSU and check for voltage at the plug. There's 4 thick wires and one thin wire on it. One of the thick wires should show 12v even with ignition off, if it does then the fuses are okay.
  7. Carlton

    Windshield wipers issue

    It's unlikely to be the module, it just monitors the wipers for current draw and if it sees things out of the ordinary it will disable the wipers (and/or washers) for a few minutes. Basically a protection in case the wipers are frozen to the windshield. If the wiring checks out, you can try disconnecting the linkage at the motor and letting it run for a while to see if the problem recurs (pointing to an issue with the motor) and check out the linkage at the same time. It's kind of hard to describe what "normal" feels like but disconnecting the various points and cleaning/regreasing them may be worth it. Wiper arms should move easily with one finger push while motor is disconnected.
  8. Carlton

    Windshield wipers issue

    Definitely still sounds like it's the general module going into protection mode. Since you've done the relay, it's going to most likely be the wiring, the wiper motor or excessive physical resistance in the linkage.
  9. Carlton

    Windshield wipers issue

    When the wipers stop, do they stop in a particular position? Can you make them go again using the single wipe function? Inspect the relay base for burnt connectors/wiring, sometimes the wiring gets damaged by and old relay running hot. Relay base can be pulled up from its mounting bracket by moving the plastic slider to make inspecting easier.
  10. Carlton

    PDF brochures

    I'd call a dealer and ask one of the sales reps if they can send you the current price list via email, I'm sure they'll be happy to comply. Alternatively, build a car to your liking in the configurator and ask them to make you an offer for that, nobody pays the list price anyway.
  11. Carlton

    PDF brochures

    It's kind of hidden down at the bottom of the configurator page. https://www.bmw.co.uk/en/topics/discover/forms/oli_bmw_rfi_copy.html Looks like BMW UK makes you give them your email address, you can get the Dutch ones without doing so if you prefer, option codes are all the same although the packages aren't. https://www.bmw.nl/nl/specials/prijslijst-brochure.html
  12. Carlton

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The old ones all seem to go bad sooner or later. The newer style one you got (with more cooling spikes) seem to last forever, I have not had to replace one.
  13. Nice report, seems like an unusual issue for the E39. Had a car once that would misfire and throw key errors randomly, chased that for weeks until I eventually found that tapping the engine control module in the right place would make the problem come and go. Diagnosis is the brunt of the work sometimes. It's entirely likely that it's just a freak occurrence, I don't think I'd modify another module. Just a random stroke of bad luck.
  14. Carlton

    Windshield wipers issue

    Sounds like it's going into an excessive current protection mode, this is fairly common on the rear wipers on Tourings where it will stop working completely (including the washer) until the car has been turned off for a while, this is caused by excessive drag in the wiper pivot. Had the same happen on the front washers because the headlight washer motor was shorting out, all washers went dead until car had a chance to reset. You may want to inspect/clean/lube linkage and pivots.
  15. Carlton

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced AC condenser which had a slow leak. Opted to go with the radiator out method. Once the radiator is out, the transmission and power steering coolers can be unclipped from the holding bracket (without disconnecting the lines) and then the condenser and holding bracket can be removed together. Cleaned 25 years' worth of dead bugs and leaves that had turned into a big oily mess.