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  1. Lee540

    Ebay / PayPal fees - WTF?

    advertise it for £230? perhaps at higher price it'll still sell and you'll get the £200 that you initially wanted..
  2. Lee540

    Another dead e28 M5..

    Saw this on PH this afternoon.. http://www.pistonheads.co.uk/news/default.asp?storyId=26161 Anyone from here?! Reminded me of this thread from a few months back.. http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/64043-the-m5-is-dead-long-live-the-m5/ damage in different part of the car though.. same tree?!
  3. Lee540

    I almost came back...

    People know me too well! ha! I collect it tonight and then I'm away for the weekend so hopefully I'm not wanting to sell it on by next weekend!
  4. Lee540

    I almost came back...

    Hi Guys, After selling Veg a couple months ago, as some of you know I bought a Gen 7 Celica 190.. and well.. its gone already! Lasted 4 weeks! I hated it soooooooooo much! Went car shopping yesterday and tried allsorts.. even an E60 520d M-Sport.. but.. I didn't buy it.. I went for a 2009 Audi A3 2.0 TDi 170 S-Line instead.. back in a German car at least anyway! This probs best car forum I've ever been a member of, so that made me want the E60 but I just preferred the Audi. Haven't logged in for a while, so best have a look around.. Cheers Lee
  5. Its on the aerial I think
  6. Lee540

    This is the best car ive ever seen.

    Not into the AC alloys or 'stance' but looks ok.. Certainly wouldn't look twice if it drove past me in the street though..
  7. Lee540

    Parcel to go anyone?

    I have also used the collectplus, little worrying though first time as the women behind the counter didn't know what I was on about, she didn't realise that the shop where she worked was on the map! Got sorted in the end, its good for small/medium items. Guess I've just been lucky.. only ever had issues with Parcelforce and APC.
  8. Lee540

    Parcel to go anyone?

    http://www.parcel2go.com/ <---- I have used these people about 5 times now and perfect eveytime.. you have to select which company you want to use, they are like a company which just arranges pickup's and deliveries. What company are you talking about?
  9. Lee540

    Wheels - to refurb or to sell / swap?

    Style 33's are cool! I wish they came in 17" or 18" sizes as well..
  10. Lee540

    Cars with high mileages

    Bought my 540i on 152k and sold on 166k, no major issues at all! Just general wear.. came with FSH and sold with same FSH
  11. Lee540

    Wheels - to refurb or to sell / swap?

    I used these guys.. http://www.alloywheelclinic.co.uk/autoshine-wheel-refurbs.html
  12. Lee540

    Wheels - to refurb or to sell / swap?

    As a price guide perhaps.. I had my Style 32's completely refurbished.. - Tyres removed - Chemical dipped and then cleaned - Machined and fully repaired - Powercoated - Tyres re-fitted, new valves and balanced Total cost £220 (Same price for all 17" wheels), £260 for 18's
  13. Lee540

    Dilemna with the 540i..

    Had same prob as well, turned out to be fail wheel bearings messing my sensors up..
  14. Lee540

    Classic beetles

    I love them as well but dont have the balls to buy one!