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  1. CarlBM

    E39 front wing - Free

    I have a near side/passenger side front wing. It’s in primer and rust free, bought it to replace a wing on my car but repaired the rust as it was just surface. Sold the car in January, so have no use for it now. Free if anybody wants, collection only though I’m afraid. leigh on sea - Essex.
  2. CarlBM

    E39 Stereo upgrade ICE *reduced again

    Reduced again..
  3. CarlBM

    E39 SOLD

    front end pictures added, with close up of the small stone chips
  4. CarlBM

    E39 SOLD

    previous page in the service history book.
  5. CarlBM

    E39 SOLD

    When it required a service (the interval indicator that comes up on the dash) this has always been done by a very good indi garage during my ownership. If anything went wrong or I thought needed replacing within my ability I would always buy OEM or good replacement parts. Things outside my ability were always done by the garage, such as when they replaced the rusty brake lines under the car. I will add a front end picture tomorrow morning.
  6. CarlBM

    E39 SOLD

    I had rust on the boot lid and petrol cap area, but that was sorted years ago, not returned since. End of last year i had rust on the drivers rear sill, this was cut out and new metal in and painted , all done by a bodyshop. I think there's surface on the very corner of the front door. Other than that pretty solid i believe. Gearbox is fine, but no service. suspension is fine. I haven't had the opportunity to change car for years due to poor credit history, end of last year this was resolved finally. Had been looking to jump ship to a 335i coupe as the kids are old enough to not need feerying about , but a low mileage 330i came up literally on my door stop so took the plunge. forgot the last question, I honestly don't know what extras were available to the car, it has the satnav version. The only thing I can think of was the double glazing, which it does not have.
  7. CarlBM

    E39 SOLD

    Its located on my partners driveway in Leigh on sea. But pretty much Southend.
  8. CarlBM

    E39 SOLD

    2003 E39 530i Sport - limited edition Aegean blue car now sold to the first viewer.
  9. CarlBM

    E39 Stereo upgrade ICE *reduced again

    Thanks Dennis, your help was most appreciated when i was investing in it.
  10. CarlBM

    E39 Stereo upgrade ICE *reduced again

    Leigh on sea - Essex
  11. I have removed the aftermarket ICE from my car as I am in the process of selling the car. It was removed last weekend and worked perfectly fine at the time. I am placing it for sale on here first as some of it is very specific to the E39, such as the door baffles and sub box fit perfectly for the car. Initially I am looking to sell as a complete lot. Everything you need baring a few additional speaker cabling for a great set up. It is over £1200 worth of equipment if brought new. Lowered to £450 Head Unit (+facia you see in the picture) Alpine ILX-700 Hertz Amplifier - HDP5 (+various cabling - fused live wire/negative cable/rca's) 5 channel digital amp Hertz DSK165 front component speakers (currently mounted in specific baffles for the E39) Hertz DCX130 rear parcel shelf speakers Hertz ES250D 10" sub (mounted within the box specific for the angle of the E39 boot and sized for the sub)
  12. CarlBM

    E39 BM54 amp

    Does anybody have a BM54 unit lying about? Taken my stereo out of the car, plugged all the original back in and no sound. Assuming its this unit. Thank you.
  13. CarlBM

    Hi everyone!

    Just thought I would share that I bought my M5 folding wing mirrors from these guys. Colour match was perfect as was fit, still no issues with them 4+ years later excellent quality. Carl.
  14. CarlBM

    ABS hell (sorry)

    This sounds similar to the woes I had with mine, I sent mine to BBA and it worked for about a day, then my dash lit up like a xmas tree. I ended sending the unit back to BBA again and they said was fooked. Ended up buying a new module unit and all has been fine since. If I had a recommendation I would send it back to BBA again and get them to check it further to rule it out before replacing other parts, 9 times out of 10 I read it always the module.