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  1. e39rob

    Just to confirm - Are these broken?

    Easy fix is to use couple of washers so holds in did similar thing on my old rs.
  2. That is well sweet love it
  3. I defently prefer champagne 1 to 2s
  4. e39rob

    Headlight washers

    Hi Frank, I have not got round to fitting them at the moment the rattling noise aka my bumper and cutting nuts off it and fitting my rear pdc are taking 1st priority at the mo,it is on my list though you will have to let me know how you get on.
  5. e39rob

    Pictures and part numbers need of.....

    Right after having no luick from the guy i bought my bits from off ebay i went down the scrappy and after some fettliing I came back with How easy is it to take off the rear shelf?? How do you doit? As couldnt work out how at scrapyard i have split folding seats..
  6. e39rob

    Wheeler Dealers - New series heads up

    Im looking forward to next weeks episode i have met edd a few times he has his own company and used to come to where i used to work for parts.
  7. e39rob

    Pictures and part numbers need of.....

    I dont know i presum it did it has got the holes it uses to mount but also has a long curve and some bolts, u couldnt take a pic of that for me could you netmgr and gong mounting?
  8. e39rob

    Pictures and part numbers need of.....

    Can somebody take a picture of there pdc unit and poss wiring?where it is mounted as i have tried mounting it on pic above and defentlty doesnt fit and bracket wrong shape. will somebody be able to code it for me once have installed it? local to bucks/berks??
  9. e39rob

    Pictures and part numbers need of.....

    arrrr ok so missing a loom any body have a spare or got a part number? thanks netmgr
  10. e39rob

    Pictures and part numbers need of.....

    This is what i have what am i missing?? bmw p/n is 6904 010
  11. I have just got my my bmw rear pdc arrive from ebay today BUT can anybody show me a picture of where the reversing ecu and bracket mount in the boot also whereabouts the bong mounts and the wiring for the bong to the ecu.As i have the loom with the sensors and the white plug that gos into the ecu,What am i missing? What lead powers it? how/where does the gong connect up?? Thanks
  12. I dont need to worry if they are the wrong ones i will swap them as I used to work for powerflex and get them for free lol
  13. It is nice but you could have a M3(e46) or (E36) and a M5(E39) with some change..
  14. I was thinking of using car ramps so it will give enough height to get at them?? Ok I will look into the brackets as didnt know they had any Hmm think I will see how the fronts go..!
  15. Do the arb bushes just prise out? or undo a bolt? Im replacing them with powerflex items.