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  1. E39Man

    BMW, Westfield or scaffold piece?

    The original pic I posted wasn't the best and have posted better one below (It's more of a tubular/cylinder shape) I was thinking if the metal piece was from my car then it might be something to hold the exhaust in place for example? But I can't really tell? Might be unrelated but the Westfield car was nearly stolen about a month ago
  2. I've been using Sage for a few months with a decent deal from my accountant. My thoughts: It has a nice and easy UI - navigation mostly ok but Im still getting used to using it Purely web based system so you'll need internet access to edit Bank account sync is a faff for me, and will be for you if you usually use multi-factor authentication to log in you bank account
  3. E39Man

    Worx Hydroshot

    I've got one and also bought the larger 4.0Ah Lithium Battery. Managed to wash car and bike with plenty of battery remaining. Some youtubers say the larger battery adds power but haven't done any tests myself. If anyone's thinking about buying one just remember its kind of halfway between a hose and pressure washer. The most annoying thing about it so far is the clamp that secures the hose to the bucket keeps falling off the edge. Other than that small issue I think it's pretty good
  4. E39Man

    BMW, Westfield or scaffold piece?

    Hmm if you mean the part highlight here, then it no I don't think it looks like that specific part:
  5. Found this sturdy metal piece underneath my car, approx under the radiator area. Im guessing its not from my car right?! Can someone confirm please? No visible markings, the hole in the centre has a screw/bolt thread. Im guessing it's either from the Westfield car parked next to mine or fallen from scaffold works going on 10-15m away. Either way it's worrying how it made its way underneath my car?!
  6. E39Man

    2002 e39 530d Sport - Breaking - Final Parts

    Interested in rear bumper, will send pm
  7. E39Man

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Could be interested in the headlights and one of the Mafs.
  8. E39Man

    E39 Sport Saloon Rear Bumper

    still looking and can be any colour
  9. E39Man

    E39 Sport Saloon Rear Bumper

    In need of E39 Sport Saloon Rear Bumper. Preferably in black. Willing to collect. (Im in London)
  10. E39Man

    Replacing headlight adjusters

    Thanks a lot!
  11. E39Man

    Windscreen washer parts

    Hi Can I get individual prices for: 1. Washer Jets - 61668361042 2. Gasket - 61668364190 3. Holder - 61668364203 Chassis: CE61637 Thanks
  12. E39Man

    Replacing headlight adjusters

    Hi Dan, Do you have a link for the lights? Was it easy to retrofit the xenon bits? I replaced a pair of adjusters late last night only to discover one of the exterior plastic 10mm hex adjusters is broken, I have a spare but installing requires even more patience than I have
  13. E39Man

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    When you say engine was rough at idle - was the car shaking or vibrating as well? I need to change my CCV but it's a pig of a job to do
  14. E39Man

    Cold start engine noise

    Can anyone help diagnose this 'ch ch ch' sound? It usually happens for a few mins from a cold start in the morning. The sound fades away when car has warmed up approx 5-10min later.