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  1. Started a new job a couple of months ago but I don't like it and looking to move on (am still in my probation period) Is it worthwhile putting this job on my CV? The job gap can be filled by freelance work. I realise that in all honesty I should put it on but I also realise leaving a job so soon can be looked upon as a negative What do you think? Keep it on or off?
  2. E39Man

    Any plumbers/diy people on here?

    good idea but the one on the left is totally seized. It’s not moving in any direction
  3. E39Man

    Mini display hub?

    I bought the above hdmi switch and a couple of hdmi to Mini Display cables and it didn’t work with my iMac However a standard Mini Display cable did work, it just means I’ll have to manually plug/unplug the cables when needed. This means I can return the work monitor and use my own iMac as the monitor so it’s some success. Im curious about the kvm set up now and will look for a modest kit to try out
  4. E39Man

    Any plumbers/diy people on here?

    thanks for the info! will try both
  5. E39Man

    Any plumbers/diy people on here?

    I tried a spanner but the valve is really stiff and wouldn’t move at all. I can’t see any other isolating valve nearby (it might be buried behind panels) the only other isolating valve stops the entire water which isn’t practical at the moment
  6. Hi all, Was trying to turn off the hot water to replace the cartridge in my bathroom mixer tap, when suddenly the damn thing broke off in my hand! Can anyone tell me what the attached part is called so I can get a replacement? I don't know what they're called, can anyone help please? p.s the right hand side one works normally but the left (now broken would not budge) any ideas why?
  7. E39Man

    Mini display hub?

    The monitor is a 27” Cinema Display maybe from 2013, it’s a decent monitor but don’t have space for 3 screens (including my 2) Looks like I’ll be able to connect my iMac to both machines but not in the way I’d hoped. the KVM switch is interesting but I honestly don’t mind not using 2 extra sets of keyboard and mouse.
  8. E39Man

    Mini display hub?

    The monitor is an Apple display monitor with 3x USB ports but it also has built in Mini Display, magnetic power, and USB cable to connect to the Mac (it’s like 1 cable with 3 ends) The thing is due to lack of space I want to return the monitor and use my ancient but reliable 11 year old iMac as a monitor. That iMac has Mini Display Port, USBs The work computers both have MDP and USBs Im thinking getting 2x MDP-hdmi cables, a hdmi hub, and see if that all works?!
  9. E39Man

    Mini display hub?

    Hi all, Is there such a thing as a Mini Display Hub? My new work have sent me a PC, Mac & 1 screen, currently I switch between the two by manually un/plugging the screen cable. I’ve tried to searching but not found anything suitable. Ideally I’m looking for something Like a hdmi switch - 2 inputs and 1 output with a button to switch between the machines. Does something like that exist?
  10. E39Man

    USA 530i Auction Result...

    Has anyone else noticed that some E39s are advertised for a higher than expected prices? I’ve seen a couple on autotrader between 8k and 13k. I’m lightly thinking about buying one again but did not expect prices like that!
  11. Sure, will DM you in a bit
  12. E39Man

    Ignition Switch Oem brand?

    Hi, do you have a link for the £65 version? Dealer quoted me nearly £90 (including delivery)
  13. E39Man

    Cheap car to give driving lessons

    Hi all, I am looking for a cheap car to teach my wife how to drive. The car should be: Manual (must have) Budget is upto £1k Have 5 seats Ideally 5 doors but don't mind 2-4 doors Ulez compliant (don't get me started on that subject) Low tax bracket (upto £125-ish road tax per year) Upto 4300mm long (Around Ford Focus/Fiesta size) Don't mind scratches/dents Must be good runner with documented service history Located anywhere in London +15miles-ish Thanks!
  14. Hi all, Having sold my car I have a few bits for sale. These were for the BMW E39 but may fit other models? 1. Vemo ABS / Traction Control Sensor, Front - Sealed, box is a bit tatty but never used £50 2. Eicher ABS / Traction Control Sensor, Front - Sealed, box is a bit tatty but never used £50 3. X8R Jacking Pad, never used £10 4. Rear bumper plastic trim, bought from a member on here but I never fitted them, (pics to follow) £TBC 5. 2x Hycote BMW Cosmos Black Spray Paint 150ml. Never used (pics to follow) £Make offer 6. 1x Hycote BodyShop Grey Primer Spray Paint 400ml. Never used (pics to follow) £Make offer 7. 1x Hycote Clear Lacquer Spray Paint 400ml. Never used (pics to follow) £Make offer