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  1. E39Man

    Ignition Switch Oem brand?

    Hi, do you have a link for the £65 version? Dealer quoted me nearly £90 (including delivery)
  2. E39Man

    Cheap car to give driving lessons

    Hi all, I am looking for a cheap car to teach my wife how to drive. The car should be: Manual (must have) Budget is upto £1k Have 5 seats Ideally 5 doors but don't mind 2-4 doors Ulez compliant (don't get me started on that subject) Low tax bracket (upto £125-ish road tax per year) Upto 4300mm long (Around Ford Focus/Fiesta size) Don't mind scratches/dents Must be good runner with documented service history Located anywhere in London +15miles-ish Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Having sold my car I have a few bits for sale. These were for the BMW E39 but may fit other models? 1. Vemo ABS / Traction Control Sensor, Front - Sealed, box is a bit tatty but never used £50 2. Eicher ABS / Traction Control Sensor, Front - Sealed, box is a bit tatty but never used £50 3. X8R Jacking Pad, never used £10 4. Rear bumper plastic trim, bought from a member on here but I never fitted them, (pics to follow) £TBC 5. 2x Hycote BMW Cosmos Black Spray Paint 150ml. Never used (pics to follow) £Make offer 6. 1x Hycote BodyShop Grey Primer Spray Paint 400ml. Never used (pics to follow) £Make offer 7. 1x Hycote Clear Lacquer Spray Paint 400ml. Never used (pics to follow) £Make offer
  4. E39Man

    Am I crazy?!?

    Yes you are a bit mad. This line from the description would put 'me' off: This is a trade to trade sale no Warranty, SOLD AS SEEN. If you're not in the trade, vehicle will be sold as a none runner/spares or repairs due to trade to trade sale. SOLD AS SEEN I sold my E39 Sport on Tue and gutted, but now discreetly looking for an E39 M5
  5. Well I’ve already bought the replacement it’s a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander phev! Bought from a main dealer so has a bit of warranty left. Living in London means these type of cars make more sense. The car’s ulez compliant and congestion charge exempt (up to Oct ‘21) and £0 road tax! I nearly bought a 3 series phev but really do need a bigger boot. Was also thinking about the estate version, but my missus vetoed that idea. I may later buy the X5 phev, but current prices are too expensive.
  6. Here's my E39, sold it today an hour ago, already missing it!!
  7. Really nice photo, gives me an idea for a car render!
  8. E39Man

    First Wash :)

    That's a lovely looking car.
  9. Done - the car's gone! The bank transfer kinda went through smoothly. The buyer encountered a transfer limit, and my pessimism kicked in and thought right this MoFo's gonna try it on and say that's all he can send. But he managed to send a couple transfers and all received fairly promptly - don't know why I was so anxious Did the logbook transfer online too. That car was suppose to be a keeper for life, but needs must and all that crap. The buyer to his credit seemed like a decent chap!
  10. Thanks for the reassurances. I did not know the v5 can be done online - nice to know
  11. Thanks all, guess I’m going with the bank transfer option. I know in some cases banks can remove payment if they suspect fraud - that’s my paranoia right there! I hate having to sell the car due to ulez!!
  12. I’m a cautious person by nature, and have provisionally agreed to sell my car (reluctantly) the buyer suggested bank transfer (in the evening when banks are closed) but I didn’t like the idea and suggested a bank transfer inside the bank, with the help of a cashier or similar, during open hours. we both agreed cash might be too risky, but I’m more open to it than him. What are your thoughts on methods of buying/selling these days.
  13. E39Man

    MkIV DVD Drive.

    Hi, I could be interested but can I ask: what do you mean it works ‘okay’ is it intermittently okay? (I bought a mk4 drive and it never showed my correct location, it was always a few hundred metres in a different location) so I got rid and carried on using my mk3 which works perfectly.
  14. It’s happened to me twice on two separate cars at two separate garages. The 1st garage stated the mileage was a few hundred miles less than actual amount. 2nd garage decided to add an extra 100k miles!! I know the mileage can be adjusted within a certain window, but come on, wondering is it bad luck or quite common nowadays?