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  1. tony2657

    Greetings from the other side of the world!

    Thanks Al. Will keep you in mind.
  2. tony2657

    Greetings from the other side of the world!

    Ha... I've just realised the number etched on my window is the UK registration number. Doh! I'll really need to pay more attention
  3. tony2657

    This doesn't look right! Any advice?

    I've posted some photos to the newbies area - thanks Mick
  4. tony2657

    Greetings from the other side of the world!

    Thanks for the link but it requires a UK plate number (which I don't have). Is it possible to research the MOT history using the VIN?
  5. tony2657

    Greetings from the other side of the world!

    Born and bred kiwi. Christchurch mostly. But also lived in Rotorua and Wellington for a number of years. Avoided Auckland if I could
  6. tony2657

    Greetings from the other side of the world!

    Interesting. When I do a search using the last 7 numbers it comes back as WBADA8205D7598204 Isn't the D (10th place) the model year?
  7. Hi everyone. I'm not from the UK, but my car is. It was brought to New Zealand by my father while he was in Europe in the mid-80s, visiting relatives. He also brought out a red 230 Mercedes Benz. New Zealand registration records say the BMW was NZ-new but that's not right. The story was he planned was to keep both cars for a while and then sell one to recover costs. Mum liked the Merc better, but we kept the BMW. The love of the car has been passed down. Two of my three sons have BMWs, both manual (photos included). My eldest drove his black E30 325i to his own wedding. My youngest purchased the red 528i and then set about swapping in an engine from a 535i. He did the entire job himself (using YouTube and a Bentley manual). I am determined to keep my green machine in the family for as long as possible but it's now starting to cost money. Parts in NZ are very expensive and I'm nowhere near as courageous as my sons when it comes to working on it. Aside from normal maintenance and servicing I've added: -16in BBS rims. The tyres on the original wheels were non-metric and, at the time I bought the car off my mother, a set would have cost me more than the car!! - Clear indicator lenses which I like (but I still have the originals) - Bilstein Sports shocks and H&R Sport Spring set (sons helped with that) - BMW Sport Steering Wheel - New cloth and padding for front seats and recoloured the headlining. Next on the list is repairing minor panel damage all around, straightening the bumpers, and a paint job. I can't really afford a full re-spray so I might have to pick which panels get done, and colour-match. I'd love to find out a bit of the history of the car from new to when it left the UK, but I have no idea how to do that. Vin is WBADA8205D7598204 Also, in one photo you can see the windows are etched NGP-10Y. I figure that was anti-theft measure? Cheers Tony
  8. tony2657

    This doesn't look right! Any advice?

    Thanks Mick. I have checked all fluids today. After pumping the brakes (engine off) power steering fluid nearly overflowed the reservoir so clearly that doesn't need topping up. Brake fluid appears dark green and clear but I am still concerned that with the button missing of the cap, water may have got in. I have managed to find another cap (ordered at some expense,) but in the meantime have cobbled together a fix by gluing (contact adhesive) a plastic button to hold the float down (see photo - a bit ugly but will work). And now I realise of course, with the cap missing, the brake warning light was never going to come on because, without the button to hold it down, the float was free to rise. Request for photos noted. Should I post them on the "Hello I'm New" forum? Cheers, Tony
  9. tony2657

    This doesn't look right! Any advice?

    Thanks Mick (and John). Great relief to know the steering issue is probably just a slipping belt. As far as the brake light is concerned, I hadn't noticed, as the car is not driven much, but just checked it now and brake warning light goes out after car is started. Finally, I did wash it recently (including degreasing the engine) so I'm thinking water will have gotten into that reservoir
  10. tony2657

    This doesn't look right! Any advice?

    Yes, I figured something was missing (photo from Bentley shows it). I image the missing pice off the cap is letting water into the brake fluid. Could that be affecting the power steering or am way off base thinking that? As a temporary fix should I just tape it down?
  11. My car has been sitting in the garage on trickle-charge for a few months now. One reason is I am reluctant to take it out, particularly when it's raining. On occasions, driving in the wet, the steering goes hard, making it very difficult to steer. I generally pull over when this happens, and turn the engine off. When I restart, the steering seems OK again, but it's very off-putting. So far this has only happened when the car is traveling at low speed or stopped, but I'm worried it might happen when I'm in traffic. Anyway, I thought I check the steering fluid, and then I noticed this. Looks like an invitation to water to get into the brake fluid. What's missing, and could it be related? VID_20191226_145523226.mp4