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  1. shakeym35

    Over heating

    Okay guys today nick and myself got the airlock out today. Thanks Nick for making time to come over... also a big thank you to everyone who advised and suggested. Very much appreciated
  2. shakeym35

    Over heating

    Okay thought I’d mention I’ve flushed out the heater matrix aswell all is clear and water flows well. I’ve again flushed out all water pipe circulation all flows well. Still doesn’t explain the hot and cold radiator hoses so top gets hot and lower stays cold also radiator stays cold.... I’ve ordered a new replacement thermostat and water pump should arrive soon. Really wanna get to the bottom of this problem.
  3. shakeym35

    Over heating

    Yesterday took some time out to investigate further and discovered the heater valve to be stuck in the shut position. That explains why there wasn’t Any hot air from heater blower. Can a seized heater valve effect bleeding the system?
  4. shakeym35

    Over heating

    It’s a m30 m535i 1987 mileage 133k
  5. shakeym35

    Over heating

    I’ve already removed the stat but still have over heating and cold radiator. Really odd
  6. shakeym35

    Over heating

    Okay guys appreciate the suggestions. So today I began looking around the cooling system. Firstly removed the thermostat then removed the coolent pipes from radiator and other accessible areas. I then flushed all the system with the garden hose. The radiator had no blockage as water was flowing free from top through to the bottom... i stuck thegardrn hose in several pipes around the cooling system and water flowed through with out a problem. Then I connected all the hoses back up and filled the Collins system with water and started the car up. This time I found that bottom and top radiator hoses got hot but the radiator still not warming up ,,also engine still over heats and water bubbles from expansion tank. Would a possible bad water pump cause this this problem? Feels as the water isn’t being circulated around the system as radiator stays cold ... would a bad head gaket cause this sort of a problem?
  7. shakeym35

    Over heating

    Today I spent some time around the cooling system. I began with removing the thermostat.
  8. shakeym35

    Over heating

    Hi all I’ve got a over heating issue. A few days ago my engine temperature over heated due to not much water in system. So I topped the water expansion tank. Now the top coolent hose on passenger side gets hot but the bottom coolent hose on drivers side stays cold also radiator stays cold. Engine still continues to overheat. Seems like some sort of a blockage. Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. shakeym35


    Anyone experimented with nitrous on there e28? Been looking into some kits available from wizards of nos a uk based company.
  10. shakeym35

    Shifter rebuild kit

    Who does a full shifter rebuild kit for a 1987 m535i dogleg sheet metal console? Have the prop stripped out ready for a rebuild so thought I’d sort out the floppy shifter while I’ve got access. Thanks
  11. shakeym35

    6 branch manifold

    Anything available from other suppliers? Anyone fitted a e30 325i manifold with some fabrication? Just wondering
  12. shakeym35

    6 branch manifold

    Hi guys is there a 6 branch manifold available for a e28 525e right hand drive? Thanks
  13. shakeym35

    Knocking and vibration

    Thanks have checked mounts. Gearbox mounts are good. The near side engine mount is weak with some movement.
  14. shakeym35

    Knocking and vibration

    No haven’t checked engine mounts yet. What would be a ideal way of checking them? Thanks
  15. shakeym35

    Knocking and vibration

    Guys replaced x3 guildo doughnuts and x2 prop shaft centre support bearings in a space of a few weeks. The prop vibrates really bad and knocks like crazy. The gear stick swings side to side violently during accelerating.... Not sure what to look for next. I suspect a bad prop shaft uj joint so may need to have the prop rebuilt and rebalanced. What else could cause such a problem? Any ideas ? Thanks