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  1. I just thought I’d stick my head out from under my rock to say I’m still alive, though sadly 5er less. Ive been browsing for a day or two and so many new names and a lot of old ones missing. Ross.
  2. R.D.5.5

    Question re value

    Cheers. I'm hoping to get someone to have a look at it this week, if it is just the tensioner then I'll see if I can borrow the money to sort it. Not wanting to start with a sob story but money is very tight and I'm struggling with paying the mortgage let alone any mechanic bills! I get the feeling someone up there does not like me at the moment !
  3. R.D.5.5

    Question re value

    Er how? My ins does not cover mechanical wear and tear.
  4. R.D.5.5

    Question re value

    How would I know if it's just the tensioner? Or is it a case of getting a mechanic to assess it?
  5. R.D.5.5

    Question re value

    Protection model cars are the security line of cars BMW do, from security double glazing to full on B6 AK 47 proof cars for Diplomats and Royalty or Celebs etc. Mine is listed as a Protection model but it is the very basic one NOT bullet proof but security double glazed. I checked this with Park Lane BMW when I bought the car.
  6. R.D.5.5

    Question re value

    It still runs though advised not too. It has one hell of a death rattle, a bit like a Naval Warship dropping anchor! Ballpark repair as quoted "Well over a Grand" though this was just over the phone, I have not had it properly looked at yet by a mechanic. If I had the cash it would be already in the garage as she's has been a faultless car and a real pleasure to own.
  7. R.D.5.5

    Question re value

    Unfortunately I cannot afford to get it fixed and I have not the technical skills to break it on the drive. To be honest I'm that skint I need to sell it as is so I can at least get a banger so I'm mobile again! In a word I'm screwed money wise.
  8. R.D.5.5

    Question re value

    Just a quick question. In your own opinion what would a 2000 W plate e39 540i with timing chain issues be worth as a spares or repair? I'll let you put 2 and 2 together!!!! *sobs*
  9. R.D.5.5

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Well I cried! The timing chain decided today was the day to give out! Will probably be listing this as a spares or repair very soon.
  10. I hope it's not the HG. I'm going to get all the pipes checked but it'll have to wait now till payday as I have no money till then to do anything. Moneys been F ing tight of late!
  11. Cheers, What I need now is a friendly gent to come and have a look and let me know what's what and then as I have just sunk all my paycheck into the mortgage and petrol wait till next Friday to get it fixed!
  12. Oh it's a 540i auto before anyone asks.
  13. As the title says, the cooling system let go today! I was nearly home when I got the dreaded BONG and CHK COOLENT LEVEL. I check the temp gauge and it was marginally higher ie at 1230 rather than 1200. So as nearly home maybe a mile at the most I continued on keeping an eye on the temp gauge. 500 yards from home and I get steam, lots of steam and the gauge shoots to just before the red, it never actually got into the red but damn close. I pull up outside the house and pop the bonnet and the steam is coming from the back of the engine not the rad as I was expecting. So first question bearing in mind I am not mechanically mind at all. Are there any cooling system pipes situated near the back of the block? If not then what the hell has happened? And how much is this going to cost me?
  14. I got there!! Late but I got there just as everyone was leaving!!