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  1. Fezzy16v

    Family cars. Talk to me

    Citroen Picasso
  2. Fezzy16v

    BMW M135i

    I’m not picking the car up until a week on Wednesday due to work commitments. I’d love a C63 purely for the noise. But the little M135i is just as quick...can’t wait to try it out
  3. Fezzy16v

    BMW M135i

    What sort of mpg are you getting out of interest? If I can average over 30 I’ll be happy with that..
  4. Fezzy16v

    BMW M135i

    If he baseball cap is at the ready guys. I agree, they are mostly driven by tits but maybe the car urges you to thrash it constantly, I’ll know more when I pick one up. Iv heard quite a bit about how they are a bit twitchy at the limit but ultimately I’m not that type of driver. I like to give it the beans on a straight road but I’m not skilled enough around twisties so that won’t bother me. I will own an E63 one day but not yet, that day will come when I’m brave enough to buy one and run it
  5. Fezzy16v

    BMW M135i

    Thanks Andrew. I wanted a Mercedes E55 or CLS55, Iv wanted one for years but they are getting on a bit now and the maintenance and running of such an old motor put me off in the end. Iv heard people spending thousands in a few months of ownership. In addition to that 12 mpg around town etc, I didn’t see the point.
  6. Fezzy16v

    BMW M135i

    I’m 6’0 Dan but not too hefty so should be fine. Looking at all the video reviews on YouTube, the M135i in the majority of cases comes out on top when going up against the A45 and Golf R....will be interested to see how it goes
  7. Fezzy16v

    BMW M135i

    Well I’m picking up a facelift M135i in Alpine White later in the week from s BMW dealer, always peace of mind with the warranty you get. Im still not convinced on the looks myself though the facelift does look nicer than the former. The interior is identical to the F30 that I had, it was a very nice comfortable place to be. After having diesels the last few years, I wanted another six cylinder petrol. Agreed that they have a bit of a boy racer image attached with them but they look like a whole load of fun to drive and that engine note is sublime...
  8. Fezzy16v

    BMW M135i

    I couldn’t afford a new one at the moment hence why I’m after a 14 plate pre facelift for around £14500.... Im with you on the type of people that drive them though, it’s rare you see an M135i being driven normally, they always seem to be thrashed, I guess that’s a cause for concern not knowing the type of life the car has had.... The manuals appear cheaper than the autos but Iv got the 8 speed box in my 330d and it’s an absolute peach so would want that box on the M135i
  9. Fezzy16v

    BMW M135i

    Well Iv sold my F30 330d M sport. All this talk about diesels, extra charges, depreciation etc etc I thought it best to move it on. It was a great car looks wise and the way it drove but Iv had a bit of an urge to buy a performance petrol car for sometime now and after reading reviews on the M135i it appears to be a cracking little car. My budget unfortunately will only allow me into the pre facelift model on a 13/14 plate, it’s not the best looker I admit but who can see what it looks like when you’re on the inside has anybody owned one? What are they like reliability wise?
  10. Fezzy16v

    Alpina B10 V8 - SOLD

    PM sent
  11. Fezzy16v

    Run flat repair

    I paid the handsome sum of £210 for a new Bridgestone Potenza....just what’s needed before Christmas. However running a premium car, you have to pay up when something such as this goes wrong..
  12. Fezzy16v

    Run flat repair

    I found a huge screw in my NSF Bridgestone Potenza runflat tyre on my F30. The tyre is like new. I heard some hissing from it when I got home last night and found the screw. Can run flats be repaired or will I have to shell out for a new one?
  13. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    It was the 2007-2011 6.2 engines that were affected Jay. You can buy the updated head bolts as a preventative measure but Iv heard it’s about a £2500 job fitted to have them replaced. Im considering an E63 but may have to wait until prices come down on the later 2011 models. I don’t think their is a nicer sounding engine out there.
  14. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    Again all subjective. How is the F30 interior rubbish? I’ve driven a number of newer make Mercedes and seriously it feels cheap and plastic. Have you seen the head up display on the C Class? Talk about a cheap plastic iPad like screen. The leather seating is less comfortable than bmw. The F30 feels solid and very well put together, the I drive system is miles ahead of that of Mercedes.
  15. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    With all the congestion on the roads you are right with that one.