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  1. tristan

    Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    Nice watches guys! i have a few myself, a 50th anniversary breitling navitimer In full stainless with white dial, 2005 Rolex Daytona, again stainless with white dial, a breitling Bentley flying b stainless with dark blue face and leather strap, an audemars ROO gummy strap with forged carbon case, hublot Big Bang king power foudroyante in king gold and graphite dial should have pics on an old thread someone started ages ago, will post some new ones when get home
  2. tristan

    V8 curiosity

    Had my 545i over 7 years now and it’s sitting on 175k miles now. Still enjoying it although it’s a bit tired from a hard life in my hands.
  3. tristan

    New Coveralls and jackets

    For sale - Lyngsoe winter coveralls, thermal padded waterproof, lightweight. Sizes 2xl and 3xl. Retail £80 Warrior Hi Viz padded waterproof jackets, most sizes. Retail £30 Both have some company logos (cancelled order) on but otherwise brand new, tagged and bagged. Going cheap and fast, drop me a message for more details Normal and lightweight coveralls maybe also available, ask me. ill add pics in a minute, won’t let me just now for some reason
  4. Nice pics Len, you know I like a beetle or 2! I'll have more pics next week as I head off to help on another build
  5. so a little more on Adriana... this car was involved in a massive accident last year, and until about a month ago was still a wreck nakaisan and the team worked tirelessy to bring her back and in his words " i have pride in my work, in my cars, i couldnt just fix her back to normal, i had to bring her back bigger and better" and that he did, with the reveal of the new "heavenly" wide kit, measuring 87" across! the kit is still in prototype form and a few laps of motegi would be the test run to see how adriana performs after the repairs and new kit. so the fastest lap was a 2017 GT3RS settin times in the 2min20secs region then along came Nakaisan, in a 20 odd year old 993, standard 3.6 with manual box, on a test drive after the rebuild, an electrical issue meaning the engine wasnt running perfect, it was a damp to slight wet track, the car was on slicks, and he smashed the lap times setting 2min19s... he really is super skilled on track aswell as the workshop. anyway after the race, it was time to pack up n head back to the garage arriving there around 2am on monday morning. it had been a long 2 days wide awake but somehow i wasnt tired at all! monday after some sleep we went back to the garage and helped clean up the cars, youd never know theyd just spent 12hrs flat out round motegi i did get to see some parts of tokyo while i was there, Nakaisan was kind enough to take us to dinner a few times which was quite the experience too, not just the food but getting there in his v8 chevy truck, gangsta tunes blasting as he drifted it at speed round the tokyo freeways! plenty more pics and video on my facebook, click the link in 1st post or the Taiwan team took some really excellent pics here, well worth a look and make my iphone snaps look so crap! https://www.facebook.com/pg/rwbtaiwan.com.tw/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1242162359229331
  6. ok back to it... so its saturday morning and from now i would be awake for 2 whole days, not getting a single minute of sleep! everyone gathered at HQ around 6pm, again Nakaisan got in a shit load of pizza and drinks for everyone. once we are all there he organised who was driving what and we set off in convoy in the cars making our way to the freeway. its about 2.5hr drive to motegi from here, but we would stop at a services half way where more cars of supporters would join us. yes the race cars are driven on the road to the circuit, do the 12hours of hard driving and then drive back to the garage! we arrived at motegi around 1am in pitch black. at 2am they opened the pitlane and we could enter and start setting up our pits. at 4am we had the team briefing and then at 7am and race start at 8am. final checks done on the cars and the race scrutineers checked over all the cars and our equipment. 6 cars would go out and race, a 7th, the freshly rebuilt Adriana was only there to put in a few test runs, more to come on that later the next 12hours was a bit of a blur, i lost track of who did what and where, 8 drivers per car working in shifts of 4, taking half hour stints each time between refuelling and swapping drivers. if you werent driving you were helping in the pits, there was always something to do. there were a couple small incidents, one needing a repair to the bumper and bonnet, another needing a wheel change but one major incident in the later hours of the race, one car spun out as the light faded and rain came down, hitting the barrier and retiring the car sadly. but yeah other than that it was a successful race, we came 2nd overall and all but one car crossed the chequered flag. good result!
  7. some of you will know I was fortunate to get invited by Nakaisan of Rauh Welt Begriff to join them at Idlers 12hr in Japan for those interested I have left my facebook photo album public so you can have a nosey at what we got up to - https://www.facebook.com/tristan.nicholson/media_set?set=a.10155663049389047.1073741847.502629046&type=3 some of the better pics below, apologies quality of content isn't great, I was kept busy with the cars and stuff so was just snapping with the phone whenever I could. outside the RWB headquarters, it don't look like much out in the middle of a Tokyo residential suburb, the dozen 911s in various conditions give away whats really inside i arrived on the Wednesday morning and we would enter 6 cars into the 12hr race at twin ring motegi in just a few days. most of the prep work had been done by the time I arrived. just some new rear wings to get fitted to a couple of them, some minor chassis tweaking, and sticker up to be done. one part of the workshop is where you will find Nakai and the RWB family hanging out and chilling. its full of things that he likes and is inspired by, souvineers and gifts hes received decorate the walls. aswell as the famous wingback chair! be careful if you take a drink from the fridge though, it could've been in there many years! there are various notes, and scribbles all over the place which Nakaisan uses to keep track of what hes doing! post-its on a display cabinet make up his order book and a 3 month planned taped to the side of his pool table tell him where hes meant to be going! by Friday a lot of the rwb family from all over the world had gathered at HQ, either to take part in Idlers or watch and support. amazing how many people make the effort to come for the event, shows the true spirit of rwb, its not just cars, its a family. Nakaisan put on a big bbq party for us on Friday evening, getting lots of very special and expensive fresh seafood from the other side of Japan. Christian Coujin kept us well lubricated with a constant flow of JD from the second I arrived. I think we went through at least 15ltrs of straight warm JD! ill update this later when I get home cos crappy office one keeps freezing and im losing patience!
  8. tristan

    E61 Rear Axle Bushing

    ive replaced bush 4 a couple times on mine now. just using a £35 tool off ebay. the cups are fine but ive had to replace the threaded bar once as the threads got a little sticky. the lower arm bushes I just gave to a garage to press in and out, £20 to save the hassle only thing I struggled with is putting the arm back into place, not easiest of things to do on your driveway single handed as you need to wrestle hub and arm with some tension on it
  9. tristan

    Goodwood FOS

    Well that's me arrived at goodwood for rest of the week. If anyone's around gimme a shout n we can catch up
  10. tristan

    Goodwood FOS

    yes mate, arrive on the Wednesday, few days in the garage in chiba preparing the cars, 6 plus a couple spares I think, then drive them to the circuit Saturday night, twin ring motegei about 2-3 hours into the mountains, prepare for 8am race start then 12 hours of racing mucking in with anything and everything, the drivers don't just drive, they do pitstops, repairs, whatever needs doing during the race. some cool vids of the previous years...
  11. tristan

    Goodwood FOS

    excited but also shitting myself a little bit! been long long time since was involved in anything to this level, and first ever endurance, staying awake ,the heat n humidity is going to be a killer! not to mention I don't know any of the team other than the boss himself n a little text chat with few others!
  12. tristan

    Nurburgring 24h - en route NEW PICS ADDED!

    hi mate, looks like you had a fun trip! awesome cars and really good pics you've managed to get!
  13. tristan

    Goodwood FOS

    thanks for the tips keith! yeah I expect it to be very busy which is why ill be down all 4 days, can take my time and not have to rush about try cram it all in. also booked some choppa rides so hopefully get some nice pics from up high. not sure ill make the revival, im supposed to be at SEMA so will prob need to keep cash and holidays aside for that, and also excited to have just confirmed going racing with RWB at Idlers 12hr in Japan in july, 2 weeks after FOS... cant wait!
  14. tristan

    Goodwood FOS

    I haven't been down in like 15 years or more but happy to say ill be there this year Thursday to sunday ive rented a cottage about 5 miles away, going to make a nice long weekend of it. give me a shout if anyone wants to catch up down there
  15. tristan

    Shark Chair

    Cool but don't think I'll pay 450 for it!