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  1. pt530i

    G31 buying advice please

    Any police car, even unmarked, will potentially have had a lot of special equipment fitted and then removed before sale. Looms may have been hacked about and the spec of the car is probably police only. I'd think you'd never get close to a 'nice' sorted car. Police cars may be well maintained but lead an incredibly hard life. They need to be very cheap to be worthwhile
  2. pt530i

    Stop Start

    Yes, at least on my old F30 if the steering wheel was at an angle stop/start would not cut in. I guess the logic being that you're maneuvering rather than just stopped in traffic.
  3. pt530i

    Stop Start

    There's quite a few reasons why stop/start doesn't activate, things like battery charge but also things like ambient temperature (it's got cold recently and stop start may not cut in so the heater keeps working), angle of the steering wheel and other parameters. Given the weather has turned cold maybe that's connected ? (Obviously I'm assuming you haven't pushed the switch below the start button to disable it)
  4. pt530i

    520d late services recorded

    In 4.5 years it's only had one oil change....doesn't sound like a FSH to me. The pandemic is used as an excuse for everything so I'd take that with a pinch of salt Of course it's possible that the oil has been changed more regularly and just not recorded on the idrive Personally I wouldn't be happy with that, modern BMW engines have enough problems with things like timing chains as it is without taking chances on a sketchy maintenance schedule - unless the price reflects this. Unless it's a very specific spec or colour you're after I'd be tempted to look elsewhere, it's not as though a 5 series is a rare car
  5. pt530i

    Servicing Advice Please

    The idrive will state what has been done, as Malky says, one of the services will be brake fluid The oil change interval I think is a maximum of 2 years even if no mileage so that's probably what is coming due Feb 2022 Remember that servicing should be cheaper at a dealer once the car is over 3 years old, I think it's called Value Service or something similar However be aware that the dealer will usually insist on a microfilter change with every oil change otherwise the idrive wont be updated - this is charged at something ridiculous like £100 so a £30 part that literally takes 5 mins to change. So an oil change still works out at several hundred quid. I would suggest that you get an oil change much more regularly than the idrive asks, I do an intermediate change (approx every 10k miles) myself which is less than £50 for an OE spec filter and the correct Shell oil. Also a full BMWSH seems to make little difference in value at trade in once the car is over 5 years old. Also you can easily update the idrive yourself if you want to update the history, as long as you can back up everything with receipts.
  6. here it is rearlight_tailgate.pdf
  7. Attached is the procedure from ISTA I'm assuming it's the light cluster in the body rather than the tailgate If you need any other procedures let me know, alternatively get a copy of ISTA rearlight.pdf
  8. pt530i


    Having had a closer look there is a paper chart tucked into the rear fusebox with details of all the fuses in the car
  9. pt530i


    I couldn't get the fusecard website to work Despite putting in my correct VIN I just get : Unfortunately there is no online fuse assignment plan available for the specified vehicle identification number. Please contact your BMW partner Does this work for anyone else ?
  10. pt530i

    Reversing camera startup

    I've noticed something similar regarding the information on the bottom of the cluster If you've come home using satnav then the next day the information has changed. I think it's because when you're active with sat nav there's an additional option text with miles to destination etc, once that disappears after the satnav has done it's thing that option disappears (even if you haven't clicked the stalk to actually display it) and that confuses the cluster as to what to display Only a theory though
  11. pt530i

    Reversing camera startup

    That's interesting, mine works fine but ONLY after a few seconds with the engine running before selecting reverse I wonder whether it's only retrofits that have this behaviour ? Very odd if so
  12. pt530i

    Reversing camera startup

    Question for anyone with a reversing camera on a pre-LCI I've recently retrofitted a revcam using the genuine kit from BMW to my 2019 520i All works, however if I start the engine and immediately select reverse the guidelines are not displayed. If I wait a few seconds before selecting reverse they display fine. Everything else works as expected Really just trying to find out if this is a characteristic or something is wrong - my feeling is that the head unit takes a few seconds to start up Any feedback welcome
  13. pt530i

    G30 revcam parts

    All installed and working ! Thank you for the prompt delivery
  14. pt530i

    Maps for Evo 2021-3 now out

    It took about 40 minutes to load into the car, which I did on my journey to work yesterday, all seemed to work OK.
  15. Noticed the latest map update for ID6 Evo units is now available in Download Manager