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  1. pt530i

    m54b30 life span

    My old 530i had around 175k when I let it go, it had full BMW history up to 100k then was maintained pretty well whilst I had it However even though the core engine was probably OK there was a nasty noise coming from I think the VANOS unit (the seals had been done a few years previously) Whilst the core engine is probably good it's everything around it that fails. CCV, DISA, VANOS, all of the cooling system as well as cam cover and oil filter housing gaskets. Mine had the infamous cold running problem too which probably means O2 sensors None of this is cheap if you do it once but if done properly you've got a great car Oh, the transmission (well at least the Torque Converter) was playing up as well All depends on how much money you want to spend, how good you are with the spanners and tbh how lucky you are, some are definitely worse than others
  2. pt530i

    My first EML in 12 years of owning E39's!

    A basic code reader is very cheap, even a £5 bluetooth one with an app on a mobile will read engine faults. Will pay for itself the first time you use it
  3. pt530i

    E39 540 sale value

    To be honest that sounds high for a 21 year old car that isnt in perfect condition The only BMWs to really hold their money are proper M cars Hopefully you'll find someone who wants it but 2000-2500 is probably more realistic Godd luck
  4. pt530i

    Lug nut lube and torque

    Wheel nuts should be torqued up dry No idea where your figure of 20% comes from.
  5. pt530i

    530i CCV leaking

    If the dipstick is blocked then the oil draining from the CCV will back up and likely leak. I'd remove the dipstick and check it's completely clear (its double skinned)
  6. pt530i

    ABS warning light on - no codes

    Happy days !
  7. pt530i

    540 sport what’s it worth

    I doubt you would ever get near 5k Realistically the number of these cars left is small but the potential number of buyers is very small as well. A half decent E60 which is perceived as much more modern can be had well under 5k I'd say 2k given that it needs some work. That might sound harsh but is probably more realistic
  8. pt530i

    M sport/ sport

    Not quite true, there was a run-out model called the ES
  9. pt530i

    I need confirmation please. Diagnostic Plug

    A 1997 car will have an ADS interface possibly ?? I know I once tried (and failed) to get INPA working on an old 1996 528i with my INPA which worked fine on a 1999 (pre facelift) and 2002 (facelift) car
  10. The coilpacks are different on the earlier M52/M52TU engines The later M54 engines were different. This engine is used in facelift E39s, Z4's X5's and many other BMWs
  11. pt530i

    'M' Insignia on Front Door Mouldings

    There was never an E39 M-Sport ....so perhaps that's why there aren't any
  12. pt530i

    how to hack into blocked m57 dde4?

    Think you mean cats, not dpfs
  13. pt530i

    530i M54TUB30 Manual Running Issue

    Check the CCV
  14. pt530i

    E39 530D - Steering wheel wobble when braking

    It's usually the front arm bushes, these are fluid filled and become split. My experience is that they dont have to be very split before problems occur But as said it can be deposits on the disks caused by not braking hard, sticky calipers or wheel balancing as well. Unfortunately the E39 seems to have a natural tendency to vibrate at speeds in the 50-70mph range when anything is even slightly worn
  15. pt530i

    Auto box flush ?

    A flush is going to cost perhaps £250+ at an indi I'd guess Personally I wouldnt bother, just keep that money towards a recon box (around 1500 fitted) if it needs it in the future Seems to be a complete lottery, some boxes are perfect at 200k others fail at 120k. When I sold mine at 170k I think the box itself was fine but the torque converter was failing to stay locked at higher speeds. Afaik the fluid was never changed (or even topped up)