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  1. pt530i

    Main Dealer Service Price

    I think you can get an online price at bmw.co.uk
  2. pt530i

    Driver's Guide App Not Working

    Not working for me either - Android 9 on MotoG7
  3. pt530i

    maintenance for the long term

    Good advice - although I don't think there is a EGR valve as such on a petrol Petrol engines usually achieve EGR using valve timing Changing the oil in between 'official' services is one of the best ways of ensuring engine longevity, as the oil is not only a lubricant but is used hydraulically to operate timing chain tensioners, VANOS etc and clean oil is obviously going to work better
  4. pt530i

    2019-4 Maps now available on BMW Download Manager

    Installed this morning, took around 40 minutes whilst driving to work
  5. pt530i

    New 520i owner

    Just done another long trip that shows how economical the 520i can be This was a journey from Herts to Newcastle-under-Lyme and back using M25/M1 and M6. Mainly clear road conditions, however quite a lot of 50/60 mph limits for roadworks and on the way there RTTI diverted through Coventry on the M45/A45. On the way back the journey was clearer with about 15 minutes congestion around Luton. The weather was reasonably warm for the time of year, about 8C. I basically drove keeping up with the traffic, no more than 80mph but not dawdling either. Towards the end of the journey I was driving with economy in mind The result ? - not quite 50mpg but pretty close. I reckon with less congestion and in the summer a long journey like that might mean towards 55mpg is possible. Not bad for a large petrol barge.
  6. pt530i

    New 520i owner

    I picked up the car with 950 miles 6 weeks ago today and have now done 2910 miles My average (on idrive) so far is 40.8mpg However that includes a long trip to Manchester and back (although the traffic was very slow) and most of my mileage is an easy motorway commute. And generally I drive economically I'd expect to be able to get a small improvement in summer as I've had quite a few starts where the engine's running whilst scraping the windows I'd say if you were doing lots of short runs and round town it might be nearer 30mpg Overall very happy with the economy, about the same as my old 328i despite the 5 being a much bigger car
  7. pt530i

    New 520i owner

    I'm back in a 5 having previously owned an E39 530i and more recently a F30 328i It's a 520i which is plenty fast enough and is actually cheaper than my 3 series was to insure
  8. pt530i


    I've used esys to code the stop-start remember last setting thing and it worked fine As said you do need the Pro launcher (I use mine with a script from tonytwoclicks that resets the date on the laptop. You also need the latest psdzdata as well I had no issues with my 2019 520i although I had to start the engine before all modules became visible which I never had to do on my old F30 328i
  9. pt530i

    G30 Reverse camera

    I believe there is a retrofit kit to install a reversing camera for a G30 saloon, possibly two parts, camera and loom (but please dont quote me on that), but would require all necessary parts. Chassis BX76670 If available could you please quote, inc delivery and any forum discount available please Thanks, Paul
  10. pt530i

    m54b30 life span

    My old 530i had around 175k when I let it go, it had full BMW history up to 100k then was maintained pretty well whilst I had it However even though the core engine was probably OK there was a nasty noise coming from I think the VANOS unit (the seals had been done a few years previously) Whilst the core engine is probably good it's everything around it that fails. CCV, DISA, VANOS, all of the cooling system as well as cam cover and oil filter housing gaskets. Mine had the infamous cold running problem too which probably means O2 sensors None of this is cheap if you do it once but if done properly you've got a great car Oh, the transmission (well at least the Torque Converter) was playing up as well All depends on how much money you want to spend, how good you are with the spanners and tbh how lucky you are, some are definitely worse than others
  11. pt530i

    My first EML in 12 years of owning E39's!

    A basic code reader is very cheap, even a £5 bluetooth one with an app on a mobile will read engine faults. Will pay for itself the first time you use it
  12. pt530i

    E39 540 sale value

    To be honest that sounds high for a 21 year old car that isnt in perfect condition The only BMWs to really hold their money are proper M cars Hopefully you'll find someone who wants it but 2000-2500 is probably more realistic Godd luck
  13. pt530i

    Lug nut lube and torque

    Wheel nuts should be torqued up dry No idea where your figure of 20% comes from.
  14. pt530i

    530i CCV leaking

    If the dipstick is blocked then the oil draining from the CCV will back up and likely leak. I'd remove the dipstick and check it's completely clear (its double skinned)
  15. pt530i

    ABS warning light on - no codes

    Happy days !