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  1. pt530i

    I need confirmation please. Diagnostic Plug

    A 1997 car will have an ADS interface possibly ?? I know I once tried (and failed) to get INPA working on an old 1996 528i with my INPA which worked fine on a 1999 (pre facelift) and 2002 (facelift) car
  2. The coilpacks are different on the earlier M52/M52TU engines The later M54 engines were different. This engine is used in facelift E39s, Z4's X5's and many other BMWs
  3. pt530i

    'M' Insignia on Front Door Mouldings

    There was never an E39 M-Sport ....so perhaps that's why there aren't any
  4. pt530i

    how to hack into blocked m57 dde4?

    Think you mean cats, not dpfs
  5. pt530i

    530i M54TUB30 Manual Running Issue

    Check the CCV
  6. pt530i

    E39 530D - Steering wheel wobble when braking

    It's usually the front arm bushes, these are fluid filled and become split. My experience is that they dont have to be very split before problems occur But as said it can be deposits on the disks caused by not braking hard, sticky calipers or wheel balancing as well. Unfortunately the E39 seems to have a natural tendency to vibrate at speeds in the 50-70mph range when anything is even slightly worn
  7. pt530i

    Auto box flush ?

    A flush is going to cost perhaps £250+ at an indi I'd guess Personally I wouldnt bother, just keep that money towards a recon box (around 1500 fitted) if it needs it in the future Seems to be a complete lottery, some boxes are perfect at 200k others fail at 120k. When I sold mine at 170k I think the box itself was fine but the torque converter was failing to stay locked at higher speeds. Afaik the fluid was never changed (or even topped up)
  8. pt530i

    Dielectric Grease Coil Pack

    I never used it in the 6 years I had my 530i so wouldn't have thought it strictly necessary
  9. pt530i

    E39 Intermittent "Smoking"

    CCV. Is there a strong vacuum at the oil filler cap ?
  10. pt530i

    E39 dropping small blobs of emulsified oil

    If the small hose from the bottom of the CCV to the dipstick is split (quite likely) then that might explain it My 530i was always prone to mayo type deposits in the winter. The problem is that if there is a large build up of condensation in the CCV pipework this can freeze and split the pipework As suggested, buy a CCV kit and change the CCV and the 4 pipes and make sure the dipstick is thoroughly cleaned. Also removing the IM is much easier.
  11. pt530i

    Tyre woes

    Could be the rose bush bearing thing (not sure what it's called but the bush with the swiveling bit) Otherwise could the alignment be out ? If it's wearing really quickly then there's probably something wrong that should be obvious
  12. I think you'll need to do some work to avoid the mileage tamper dot coming on
  13. pt530i

    Auto box too keen to change gear?

    Reset the adaptations either using INPA or just disconnect the battery overnight. Occasionally my 530i transmission used to change gear at odd times and the reset always used to cure it It's a free thing to try and at least will eliminate it One thing that can confuse things is the MAF, does cruise control work ? It might seem odd but a faulty or disconnected MAF sensor can cause odd things to happen inclusing stopping the CC working. Other than the above if you have INPA always a good idea to look for any fault codes as many systems are interconnected
  14. pt530i

    Don't buy an EIS radiator

    Years ago I heard exactly the same thing so paid more for a Hella unit (also from ECP) So it seems EIS was shit then and still shit...so avoid. Along with suspension components buying cheap is never a good idea
  15. pt530i

    Houston we have a (CCV) problem

    I can't see how the brake fluid has anything to do with it. The servo doesn't create vacuum, it just uses the inlet manifold vacuum I'd firstly do the usual test of seeing whether there's a vacuum at the oil filler cap when idling, if there is then that points to a CCV issue. If not then it could be other things and whether a sharp stop is related I don't know, however this would obviously cause the sump oil to slosh around a bit - if it splashes a large amount of oil up one of the cylinders and that cylinders rings are worn that might explain it. It might be worth checking the state of the spark plugs to see if all even, possibly that might point to something. You can disconnect the pipe from the CCV to the dipstick fairly easily I think, if oil pours out of it then clearly a dipstick issue needs to be investigated. It's easy to remove the dipstick without having to remove much else as I did it on my old 530i to replace the o-ring Of course it could also be the valve stem seals - but I'd suggest trying to rule out as much as possible first with these tests Good luck