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    Taffy 1 reacted to JohnH in new guy   
    Nice looking car, dont mess with it too much.
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    Taffy 1 got a reaction from Captain Beaky in 528i won't start   
    Glad you found it Steve. Glad to have been of help.
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    Taffy 1 reacted to paulhunter-e28 in Rear Cv boot replace   
    Meanwhile on sea bed for repairs, waiting on parts.
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    Taffy 1 got a reaction from Captain Beaky in 528i won't start   
    Glad you found it Steve. Glad to have been of help.
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    Taffy 1 reacted to Steve van hool in 528i won't start   
    Hi, finally an update, Ian at Linwar motors suggested changing the Ecu, after walking past, he is local to me, and popping in for a chat, an Ecu was duly acquired and swapped over, the car then fired up first turn of the key. I'm just having some welding work done now, prior to an Mot, then after that, plain sailing hopefully. 
    Thank you everyone who contributed suggestions, you know who you are, not least, Clive, Duncan, John, Ivor, Ta for your help, much appreciated. 
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    Taffy 1 reacted to paulhunter-e28 in Replacing fuel injectors 518i   
    New injectors and spark plugs arrived today presentation of injectors was fantastic 



    This is going to make my throttle response fantastic and arrived from Latvia within 3 days seller is eager to know how she runs with these upgraded injectors based very closely to original stock injectors but with a 4 hole spray fully reconditioned, i should have reclaimed that performance loss and a perfect spray pattern
    Great that the eastern europeans have really helped me when Bmw main stealer say no can do.
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    Taffy 1 reacted to duncan-uk in Replacing fuel injectors 518i   
    So if you have spark and fuel then my summation would be that they are not meeting at the same time so either its timing or perhaps its flooded?
    Have you tried just cranking it with foot flat to the floor on the accelerator?
    Cars off the road right? and just been briefly started a good few times?
    Forget the E5/10 stuff and go back to basics.
    You really need to work through methodically rather than assuming the fault is one thing.
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    Taffy 1 reacted to ///M5 in What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?   
    From personal experience, you need fuel hoses suitable for ethanol. When they first put ethanol in petrol, the older hoses would deteriorate very fast. It is not suitable for cars not being used. I have found that it destroys fuel pumps. Because it absorbs moisture it corrodes the metal of the tank and fuel pump parts. I fitted a couple of pumps to a car not being used. It became normal to try to start the car and it would not, problem no fuel delivery. Some fuel pumps are not rated for ethanol.
    With leaded petrol I left an Alfa Romeo Alfetta outside in a car park for a year and with the battery charged it fired up first time. If there was ethanol then it is possible that there would have been notcar there a year later.
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    Taffy 1 got a reaction from paulhunter-e28 in 34 years ago since hurricane of 87 last night   
    My boat was crushed on its trailer by a massive cabin cruiser on the trailer next to it. Never was the same after even after extensive repairs.
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    Taffy 1 got a reaction from Ordnator in OMG i fixed the air blower not worked ever   
    I just oiled the end bearings of the motor. It is possible to lubricate the bearings utilizing a long thin screwdriver or knitting needle by dipping into the oil and dripping it on to the shaft.
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    Taffy 1 reacted to duncan-uk in Removing Ethanol from e10   
    I agree BMW have designed for ethanol but my concern is not running on it per se from a performance/ economy view point its the impact introducing it on an older car might have.
    My understanding is it has quite a cleaning effect on the fuel system so assuming the rubber parts are fine its dislodged age old crud i'm thinking of blocking pumps, filters, injectors etc
    Hopefully i'm wrong but i'm sticking with E5 for now.
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    Taffy 1 reacted to duncan-uk in Removing Ethanol from e10   
    Just use e5 super and be done!
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    Taffy 1 reacted to paulhunter-e28 in What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?   
    Using new fuel esso e5 99 octane, i had to adjust my ignition timing not precise like just where she seemed happy. and idel about right good revs.
    turning distributor, i got a nice electric shock doing so, but thats quite nice in a funny way -   oh well the coil is good.
    good old gal lives.
    car connects me to the good old days before all this #$&^
    its 1987 in this car. all i have to give me a yes!
    its Esso e5 99 octane all the way for me. being so close to mot. Devastation at team bmw last night. backfires etc i know her ways.
    Countess Dracula - keep feeding me new parts. but not that e10 crap. poison
    old girl sounds her age. 4 cylinder overhead rockers 8 valve and a timing chain - minor oil leak from front timing chain case - but runs. oil pressure light flickers at low revs when warmed up. not a new car, engine block im using is from an 86 5i8i m10 engine low 60k miles when my big ends went coming up to 200k - timed up to cylinder head - without broken studs from ebay? no machine work. just new gaskets.
    its amazing really shes still around and alive - an e28 without a 6 cylinder oh its just a 518 then rubbish, still alive and so close now.
    Mum tells me to get rid of that $%&^^K car.cant do it.
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    Taffy 1 reacted to Sir Anthony Regents-Park in What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?   
    Esso 99 is generally E0. They have to call it E5 by law. 
    E10 is garbage. 
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    Taffy 1 reacted to paulhunter-e28 in What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?   
    so then i go out with jerry can to buy premium e5 from esso but 99 octane?
    Rocket Fuel and got a fast idel
    in it went.
    running and better - but its not right - im not changing anything mechanically
    then i noticed a lot of white smoke out exhaust
    this new e10 fuel attract moisture like a sponge from tank to injector
    petrol is now plant based, so far my e28 doesnt like the new fuel. 
    it has ruled out my early worries, a fail mechanically air flow meter - dizzy, no its the new fuel. changing parts is not going to improve anything. will just add to the problem and complicate.
    this is very disappointing  this new e10 fuel is going to kill a mans practical classic
    very depressing .
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    Taffy 1 reacted to Ordnator in What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?   
    Took the Diamantschwartz Eta to Munich with the BMW Car Club back in 2013.  No the return trip we ducked off the autobahn for fuel and filled up with 100 octane (5 star in old money).  The Eta ran so smoothly on the fuel it was originally designed for...
    Modern fuel is more money for less bang.
    Best regards,
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    Taffy 1 reacted to JohnH in Ivor I PMed you   
    Hi Ivor,
    Durite have a good name. Pleased you found some.
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    Taffy 1 reacted to paulhunter-e28 in Gunson Brake Bleeding topic   
    Reinstalled passenger side rear drum today with new parts


    It took some time working out the order of components to re install. Looks spanking new cant waif to bleed the system.

    The self adjuster on the side was an enjoyable thing to fit at the end. Along with securing studs and clips.
    Good job but not a nice job.
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    Taffy 1 reacted to Ordnator in Any E28 curators want to swap their "keep fit" rear windows for electric rear windows?   
    There is an E28 owner in the US who is looking for a set of manual rear window regulators, link below:
    Anybody have a desire to upgrade their E28 to electric rear windows?
    Here is a potential opportunity to arrange a trans-Atlantic exchange / swap.
    You would need to exchange the rear door looms as well but they connect at the base of the B-pillar.
    The rear window isolating switch and rear window switches would be needed from the center console (cut outs are already visible from the underside).  The center console looms on my Eta's already has the switch bases wired in place (fitted for but not with) but worth checking before proceeding.
    Rear door switches will also be required.
    Rear door cards would also need to be modified to accept the switch and a blanking plug to cover the hole where the manual crank shaft used to be.
    A fairly basic plug and play upgrade if you are so inclined.
    Stay safe and best regards,
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    Taffy 1 reacted to paulhunter-e28 in Hunting OEM parts Seats   
    Hi ivor here is ebay link to the breaker
    is a 525i year unsure - guys very helpful
    BREAKING bmw e28 525i manual part dismantle
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    Taffy 1 got a reaction from Ordnator in E28 replacement fuse board   
    Does anyone have any knowlege of this pre-paid for development by a company called holygraillabs.com? It looks like a really good idea but the developers' origins and lines of communication seem to be obscured. 
    There's a lot about them on Mye28 but apart from that zilch except the domain name is registered in Iceland.

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    Taffy 1 reacted to Ordnator in E28 replacement fuse board   
    Hi Ivor,
    I am following the thread on mye28.com with interest.  Seems to be getting good press with several forum members retrofitting this upgrade.
    Just moving to blade fuses will solve a bucket load of issues but with the LED's as well. sharp.
    Best regards,
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    Taffy 1 got a reaction from Ordnator in E28 New Old Stock Front Mud Flaps   
    Acquiring these is no mean FEAT  Mick!
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    Taffy 1 reacted to Ordnator in E28 reproduction front door cable harness rubber boots   
    So this arrived today from Ivo:

    That contain 3 set of these for the Eta's:

    Reproduction front door rubber boots for the door wiring looms.
    They are quite rubbery 
    Best regards,
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    Taffy 1 reacted to JohnH in No Power when Engine is cold - 525i   
    Your engine uses several water temperature sensors to inform the engine management system how things are going. I think your car, judging by the date uses two sensors, one to control the cold start injector (, the Thermo Time Switch, which is probably not the problem) as you can start the car, all be it in reasonably warm conditions. The more likely candidate is is Water Temperature Sensor which monitors the coolant temperature under all other conditions, which lets the engine management system (LE-Jetronic) adjust the mixture until its up to temperature and while its running.
    http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E28/Europe/525i-M30/1986/browse/fuel_preparation_system/control_unit/ shows the part numbers. 
    You can fool the system into thinking things are up to temperature by disconnecting the WTS connector and jumping the pins within the connector, to test this theory.  
    Edit. I'm surprised that it takes so long to get running ok. It may be that you also have water thermostat issues. What does the water temperature gauge look like once it gets running okay. Be aware that it will appear to be a bit low if things are ok. About 10:30-11.00 if it was a clock.