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  1. Taffy 1

    Chrome bumpers

    I had mine done by a company from Weston-Super-Mare called Metal Finishing Company, ask for Doug Taylor. Tel 01934 820454. Ring them and ask for a quote.
  2. Taffy 1

    525e Timing Belt information 127 or 128 teeth

    Also Real OEM says 127
  3. Taffy 1

    525e Timing Belt information 127 or 128 teeth

    It should tell you on the old one provided the lettering hasn't been obliterated completely.
  4. Taffy 1

    525e Timing Belt information 127 or 128 teeth

    On ETK they only show 127 tooth.
  5. Taffy 1


    Guess what? I've just exposed the nearside floor...………….AAaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh.
  6. Taffy 1


    Now I've decided to install a new rubber bellows/seal at the bottom of the steering column shaft, I've had it ready to go on for several years and now seems an opportune moment whilst the interior is removed.
  7. Taffy 1


    Well this is the result as of Monday night -
  8. Taffy 1


    Just look what I've discovered ………………...
  9. Taffy 1

    e28 wheel offset

    So fellas, I've checked my PAS pump and it runs at 110 bar, would the extra 10 bar cause these symptoms? Can anybody categorically confirm our suspicions?
  10. Taffy 1

    e28 wheel offset

    Quite possible Mick and thanks for your response. Thanks for that Dan, the PAS is a M535i type.
  11. Taffy 1

    e28 wheel offset

    That's what I thought I'd do. Thank you all for your time and effort. Kind regards, Taffy 1
  12. Taffy 1

    e28 wheel offset

    Thing is Dunc, I've had these wheels on the car for years and years. They were on there when I came up to see you and nothing has changed. I would be used to it after all these years but it's been niggling me ever since I changed the wheels and I've gone through two sets of tyres since then.
  13. Taffy 1

    e28 wheel offset

    The thing is there's no difference between my set up and M5 set up apart from the offset - that includes suspension, geometry etc.
  14. Taffy 1

    e28 wheel offset

    I think it was 195/70 14 to 225/55 16 Dan
  15. Taffy 1

    e28 wheel offset

    Thanks fellas, It feels as if there's a tendency to over-centre, it feels is if the front wheels don't want to turn easily. It's very difficult to explain. Wheel diameter has a bearing on this too. 4 Wheel alignment is tip top and checked regularly, the car has only showed these symptoms since I changed the original 14" for style9. The only difference is the 2" extra diameter and offset/ width. I feel as if I have to haul it around instead of a nice turn of the steering wheel.