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  1. Taffy 1

    Noisy gearbox

    Hi eveybody, I want to ask for a recomendation for gearbox additive or complete g/box oil change. I've recently had a gearbox repaired ( Getrag 260-6) and although I haven't had a chance to take the car out for a run, driving it back from my MOT station the other day I thought the transmission to be whining too loudly. I supplied the garage that changed the g/box with Castrol SAE 80 mineral which was the original spec. Anyway, I don't want to have the g/box removed again it's costing me too much money ( this would be the 3rd time in 6month), the car has only been driven to the garage three times in that period so no wear and I want to resolve the matter in an alternative way. Any takers? Kind regards, Taffy 1
  2. Taffy 1

    fuel & brake pipes brackets

    Thanks for your contribution Mick but these are NLA and after seeing my lack of facilities, you will remember I have no Electricity hence my decision to go with closed nut inserts for which I have tooling. Wrestling with more tin rot atmo. Good news is that front end of car is re-assembled with correct shut lines and gaps, thanks to your input! Kind regards, Ivor
  3. Taffy 1

    fuel & brake pipes brackets

    Thanks Rob!
  4. Taffy 1

    fuel & brake pipes brackets

    Thank you CB, now I have a good idea of the positioning of the brackets. Top man. My fuel pipes started leaking over the axle carrier with the consequent replacement being necessary. Kind regards, Ivor
  5. Taffy 1

    fuel & brake pipes brackets

    Hi CB, Thank you very, very much, I really appreciate it. Kind regards, Ivor
  6. Taffy 1

    fuel & brake pipes brackets

    Good afternoon everybody, Please does anyone have or can they get photos of the fuel and brake pipes as they run from the rear of the car to the front? Especially where they run from the floor pan up the front bulkhead. Due to the welding in of new steel in my front floors there are a lot missing, they were removed some years back by someone else and I would like to re-instate the fixings properly. Many thanks, Taffy 1
  7. Taffy 1

    Urgent sound proofing

    Thancks Tim, it's nice of you to help. We've cut a new piece of felt to mount on the box using the shitty piece as a pattern. It would be great if I could see an image because the shape is not logical, originally this must have been taken out of the car and put back in the wrong place. I have never seen this piece in situ. Photos would be of huge assistance.
  8. Taffy 1

    Urgent sound proofing

    Brilliantly covered Dunc. There's a piece of really shitty felt with a shiny side which came out of the car when I was stripping out the carpet etc, it seems totally alien to the car. It is shaped and cut but doesn't fit anywhere, I'm wondering if it was fitted in the car by mistake.
  9. Taffy 1

    Urgent sound proofing

    Does anyone please know if the heater box on an e28 is insulated with any soundproofing felt or not and if so does anyone please have any photos?
  10. Taffy 1

    Nearside wheel well

    It's blank on mine, just a hole but mine isn't ABS.
  11. Taffy 1

    fuel tank options?

    Good thinking Shaun, I renewed all the piping connected to the tank complete with new rubber grommets and all fittings including rubber apron that fits around filler neck. Kind regards, Taffy 1
  12. I thought these were discontinued Mick.
  13. I I think those Alpina rims would look a lot better on my 535i Mick, BTW what size and ET are they? Are they genuine or copies? Kind regards, Ivor
  14. Taffy 1

    Living With Your E28

    Another fine example of Welsh engineering!.
  15. Taffy 1

    intake trumpet for S38

    Which car is this for Rob?