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  1. Taffy 1

    E28 boot lid lining

    As above I have a requirement for an E28 boot lid lining, it doesn't matter whether it's for a small or large toolkit. Does anybody have one to sell? Kind regards, Taffy 1
  2. Taffy 1

    Needed urgently

    There must be one of these out there, somebody's breaking a car with one of these. We'll come and take it out ourselves.
  3. Taffy 1

    Electric blind switch location

    Good idea Mick, I was fortunate that the third brake light I bought from the U.S. had the wires still attached. When they removed it they cut the loom two inches from the plug thereby enabling me to see the correct cable colour coding and also the part no for the plug, terminals were then obtained. I soldered the terminals instead of crimping - which is more effective electrically and is my method of preference anyway. Regards, Ivor
  4. Taffy 1

    Electric blind switch location

    If push comes to shove you can make your own loom. I did this for my "third" brake light. Correctly coloured cable is available on the internet and a surprisingly large range of connectors available from BMW.
  5. Taffy 1

    Needed urgently

    Tried Tim thanks mate, I haven't tried Steve though. Kind regards, Taffy 1
  6. Taffy 1

    Needed urgently

    Wanted: Front interior bulkhead soundproofing for BMW e28. Part no 51481965120. It's the stuff that goes under the carpet, brown hard rubber backed with moulded foam rubber. Thanks in anticipation. Kind regards, Taffy 1
  7. Taffy 1

    Replacing my blower motor

    D'ya think it would work on my first wife??
  8. Taffy 1

    Chrome bumpers

    I had mine done by a company from Weston-Super-Mare called Metal Finishing Company, ask for Doug Taylor. Tel 01934 820454. Ring them and ask for a quote.
  9. Taffy 1

    525e Timing Belt information 127 or 128 teeth

    Also Real OEM says 127
  10. Taffy 1

    525e Timing Belt information 127 or 128 teeth

    It should tell you on the old one provided the lettering hasn't been obliterated completely.
  11. Taffy 1

    525e Timing Belt information 127 or 128 teeth

    On ETK they only show 127 tooth.
  12. Taffy 1


    Guess what? I've just exposed the nearside floor...………….AAaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh.
  13. Taffy 1


    Now I've decided to install a new rubber bellows/seal at the bottom of the steering column shaft, I've had it ready to go on for several years and now seems an opportune moment whilst the interior is removed.
  14. Taffy 1


    Well this is the result as of Monday night -
  15. Taffy 1


    Just look what I've discovered ………………...