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  1. Taffy 1

    OMG i fixed the air blower not worked ever

    I just oiled the end bearings of the motor. It is possible to lubricate the bearings utilizing a long thin screwdriver or knitting needle by dipping into the oil and dripping it on to the shaft.
  2. Taffy 1

    34 years ago since hurricane of 87 last night

    My boat was crushed on its trailer by a massive cabin cruiser on the trailer next to it. Never was the same after even after extensive repairs.
  3. Taffy 1

    Ivor I PMed you

    I needed these because I overhauled my fuse box. I cleaned the fuseholders, replaced any fuses with malformed or distorted end caps and cleaned the rest. To finish I looped silicon O rings around the fuseholders to improve contact pressure. This was all to ensure no resistance in the fuse/ fuseholder circuitry thereby eradicating one of the causes of overheating and fire.
  4. Taffy 1

    Ivor I PMed you

    I've received the Durite fuses John and they are of good quality. Kind regards, Ivor
  5. Taffy 1

    E28 body panels - boot lid with spoiler

    Pm me or keep your own counsel.
  6. Taffy 1

    E28 body panels - boot lid with spoiler

    The method of pricing is quite explicit or are you not able to.
  7. Taffy 1

    E28 body panels - boot lid with spoiler

    I have had this item stored for a while but I now need more room and since mine is in excellent condition as well - it's time for someone else to benefit. Very rare in this condition.
  8. I have for sale an Artis Blau boot lid in excellent condition complete with spoiler. Please PM for price....
  9. Taffy 1

    Gunson Brake Bleeding topic

    The OEM pipes which purport to be "preformed " are really nothing like the shape they should be anyway Paul, if it is safe and it works don't worry about it! Kind regards, Ivor
  10. Taffy 1

    Ivor I PMed you

    Oh thanks John, I managed to buy some Durite after! Kind regards, Ivor
  11. Hello once again John, I'm afraid that I've lost the name & address of the co that supply "proper" ceramic fuses for e28s.

    You couldn't oblige could you?

    Kind rgards,


  12. Taffy 1

    Hunting OEM parts Seats

    Thanks Paul,
  13. Taffy 1

    Hunting OEM parts Seats

    Where was the donor car situated Paul? What year and model? Kind regards, Ivor
  14. Taffy 1

    E28 replacement fuse board

    Does anyone have any knowlege of this pre-paid for development by a company called holygraillabs.com? It looks like a really good idea but the developers' origins and lines of communication seem to be obscured. There's a lot about them on Mye28 but apart from that zilch except the domain name is registered in Iceland.