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  1. Taffy 1

    The price of originality!

    What a corker !!
  2. Taffy 1

    replacement gearbox

    So chaps, more trauma. Some years ago I bought an "H" pattern box as a replacement for mine "in case" and after some heavy acceleration my old box started to whine and exhibit signs of wear. I got the old box changed for the new one after replacing the linkage and oil. The bloody new box although changing through the gears very sweetly is making some very unhealthy noises in 1st and 2nd with the noise diminishing in 3rd. The chap I bought it from swore it was out of his brothers car and that it was perfect, I'm wondering if the problem is due to it being stored right next to the garage door or was it duff from the outset. Does anybody think that these nasty bearing type noises might disappear if I run the car for a distance or am I asking for more trouble. Any advice would be very welcome. Kind regards, Taffy 1
  3. Taffy 1

    Centre Tie Rod

    Febi Bilstein is a good quality brand.
  4. Taffy 1

    Build 2

    I took my r/h rear trim off to renew it and I was grateful that I had bought a new one ready to replace. If I remember rightly it comes off firstly at the highest end and work along and down, outside bottom horizontal strip comes off first. The old trim was bent during removal. The clips were still available when I did this. There's definitely a knack to this.
  5. Taffy 1

    Build 2

    Have you managed to find a N/S/F door trim yet Shaun?
  6. Taffy 1

    Build 2

    Things are looking up for you. I'm glad you've managed to return things to where they ought to be.
  7. Taffy 1

    Clutch Pedal Switch

    Doesn't end there mate, looks like you might need a clutch pedal as well. Also it seems the bracket you have is for L.H. drive vehicles?
  8. Taffy 1

    Clutch Pedal Switch

    Item 32 is described as a clutch switch bracket, part no is : 65711370487
  9. Taffy 1

    Clutch Pedal Switch

    Here is a diagram of what you need to know Shaun: Items 32/3/4.
  10. Tomorrow's World perhaps? James Burke??
  11. Taffy 1

    E28 Door Trim

    I might just have what you need Shaun, I'll know for definite later. PM me your no.
  12. Taffy 1

    What colour should front towing eyes be?

    Give the man a cigar...…body colour!
  13. Taffy 1

    Build 2

    I know that you have pressed on with repairs but do you have any photos of the damage?
  14. Taffy 1

    Build 2

    This is devastating news Shaun, you have my 100% sympathy. A similar thing happened to me in 1990 so I did a dawn raid with my rotweiler and reclaimed my car. Damage done to mine was the cam was screwed up. Kind regards, Ivor.
  15. Taffy 1

    Tracking down my old e28

    I assumed it was yours-from windscreen forward, cut in half and no wings, no fittings. White.