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  1. Taffy 1

    C.V. joints

    Well, I took delivery of two SKF C.V. joint kits today. Probably start the ball rolling early next week.
  2. Taffy 1

    C.V. joints

    Cheers mate, On the best balance of probabilities I've ordered two from Autodoc which are on their way. I'll change one side and then go for the other.
  3. Taffy 1

    C.V. joints

    Thanks for your help everybody. So, am I right in saying SKF VKJA 8810 is the correct part?
  4. Taffy 1

    C.V. joints

    Does anyone have any more info?
  5. Taffy 1

    Build 2

    Wow Shaun, what brand are those?
  6. Taffy 1

    C.V. joints

    Do you have the part no for the C.V. joint or preferably the SKF part no John?
  7. Taffy 1

    C.V. joints

    Thanks John
  8. Taffy 1

    C.V. joints

    Thank you John, Do the splined shaft separate from the CV joint easily or did you have to press it out? Taffy
  9. Taffy 1

    C.V. joints

    I have been looking at replacement C.V. joints for my 535i and on a suppliers site one I listed "with groove in inner part(inside)" absolutely verbatim. The other is listed as without groove. Can anybody shine any light on this? The suppliers haven't any idea. I can't order what I need till I have a clear idea of what is meant. I bet John H will know.
  10. Taffy 1

    Build 2

    EBC is good. Tried two types in mine.
  11. Taffy 1

    E28 Door Window Fixings - What Glue to use?

    Try Gorilla glue Mick.
  12. Taffy 1

    e28 steering

    Thanks Mick, I really appreciate it. Kind regards, Ivor
  13. Taffy 1

    e28 steering

    Has anyone had an e28 steering box rebuilt recently? If so any info on reliable people to carry out this work? Kind regards, Taffy 1
  14. Taffy 1

    Over heating

    With the car facing upwards.
  15. Taffy 1

    Build 2

    I've got the set of drivers complete with crossovers for those. I replaced the originals with infinity drivers with separate crossovers (passive). With a bit of fettling you'll get modern spec drivers to fit in the premium cabinets.