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  1. fatladandy

    E39 massive parts clear out (3 cars worth!)

    Have you go a washer bottle to fit a 2002 e39
  2. fatladandy

    WTD Slate green drivers door e39

    Hi Guys Is anyone breaking a slate green e39 as i am after a drivers door for mine. If you have anything give me a shout Cheers Andy
  3. fatladandy

    E39 525i import

    I love the interior but the dials and badges are a no for me. Price wise its way off seeing it needs cosmetic work and is on style 66's It could just be the pic though but that drivers seat looks like its seen more than 54k
  4. fatladandy

    Parts request

    Hi Phil. I will call in the morning to order. Andy
  5. fatladandy

    Parts request

    Can you give me a price for an oil filter housing gasket for my 2002 530i. Reg GU02 VEV Thanks Andy
  6. fatladandy

    Which ball joint splitter

    Cheers guys. Will have a look at these. Was also looking at the Franklin TA331
  7. fatladandy

    Which ball joint splitter

    Where did you get this one from?
  8. fatladandy

    Which ball joint splitter

    I have tried to replace my control arm (straight ones) bushes today. When i came to remove the balljoint the ball joint seperator i have (old halfords scissor type)didnt open enough to to get onto the top of the nut. Which ball joint seperator have people used to remove these arms? Thanks Andy
  9. fatladandy

    Heater Blower Motor

    No worries buddy.
  10. fatladandy

    Heater Blower Motor

    I bought a good used one off here and it took 3 hours to fit start to finish. Including cleaning everything as i put it back together. If you look a little lower down the page i asked for a dashboard removal diy, someone posted a very good video showing the main aspects of the job.
  11. fatladandy

    Heater Blower Motor

    Valeo make the original. Just swapped mine out this morning.
  12. fatladandy

    Looking for a dashboard removal diy

    Just what i need cheers
  13. Does anyone have a dashboard removal diy guide. Fitting a new heater fan tomorrow so looking for a bit of help
  14. I really miss my mk2 golf gti 8v and my e34 525i sport. Loved both but they both need serious expenditure to keep going. One i was glad to see the back of was my e53 x5 4.4i never had such an unreliable car. I obviously bought a pup. I am clearly deranged as i would still have another....although would have to be a 4.6 or 4.8 this time round
  15. fatladandy

    gm3 module

    I have had issues with my central locking not working off the fob. I checked the codes and its bringing up a fault on the gm3 module. If i replace mine with one from another car will it need coding to my car or is it plug and play? If it requires coding what software is needed to recode it?