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  1. DarkHorse

    Common E60 air conditioning problems ?

    Check the iDrive center vent override setting is not set to heating ;).
  2. DarkHorse

    Better of doing work yourself!

    Over the years, I've had garages screw up wheel balancing and then stripping wheel studs, not to mention the issues with sump plugs and oil filters . Just try confirming beyond doubt the actual spec and brand of oil being put in your motor...
  3. DarkHorse

    DCS Failure?

    DSC is a safety issue, so you may have the right to return the vehicle as it is not fit for purpose. Anyone know the legal options from here?
  4. DarkHorse

    Mods I've done in the last 2 weeks

    Ah, I wondered what the cards were all about.
  5. DarkHorse

    Sos call assist error fuse

    "BONG" you'll get used to it ... over 4 years for me now...
  6. DarkHorse

    Rough Idle when Cold 525i N53

    I've had the same 2AEC error on my N53 since taking ownership in 2017. You might find my hopeful ramblings and theories mildly helpful in this "N53 Stratified lean burn mode(s) restored?" post, well the conclusion in the last paragraph anyway .
  7. DarkHorse

    Broke down. Stuck at a camp site.

    Long shot: Battery issue showing up due to loading/unloading with the doors/boot open for long periods? I hold the center light button for 5 seconds to disable interior lights and when the boot is open I fool the lock mechanism to turn the boot lights off. Maybe this have softened the battery to cause spurious errors. One good example when I would prefer low energy LEDs.
  8. DarkHorse

    Second hand engine check?

    ? FZINX92030CZ06323 ? F2ANX92030CZ06323 This is better: WBANK92030CZ06383
  9. DarkHorse

    E60 Scan Software

    Good to know thanks. Yep, INPA is useful depending on the problem, not for everyone and is a learning journey, only one of many applications required for an E60 suite.
  10. DarkHorse

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yuk, where on the E61 is that, rear lines above the axle? Did you loose full braking or is there some redundancy built into the fluid circuits, split front/rear?
  11. DarkHorse

    New squeak any thoughts

    Yes, item 2 that carries item 5 is commonly known as the 'Rose' joint or some refer to it as the 'rear lower ball joint'. I had the same issue on the E39, when they start to squeak it makes the rear end sound like an old bed. To further confirm, you may also notice movement in that joint if you jack the wheel off the ground and push with your foot on the low part off the rim, the bottom of the wheel may move in/out 20mm or so. Will likely effect the rear tracking stability which may cause uneven rear tyre wear and contribute to the rear axle scating or breaking away when going around a roundabout. Was particularly noticeable when the road surface was bumpy or wet (as you'd expect traction to break more readily anyway). The bush in a tube (item 2) can be a beitch to remove, even with a puller tool (which is essential).
  12. DarkHorse

    Oil presure low

  13. DarkHorse

    Mix RFT with non RFT

    I've had RFTs on the rear axle and regular tyres on the front axle with no issues. Regular rubber is a noticeably more comfortable ride though ;). As the walls are softer, it effects the turn in sharpness a little when pushed pretty hard into the corners but for everyday driving it's fine. Had to invest in a space saver spare + accessories for the E60/E61, which is a specific size that is not the most common.
  14. DarkHorse

    Oil presure low

    I have heard about poorly fitted oil filters and worn O-rings on the filter housing that can cause low oil pressure problems on the diesel lumps. Well, I recently learnt something new about the diesel motors that may be worth considering. Apparently: The High Pressure Fuel Pump can blow the axle seal and leak fuel into the sump via the timing chain cover.
  15. DarkHorse

    Snapped spring...

    On other motors I've had less dramatic spring damage, leaving the car still able to drive. Yes I was surprised to see quite a few E60/E61 broken spring threads on here. Not had a failure yet but can do without such a show stopper and time waste. Good luck.
  16. DarkHorse

    Heater Fan Blower

    Not sure if replacing the resistor will resolve the squeaking noise from the fan motor, need some second opinions.
  17. I'd check for a leaky or wet joint on the engine bay fuel rails. Or maybe fuel has pooled somewhere whilst the work was carried out but that should soon evaporate.
  18. DarkHorse

    Rough Idle when Cold 525i N53

    Maybe a leaky injector but doesn't rough idle on a normal stop/start cycle, only on the specific 1 minute cold stop/start scenario that I highlighted. Hey, glad you got a good result and fix. How did they diagnose the damaged valves, compression tests or endoscope into the spark plug holes or removed the inlet manifold? A bit unusual for the N53. What was the final bill?
  19. DarkHorse

    Rough Idle when Cold 525i N53

    Probably unrelated but a notable engine behaviour observation. I had to move and repark my N53 the other day (engine ran for less than a minute) and a day later on the next engine start, it struggled to idle and ran really rough for the first 10 seconds, then ran fine after that. Not the first time I've noticed this behaviour, plus my previous M54 BMW petrol engine also used to have the same residual petrol flooding problem with such brief cold start/stop cycles.
  20. DarkHorse

    Rough Idle when Cold 525i N53

    Yep, makes sense, I must be slipping ;). This might help:
  21. DarkHorse

    Rough Idle when Cold 525i N53

    I'd say INPA is 'ralatively' easy to install/setup on a laptop with a ~£30 interface cable (normally bundled with various s/w package options) and is a necessary minimum for such diagnosis visibility. I have not used INPA to chase down leaky injectors myself but I can tell you that most of the UI and info is in German for the N53 screens and it's a pain to know how to use. Then learning how to interpret the live telemetry data is another skill in itself. Have a play but be prepared for a less than straight forward journey and making a close friend of Google ;).
  22. DarkHorse

    E60 LCI Tweeters?

    Replacing all the speakers and adding crossovers will sound quite a bit better but will be a compromise. I hate this audio platform for simple upgrades, without spending a large portion of the cars cash value. Then I'm tight! I think one main problem is the stock basic audio system has a factory colouration EQ profile to flavour the basic setup without any tweeters. This means when you put some top end support on the head unit it sounds pretty crappy in the hi mid to tweeter range. One way around this problem is to code the 'hifi' option to the cars VO (Vehicle Order number, a long # code string?) to force the HU (Head Unit) to produce a flat profile output at a reduced volume to drive a separate Amp. The bad news is that with your proposed 2006 likely to be a 'CCC' iDrive Head Unit and not able to code the 'hifi' operation option (as opposed to the later 'CIC' and those with 'MASK' support). See this thread: Some threads and info here:
  23. DarkHorse

    E60 stereo upgrade (twist)

    It's a lot of hassle upgrading this platform, I'd try this first (turn the trebble down a bit and re-evaluate £££):
  24. Is it worth having a heads up thread for new or interesting video material? Or mods just move to the Picture & Video Gallery forum. Just for the dirty Diesel in you: E61 525d 130k miles, claims an optimistic 7.2s 0-60 (likely 7.6s) I'm paying more for fuel in a petrol version but this is working out if you are a low mileage commuter. More assorted E60 info: Bmw Doctor - YouTube (UK) Nathan's BMW Workshop - YouTube (USA side)
  25. DarkHorse

    08 LCI petrol general jiggery pokery

    Hi n welcome to the forum . Can't really add much to help with the fob issue, I'm sure someone will be able to supply suggestions. Never tried myself but with ISTA-D software you can run diagnostic tests to identify if there is any problem with the radio transmissions from either the key fob or the Diversity Anntena unit. Could be handy if someone near you had the software ready to roll... I hope you can sort out some images of your E60 soon (530i N53 and fairly uncommon manual box ), as they seem to be lacking from your first thread .